Duo Laroo/Byrd 
Live This Weekend+   Newsletter Thu Dec 8, 2022
Dear Music Friends,
How are you, this Autumn? Swaddled in color, we hope. We've just gotten back from groovin' hard in the heat of a great Thailand Tour with Jazzkia Meets Hip-Hop, only to hop cross Atlantic next week—but not before we jam our last stateside concerts of the 2023, these upcoming Friday & Monday nights in CT with Funky4 and Saturday in VT with ASE
  • Fri Dec 9, 2022, 5:30-9:30p
    Laroo/Byrd's Funky4 @ The Flying Monkey, Newington, CT
  • Sat Dec 10, 2022, 7:30p
    The Afrosemitic Experience @ Next Stage, Putney, VT
  • Mon Dec 12, 2022, 6-9p
    Laroo/Byrd's Funky4 @ J's Crab Shack, Hartford, CT
Making Music is our life! To play for you in person is our biggest endeavor! The lockdown has been over for a while and we're back on the live music scene with our bands, ready to tour festivals and clubs.  
Our Thailand tour
See back our concerts last weekend on Hua Hin Jazz
with Jazzkia Meets Hiphop:
We hope to see you!
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The fpk  supported Cultmix Foundation to fund the international travel for our past Nov/Dec Thailand tour for Jazzkia Meets HipHop (six musicians).
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