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Lombok Sumbawa Parafly (LSP) is a local group of crazy adventurers developing the sport of paragliding in Lombok and Sumbawa. So far they have identified sites in Kaliantan and around Kuta on the south coast, as well as Gerung and Nipah Hill in West Lombok.
WATCH Paragliding video on our GNE site, Are Guling

Naga Indo status

Check our Sales Booklet for Gili Nusa Estate, a serviced site in Are Guling, South Lombok

South Lombok keeps changing fast. Commercial development is now the main driver for price appreciation. Investors and expatriates alike are boarding the train as it gains speed.

There is a flurry of construction sites (40 today vs. less than 10 a year ago): from the end of Sekotong and the world famous surf break Desert Point (looking over to the west and Bali), to the extreme end of Ekas, Tanjuung Ringgit (looking over to the east and Sumbawa), where Eco Regions is developing a huge eco resort with the back up of the Swedish government.

The most recent updates are:
Mandalika, a 1,175 sqm government supported development, has fully compacted its 4km private road between Kuta and Gerupuk; next step is to pave it, to be completed by March 2015;
Lima Villa Resort, near Ashtari restaurant and lounge, is a hotel villa restaurant development to be completed by Dec. 2015. While the owners live in Jakarta, she is actually a very famous Indonesian actress, DJ Marisa. That will bring Lombok on a the big stage;
Gili Nusa Estate in Are Guling, 5min from Kuta, it is an 8ha upmarket development, which offers serviced sites for high end villas and commercial enterprise.

If you wish to enter at an earlier stage of the investment cycle, Tate Developments has launched a new project, called Mystical Falls. You can acquire beautiful land sites with breathtaking views over Selong Belanak, considered by many the best beach in South Lombok, if not Lombok overall. This development will be designed by Greg Shand Architects and will provide beautiful clear natural water from 2 springs at the base of the land, there is also a series of natural waterfalls lined with large volcanic stone and rainforest trees making this a unique development so close to the Selong Belanak coastline.

Most of Naga Indo team members live permanently in South Lombok, which offer you a competitive advantage. We are well connected and provide our network with the latest information. We also stay close to action and to the players who will make a difference in your investment. READ HVS 2015 analysis on Lombok tourism and stay tuned to Channel Naga Indo!


A robust economy which needs to grow up

In politics, all over the world, it is often not the other side you have to worry about, but your own.
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After holding its fire for almost a year-and-a-half, the central bank has pulled the trigger on lower interest rates because of worries about the economy, both at home and abroad.
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With roughly 55m students, 3m teachers and more than 236,000 schools in 500 districts, Indonesia has the world’s fourth-largest education system. But the system does not work nearly as well as it should. The country’s new president, Joko Widodo, generally known as Jokowi, hopes to change that with help from his new education secretary, Anies Baswedan, a former university president and creator of a programme that sends graduates to teach in remote areas.
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Development in Lombok

More development flowing into South Lombok

We can see new hotel developments picking up in Lombok. We can contemplate the birth of a ‘greater Bali’. Among others, Archipelago International’s popular select service hotel brand, Favehotel, is making its debut on the flourishing island of Lombok.”
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The Mandalika project is making good progress. The 4km road inside the 1,300 sqm estate is 72% done, to be completed by March 2015 and the roads in Kuta Lombok, the biggest settlement on the south coast, are getting doubled in width. Finally the Marriot will be the operator of the ITDC own resorts on the Mandalika estate.
READ ITDC, the entity managing the Mandalika, want the best location for his own resort near Kuta Lombok (Indonesian)

Indonesian aviation safety is in the spotlight as the investigations into Indonesia AirAsia flight QZ8501 unearthed information leading to the temporary suspension of the carrier's Surabaya-Singapore service on January 2.
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Tourism in Lombok

Lombok: it's so peaceful

"Surfing has been a great passion of mine for the past five years. My friends and I are now planning a trip to Lombok, Indonesia to test our abilities on a world renowned wave. We also want to experience the island's culture by meeting and surfing with the native people. What better way to achieve both goals than helping these people access clean water, by delivering two filters for every community we meet?"
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The government of Indonesia has updated its plans from November 2014 to waive the Visa on Arrival Fee for Australia, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia. Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Indroyono Soesilo announced that Indonesia will only proceed with the visa free policy for Japan, South Korea, China, and Russia but not for Australian citizens yet.
READ New free visa on arrival regulation to be implemented within the next few months

Most people blame the movie Eat Pray Love, which starred Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem and Bali. When the film was released in 2010, the Indonesian island of Bali had about 22,000 hotel rooms. Last year, that number had rocketed to 55,200, with a further 67 hotels due to open by 2016. This growth in popularity seems to have had a worrying effect on the locals too and on the traffic... Consequently fans are defecting although they have not gone far. Twenty miles is Lombok. Once derided as Bali’s backpacker, backwater, it is increasingly fashionable…
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Naga Indo help spreading the use of Miracle Grass, the vetiver grass


The natural beauty, crystal-clear water, luxuriant valleys and captivating people constitute the essence of what makes Lombok so unique.Our values mean Naga Indo ensures we minimise the impact of our activities on the surrounding habitat. After the servicing of our sites, we make sure we preserve the enviroment and hedge the soil against erosion by planting vetiver grass.

Few existing plants that have been known and used quietly over centuries, have suddenly been promoted and widely used world wide in the last 20 years like vetiver grass. And fewer plants still have been idolized as Miracle Grass, Wonder Grass with capacity to create a living wall, a living filter strip and "live nail" reinforcement. When planted in single rows vetiver plants will form a hedge which is very effective in slowing and spreading run off water, reducing soil erosion, conserving soil moisture and trapping sediment and farm chemicals on site.

We help locals to create new businessses by establishing vetiver nurseries and we advise developers and builders how to implement the grass to fight efficiently against erosion. Contact us for more information.

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