Announcing the broadcast of Do No Harm: The Opioid Epidemic, the 3-part series narrated by actor, Ed Harris, on public television.
Do No Harm exposes how this catastrophic man-made public health crisis began. The series features poignant stories from recovering addicts and families with losses; reveals the insights of leading doctors and law enforcement officers; reports the failure of drug companies to take appropriate responsibility for the crisis; traces what monies legislators have received; and focuses on those who fight back with effective, long-lasting treatment programs.
To find out when Do No Harm is airing in your city, go to:

Don’t see your city listed? Call your local PBS station and request that they air the series. 
We appreciate you sharing information about the broadcasts. Our goal is prevention through education. 

“Do No Harm: The Opioid Epidemic rightfully exposes the opioid lie we have been living in America for decades. This film can play a key role in educating communities about why opioid manufacturers should be held accountable for their calculated deception of health professionals and the general public. It’s time for accountability. It’s time for restitution. It’s time to help our communities heal and recover.”
- Greg Williams, the Director of The Anonymous People and Generation Found

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Help us spread the message far and wide about the opioid crisis and what all of us can do in our own communities to fight it.
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