Courage to Resist
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Do not collaborate. Refuse illegal Orders.

Hi Friend. Our campaign to challenge service members to “refuse illegal and immoral orders” is underway. Due to resistance on many levels, Trump’s massive military-hosted immigrant detention camps are not going up as fast as initially announced, but they are moving forward--often on contaminated military lands.

We’ve raised about $3,000 from 60 supporters this week to launch our strategic outreach campaign. That’s allowed us to do social media ads (like the ones shown above). We’re now negotiating with the Army Times newspaper as to what content they will actually allow us to run. With your donation today, we’ll be able to move forward with this and other outreach.

“Everyone hates the mission,” "My military has been ordered to help run Trump’s immigrant prison camps. Not the mission I signed up for," and “This is so messed up. Not sure what I’m going to do.” These are some of the responses we’ve received so far from service members.

So what are we actually asking service members to do? Well, speak out for starters, anonymously or, with our help, publicly in way that doesn’t necessarily violate military regulations. If they choose to resist, they’ll have our support--we’ve collaborated on the public and legal defense of about 50 service members that have faced serious consequences for having taken conscious stands since 2005.

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If you're in the SF Bay Area this weekend, join as at the two events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Presidio 27 anti-war “mutiny” at the former Presidio Army Base in San Francisco. More information.

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  • US military ordered to host massive immigrant concentration camps
  • Army Capt. Brittany DeBarros tweets truth
  • Shutting down recruiting center; Hoisting peace flag
  • Presidio 27 “mutiny” 50th anniversary events
  • Whistleblower Reality Winner update--“So unfair” says Trump

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