Alpaca Summer
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Hope to see you at

The combined CABA Classic and
Alpacapalooza Alpaca Shows in
Portland, OR
May 11-13

We'll be showing off some new summer alpaca store product ideas as well as other new farm store products such as...

** NEW **
What could be more fun than...
The perfect take home souvenir of the visit to YOUR farm!
Sew easy! Sew fun!
Kids stuff it, sew it easy with a few stitches (all included) and 
remember their visit to see your alpacas for many days to come.
One of our newest and most popular products!
Quality hand made by artisans using baby alpaca yarn.
A perfect farm visit souvenir.
Also available as a wedding gift in Bride and Groom outfits!
Alpacadorables are VERY popular, with most stores needing more as soon as they put them out! 
Nicely priced for hand made quality baby alpaca at $8 wholesale.
Cute Alpaca Silver Earrings

A subtle beautiful expression of alpaca.

The American Traveler Socks
An ALL American, mid-weight
80% Alpaca Hiking/Walking Sock
that "breathes" so well you can wear 
them in HOT weather as well as COLD
100% American Grown and Made!
Nicely priced, see website for details.


Other recent additions for your store....
Hooded Sweatshirt: Alpaca Watching
High quality garment with conversation starting look!
New pouchless version, now at a lower price!
Alpaca Face Kids Socks
We carry a number of summer fun alpaca themed
cotton socks for alpaca fans. 
Other top selling summer alpaca ideas:
Fuzzball Keychains
Keychain Teddy Bears
NEW Love Alpaca Fur Heart Keychains

AFCNA socks, new Hikers!

We bid on the closeout of the
Alpaca Fiber Co-op (AFCNA)
Hiker yarn and the final batch 
of Hiker socks are now available
Alpaca Dryer Balls
OK, these things are super POPULAR! 

Available 3-to-a-bag or in 100-ball BULK discounted sets.

Also in!
More Bears
Work/Play Alpaca Gloves
Leather Gloves
Fashion Glittens
and more!
See ALL the Latest Items

Socks Socks Socks - an easy alpaca seller!
 More socks have arrived. 
We have everything from alpaca themed thin cotton socks
to our SuperHeavyWeight Superwarm Alpaca Socks.
Your customers will love them up and come back for more!



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