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Europa Cinemas Label and Best Director Award at Karlovy Vary
Just Between Us received the Europa Cinemas Label at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010.
The Europa Cinemas Label aims to increase circulation, promotion and length of scheduling of European films at film theatres.
Europa Cinemas encourages network exhibitors to make the decision to schedule the labelled film from its first week and, by granting a Bonus, provides them with an incentive to keep it on the programming schedule for as long as possible. This financial Bonus is implemented after two weeks of exhibition and a minimum number of screenings.
More information on the Europa Cinemas website.
Just Between Us also received the Best Director Award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010, and seven Golden Arenas at the Pula Film Festival (Croatia).
The film received the Grand Golden Arena for best film and Golden Arenas for best director, best supporting actress for Ksenija Marinkovic, best cinematography for Slobodan Trninic, best music for Alfi Kabiljo and Alan Bjelinski, best production design for Ivo Husnjak, and best sound editing for Srdjan Krupjel. The film was also awarded with the FEDEORA (Federation of film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean) best film award.
Just Between Us
A film by Rajko Grlić
Croatia/Serbia/Slovenia - 2010 - 89min
Cast: Miki Manojlović, Bojan Navojec, Nataša Dorčić, Daria Lorenci, Ksenija Marinković
Just Between Us is a wicked, indiscreet contemporary story set in Zagreb about the whirling erotic passions that percolate beneath the dull, composed surface of everyday bourgeois life and manners. It is about things that happen in well-established families that are mainly kept secret, but that nevertheless remain painful. We meet two brothers, their wives and lovers - and their children who do not know who their real fathers are. Double lives and parallel relationships are blended into a bittersweet story about the relentless quest for love and happiness, about passion that never ceases, and the terrible consequences that arise, even by chance, when one ends up in a bed that is not one’s own.
Starring Miki Manojlović, internationally recognized through his numerous roles in movies of Emir Kusturica (When Father Was Away on Business, Underground, Black Cat, White Cat...) and more recently in Largo Winch.
Rajko Grlić's previous film Border Post, which premiered at San Sebastian 2006 in Official Competition, was screened in many festivals worldwide and won several awards in major film festivals (Gold Dolphin Award for Best Film, Silver Dolphine Award for Best Director and Fipresci Award at Festroia; Audience Award for Best Feature Film at Trieste...)
Border Post was released in France, UK, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Former Yougoslavia and broadcasted in Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey
Just Between Us has already been sold in France and South Korea
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Award of International Film Critics (Fipresci) at Karlovy Vary
Hitler in Hollywood premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010 where it has received the Award of International Film Critics (Fipresci).

The film will be screened in the CINEMA UNDER THE SKY section of upcoming Giornate degli Autori - Venice Days.
Hitler in Hollywood
A film by Frédéric Sojcher
Belgium/France/Italy - 2010 - 86min
Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Micheline Presle, Wim Willaert, Hans Meyer
With the participation of Théo Angelopoulos, Edouard Baer, Nathalie Baye, Marisa Berenson, Dominique Besnehard, Patrick Chesnais, Manoel de Oliveira, Arielle Dombasle, Marc Ferro, Sara Forestier, Gilles Jacob, Mylène Jampanoï, Andrei Konchalovski, Emir Kusturica, Bianca Li, Michael Lonsdale, Tonie Marschall, Hans Meyer, François Morel, Volker Schlöndorff, Jacques Sojcher, Bruno Solo, Frédéric Taddei, Jacques Weber, Wim Wenders…
Actress Maria de Medeiros directs a documentary to pay homage to another actress that she admires, Micheline Presle, whose career started in the early thirties. Evoking the renowned filmmakers with whom she worked, Micheline Presle mentions Luis Aramcheck, a director she worked with in 1939. Maria tries to track the mysterious director without ever imagining that this could in any way endanger her life. The scraps of one of the films of Aramcheck, who has disappeared since the Second World War, launches the Pulp Fiction actress on the trail a forbidden work that could have changed the history of international filmmaking forever, Hitler in Hollywood.Hitler à Hollywood is a thriller that, using the form of a treasure hunt, blends archives and recomposed images, true or false interviews and action scenes.
NEW! you can watch Hitler in Hollywood at the Karlovy Vary Online Screening Room offered by CINANDO.
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CICAE Cinediversity Award at Festroia
All That I Love received the ART CINEMA AWARD - CICAE Cinediversity Award at Festroia Film Festival 2010.
The CICAE undertakes to support the release of this film in countries where an organized network exists, as an incentive for distribution companies to market them.
Working on a country-by-country basis, local CICAE networks help distributors successfully market award-winning films, through recommendations for all cinemas, trade-only screenings, networking of film copies, and the delivery of information to audiences.
In some cases, the CICAE can provide support for subtitling through its partner TITRA FILM PARIS.
More information on the Cinediversity webpage.
All That I Love also received the Award of International Film Critics (Fipresci) at FESTROIA International Film Festival of Setúbal 2010.
All That I Love
A film by Jacek Borcuch
Poland - 2009 - 95min
Cast: Mateusz Kosciukiewicz, Olga Frycz, Jakub Gierszal, Andrzej Chyra
Poland. Spring 1981. The time is for protesting. Four friends who like nothing more than strumming their guitars and bashing their drums form a band. Their passion? Rock. Or rather punk rock. Anarchy! No future! And all those invigorating slogans… In the streets, Lech Wałęsa’s Solidarity trade union starts huge strikes. The time is for repression. And the authorities do not approve of punk rock...
All That I Love has already been sold in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, South Korea and Chile
Special Screening at Locarno Film Festival - Trade Show:
Thu Aug 05 - 14:15 - Cinéma Rialto 3
Already released in Poland : more than 222 000 admissions since january 2010
Mamas & Papas
A film by Alice Nellis
Czech Republic - 2010 - 110min
Cast: Zuzana Bydžovská, Martha Issová, Ivan Shvedoff, Václav Jiráček, Natalia Volkova, Filip Čapka
Four stories of the possible shades of modern parenthood. All the stories touch on the same subject but from different angles, yet together they create a picture of how complicated and strangely unnatural the most natural process in the world has become in our society.
Czech release: April 15th 2010 (Falcon)
Nannerl, Mozart’s sister
A film by René Féret
France - 2010 - 120min
Cast: Marie Féret, Marc Barbé, Delphine Chuillot, David Moreau, Clovis Fouin
Mozart had an older sister called Nannerl. Child prodigy, she was introduced with her brother to all European courts. In the end of a three year family travel, she met in Versailles Louis XV’s son who encouraged her to write music. But Nannerl is a girl and a girl does not have the right to compose...
French release: July 9th 2010 (JML Distribution)
Nannerl, Mozart's Sister has already been sold in Germany, Austria, Canada, Japan and Chile
Also available: the whole collection of films produced and directed by René Feret, including Comme une étoile dans la nuit, Rue du Retrait, Mystère Alexina...
Severn, The Voice of our Children
A documentary by Jean-Paul Jaud
France - 2010 - 120min
1992, 1st Summit of the Earth, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For the first time in human history, a child, Severn, calls out to the whole planet. 18 years later, our actions are still different from our speeches. The Earth is still in the same state and Severn is now expecting a baby. She speaks again, showing that despite the emergency, it is still possible to change the course of things.
In this documentary full of hope and emotion, Severn embodies a reference for those people, from Canada to Japan going through France, who act in concrete and positive terms in order to respect biodiversity.
Who will answer Severn's call?
Severn, The voice of our children is the sequel of That should not be which already cumulated more than 280 000 admissions since nov 2008 & more than 2M€ gross receipt in France.
That should not be has already been released in France, Spain, Germany (W-FILM), Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Former Yougoslavia, USA, Canada, Japan and broadcasted in Poland, Israel, Iran, Russia & CIS
Severn, The voice of our children has already been sold in Germany, Austria, Canada, Japan and Chile
A film by Laure Charpentier
Produced by Denise Petitdidier
France - 2010 - 102min
Cast: Lou Doillon, Eduardo Noriega, Marie Kremer, Rossy de Palma, Ana Padrao, Arly Jover, Virginie Pradal
with the participation of Marisa Berenson, Marisa Paredes and Thierry Lhermitte
Gigola is the story of George, a charismatic and adventurous young woman, born from an old, catholic family, who, in her teens, falls in love with a female teacher named Sybil. Devastated by her lover's eventual suicide, some years later, George embarks on an exciting and reckless journey to the depths of Pigalle's nightlife, circa 1960. After an encounter with a very wealthy, still attractive, but older woman, Odete, who offers her money and gifts in return for sexual favours, George becomes Gigola, a kind of gigolo for women only.
Based on the controversial Best Seller novel Gigola by Laure Charpentier. The book was first printed in 1972 but immediately retrieved by the censorship. 30 years after Gigola became one of the most fascinating character of the 60’s nightlife in Pigalle.
Gigola has already been sold in Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia
French release: November 17th 2010 (Kanibal Films)
Feature Films
A film by Patric Chiha
France - 2010 - 110min
Cast: Beatrice Dalle, Isaie Sultan, Alain Libolt
Pierre, a teen of 17, spends all his time with Nadia, a flamboyant mathematician in her forties. Their rapport is friendly, ambiguous, bordering on amorous. The anarchy that reigns in Nadia's life fascinates this young man on the threshold of adulthood. But Nadia is a wounded soul, dependent on alcohol. Little by little, she slips away. Pierre thinks he can help her, bring her back from the brink...
GARIMPEIRO, The Gold Forest
A film by Marc Barrat
France - 2010 - 93min
Cast: Julien Courbey, Tony Mpoudja, Sara Martins, Jimmy Jean-Louis
Rod decides to return to French Guiana, his native country, accompanied by Gonz, his childhood friend. In Cayenne, the past and Rod’s family history catch up to them, pushing them into a frenzied quest for truth. From then on, they will be caught in a downward spiral, carried away to the end of the river, to the heart of the virgin forest, into the hostile and savage world of illegal gold prospectors.
French release : 16 June 2010 (Rezo Films)
Feature Documentaries
Journey's End
A documentary by Jean-François Caissy
Canada - 2010 - 78min
In the far reaches of the Quebec countryside, between a road and a headland that plunges into the sea, an abandoned motel has been converted into a retirement home. In this former travellers’ retreat, time seems to have ground to a halt. Journey’s End is an elegiac exploration of old age, set in a place at once physical and allegorical.
Two in the Wave
A documentary by Emmanuel Laurent
France - 2010 - 92min
Two in the Wave is the story of a friendship. Jean-Luc Godard is born in 1930, François Truffaut two years later, and they meet through their love of cinema. They write in the same magazines, Les Cahiers du Cinéma and Arts. When the younger becomes a filmmaker, with The Four Hundred Blows, which triumphs in Cannes in 1959, he helps his elder to switch to film directing, giving him his own script, already called Breathless.
Related by worldwide book seller Antoine de Baecque, former chief editor of Les Cahiers du cinéma, whose biography Godard was published on 11 March 2010 in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Québec.
Two in the Wave has already been sold in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil
Twenty Days That Shook Tehran
A documentary by Ali Razi
France/Iran - 2010 - 98min
Focus on the presidential campaign that preceded the contested re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during June 2009, seen through the eyes of the members of a theatre troupe determined to stage a play based on the events of the election. A confrontation with the dreams and hopes of the Iranian population.
A documentary by Ines Compan
France - 2010 - 94min
Puna, Argentina. Kollas natives suddenly find themselves in the center of national and international stakes because of their underground natural resources. Indeed, Standard Silver, a Canadian company, launches an ambitious project of an open-sky silver mine on the abandoned site of Mina Pirquitas, 4,500 m high. This mine is to become one of the most productive one in Latin America, Standard Silver getting the monopole over the underground natural resources disturbing also the fragile balance of the Kollas natives living on poverty. Kollas thus become victims of the globalization with this new mining boom associated to the decreasing metal exchange rate, the latter being essential to the technological development of our modern societies.
Also available : 52min version
A documentary by Valérie Minetto
France - 2010 - 83min
A portrait of Mine Barral Vergez who has been making for 40 years costumes for the most famous Parisian cabarets and show stages like Moulin-Rouge, Lido, Comédie-française and Olympia. She has dressed up the most celebrated artistes of our time starting with Juliette Greco and Barbara. A star in the shadow at this particular time of transition since she is passing the business baton on to her successor...
With the participation of Juliette Gréco, Barbara, Nana Mouskouri, Nicole Croisille
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