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  September 2018
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This is Vaccine Awareness Week 2018, September 23-30, promoted by our friends at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and wholistic health pioneer Dr. Joseph Mercola. The theme is Know the Risks and the Failures.
Unravelling The BIG LIE
Things are moving fast in vax world.  The BIG LIE, that vaccines don’t cause autism is beginning to unravel.
Thanks to the dedicated work of a team of parent and legal investigators, we now know that U.S. Department of Justice attorneys fraudulently suppressed key evidence that vaccines cause brain injuries that lead to autism in vulnerable children. Environmental activist and attorney Robert F. Kennedy’s recent press release provides a summary of the events.
“In 2007 and 2008, DOJ attorneys and HHS officials purposefully and maliciously deceived the NVICP, also known as “vaccine court”, in order to deny relief to 5,400 children whose injury claims threatened to bankrupt the vaccine program.”
Following the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), a law that gave U.S. vaccine manufacturers blanket liability immunity from any injuries caused by their products, a flood of new vaccines was licensed.  In a few years, the childhood vaccine schedule nearly tripled and this hugely expanded vaccine schedule was adopted by many countries, including Canada.
With the expansion of the childhood vaccine schedule in the late 1980s, an explosion of vaccine injured children started to seek damages from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation system (NVICP) which is funded by taxes on the sale of every vial of vaccines. Between 2001 and 2007, thousands of American families who believe their children had been damaged by vaccines filed injury claims with the NVICP hoping for compensation from the “vaccine court”,  a special hearing process that is NOT a court of law and does NOT follow established legal procedures. It is viewed by many as a “kangaroo court”, established to protect the vaccine program while minimizing the perception that vaccine injuries are real. It’s believed that the claims of 4 out of 5 petitioners are rejected by the “vaccine court”.
In order to expedite the thousands of petitions now flooding the vaccine injury compensation program, the “vaccine court” consolidated the injury claims (petitions) into a type of class action suit called the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP).  Rather than each petition being determined on its own merits, the “vaccine court” determined that the outcome for all the cases would be based on six representative test cases. If it could be proven that one of these six representative cases was vaccine injured, then all the 5400 children would be compensated.
In their September 20th press release, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Rolf Hazlehurst, an attorney and father of a vaccine injured autistic son who was one of the six “representative test case” children in the OAP who was subsequently denied compensation state that,
“…newly discovered evidence that the leading HHS expert, whose written report was used to deny compensation to over 5,000 petitioners in the OAP, provided clarification to the DOJ lawyers that vaccines could, in fact, cause autism in children with underlying and otherwise benign mitochondrial disorders.  The witness informed the DOJ attorneys that they were taking his entire written statement out of context and the statement should not be used as a blanket statement for all children in the OAP, which is exactly what they did.

 “The DOJ intentionally and fraudulently misrepresented its own expert’s written opinion.  In order to prevent the expert from revealing the truth to other petitioners or the special master these DOJ lawyers canceled the expert’s oral testimony to keep him from stating his true opinion in public. In the process, the DOJ and HHS concealed critical material evidence of how vaccines can cause autism in some children” stated Hazlehurst, who obtained depositions and sworn affidavits documenting these facts.”
The fraud committed by the DOJ lawyers is explained in detail and meticulously documented in Robert F. Kennedy’s and Rolf Hazlehurst’s letter to key Congressional oversight committees in which they,
“…request an investigation into recently disclosed revelations about highly unethical and appallingly consequential official misconduct by Department of Justice (DOJ) officials while representing the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) during the Omnibus Autism Proceeding (OAP) in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). The unethical acts by DOJ and HHS directly influenced the Supreme Court of the United States decision in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, a decision that continues to adversely affect millions of vaccine-injured children.”

The fraud committed by the DOJ lawyers enabled the denial of compensation to this large cohort of 5400 vaccine injured children and in the ensuing years, gave the green light to government health regulators and media around the world to proclaim that vaccines do not cause autism.  Furthermore, the fraud by the two DOJ attorneys,
“directly influenced the 2011 Bruesewitz v. Wyeth Supreme Court decision which all but shut the door forever for families seeking redress for vaccine injury in the civil court system.”
The “vaccines do not cause autism” mantra is THE BIG LIE that has prevailed ever since these OAP proceedings. It is estimated that the repercussions from this fraud has resulted in an additional 1 million children developing autism.
How to End the Autism Epidemic
J.B. Handley’s new book, How to End the Autism Epidemic, is a compelling read and documents the story outlined above.  He provides testimonies from the expert medical witnesses whose evidence in one case was fraudulently applied to other test case children resulting in their dismissal, and with it shut out any hope of compensation for thousands of vaccine injured children with an autism diagnosis.
J.B. Handley generously shares a chapter from his new book in which he provides the clear legal basis that vaccines cause autism. In this chapter of his book, J.B. enlightens the reader with yet another appalling manipulation perpetrated by the government lawyers in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP).
For the first time you will understand the significance of the Hannah Poling case, a little girl who was brain injured at 18 months when she was injected with a slew of vaccines on one day.  Her father, a pediatric neurologist had medical colleagues who were called as expert witnesses in the OAP. They all witnessed Hannah’s descent into brain injury, losing all her milestones and regression into autism.  Handley writes,
“In February, 2001, roughly seven months after Hannah’s fateful vaccine appointment, she received an autism diagnosis from Kennedy Krieger by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman himself, and he noted that Hannah had regressive brain damage after her vaccine appointment. And with tortured language reminiscent of President Clinton defending his infidelities, the vaccine court admitted that vaccines caused Hannah’s autism.”
When the Department of Justice lawyers saw that the medical evidence was undeniable, that Hannah’s vaccines had profoundly injured her neurologically and that her pre-existing mitochondrial disorder put her at high risk of vaccine injury, they decided to pull her case out of the six test cases representing thousands of other vaccine injured children. They offered a “behind closed doors” settlement to her parents, sealed her case and placed a gag order on her parents, preventing them from speaking publicly about the case.
The government lawyers then dismissed the leading medical expert, Dr. Zimmerman preventing him from providing further expert testimony in the OAP proceedings.  Had Hannah Poling’s case not been pulled out of the pool of six test cases, and the medical experts been allowed to provide their testimonies, Rolf Hazlehurst son Yates, could also have been a definitive test case that proved vaccines can cause severe neurological injuries in vulnerable children, resulting in an autism diagnosis.  JB Handley writes.
“Long before the Omnibus proceedings, in the early 2000s, however, Yates had been a patient at Kennedy Krieger. Dr. Zimmerman’s team had learned many things in the ensuing years, and he was more than happy to look at Yates’s medical records again with this new knowledge. What Dr. Zimmerman and his team found was a child who looked very much like Hannah Poling. The doctors found that Yates’s test results showed that he, too, had a mitochondrial disorder that led to his regressive autism, and Dr. Zimmerman said he would share that opinion with anyone who asked. Dr. Richard Kelley reached the same conclusions independently and also told the Hazlehurst family he’d be happy to support Yates.”

On September 20th, Del Bigtree’s Highwire show hosted interviews with J.B. Handley, Jenny McCarthy, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Rolf Hazlehurst.  It is without doubt THE most powerful Highwire broadcast to date.  Del Bigtree and his guests review the details of the Omnibus hearings, the fraud perpetrated by Department of Justice lawyers which has resulted not only in denying over 5000 families compensation for their vaccine injured children, but closed the door forever on any claims of vaccine induced autism.
The outcome of the Omnibus Autism Proceedings empowered and increased the international pharma cartel’s predatory vaccine agenda worldwide and with it, the continued widespread damage to children’s health.  It has enabled vaccine injury denialism to proliferate like a malevolent virus. It has shut down all critical discussion in mainstream media, further jeopardizing children’s health. It has isolated the millions of vaccine injury victims around the world, drowning out their pleas for help and preventing their voices from warning others about vaccine risks.
The emerging science in immunology and neurology is very clear. Immune activation events are triggered by the multiple series of aluminum containing vaccines injected during critical and rapid phases of brain development in infancy and early childhood. Immune activation can damage the growing brain.  Our children are experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of immune system and neurological disorders.
To understand the basics of how ramped up immune activation can damage your child’s brain, please read J.B. Handley’s compelling article, International Scientists Have Found Autism’s Cause.
Handley describes in depth the new science which now shows how vaccine ingredients get into children’s brains and damage them. When the immune system is ramped up, immune cells pick up neurotoxic aluminum nanoparticles and deposit them in the brain, causing ongoing inflammation which can derail normal brain development in young children. We all need to understand that the immune system and the brain are intimately connected, that powerful immune activation events can have profound effects on both brain and immune function in later life.
The information we share with you in this News Bulletin is a game changer.  For those who have been on this incredibly difficult vaccine journey for many years, it is a hopeful ray of light.  For those who are newcomers to this issue, we need you to join us in protecting children’s health from the runaway freight train that is the current childhood vaccine schedule.
The forces that dictate government vaccine policies around the world also control the media and prevent visibility of our plight. Censorship, the favourite tool of tyrants is now being imposed by internet giants like Facebook, Google and Pinterest to prevent the public from hearing the truth about vaccine risks.
Our task is to educate and inform about the risks vaccines pose to children’s health and to alert our family, friends and neighbours about the urgent health crisis we face today threatening to engulf our children in this iatrogenic (medically caused) disaster. It really is up to all of us to stand up now and protect the integrity of the health of current and future generations.
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October 11, 2018 – Atlanta : One Conversation, featuring Canadian neuroscientist Chris Shaw, Toni Bark MD, James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and others. The pro vaccine participants all cancelled appearing at this event.

Infanrix Hexa contains 6 vaccines in one shot and includes diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, polio, hib and hepatitis B.  It has now been added to the Alberta childhood primary vaccine schedule given at 2,4,6 months.  It contains polysorbate 80, an emulsifier and is known for its ability to cross the blood brain barrier, which in young infants is not fully formed, thus increasing the risk of helping vaccine components like aluminum salts to enter the brain.  The vaccine also contains 820 micrograms (mcg) of aluminum salts adjuvant to boost the immune response.
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