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April 23rd 2017 Newsletter
Corruption in the Senate Senators Steer Patronage Job
to a Totally Unqualified Ex Radio Show Jock
Tulsa County Election Board Secretary Patty Bryant announced her retirement on April 7th and it didn't take long for the Syphilitic Bastards at the Oklahoma Senate to find a completely and utterly useless individual to fill the job. Gwen Freeman, a former radio jock that was living in Texas was picked by Senator Dan Newberry to fill the powerful slot. By law these secretaries are appointed by the state Election Board but by tradition the county senators nominate them, a practice that ought to be stopped with a lawsuit.
Freeman began as a radio show host on KRAV in the late nineties and switched to KFAQ for five years before being fired over an online fight with a fellow worker. She moved to Nashville Tennessee for four years and was living in Dallas but staying at a friend's home in Tulsa while doing an interior decorator job.
Another Hug a Thug Theater Story

This one has a happy ending if you believe in law and order. Ryan Otto Whitworth of Midwest City rammed a stolen car under a semi on I-35 while fleeing from police and driving the wrong way on the interstate highway. Detectives had been staking out an area and noticed Whitworth and ran the tag which came back stolen so they called in a marked car to pull the suspect over. Whitworth decided to run for it during the traffic stop. Initially he drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-40 until he hit an I-35 ramp. While trying to exit on SE 15th he ran the stolen car into the semi and became a good criminal.
Of course the man had a lengthy rap sheet and should have been in prison long ago. He was a suspect in several local burglaries all committed while he was out on OR bond with an ankle monitor or on the run with warrants out for his arrest.

His career starts with CF 20014 1279 on February 9th 20014 with a stolen car that was adjudicated in Judge Glen Jones courtroom. A public defender is appointed, $2000 bond set, but he is released a few days later with no notice of bond being paid but later a bond is revoked and paid by a bonding company so there was bond paid. A month later he takes a plea deal and receives five years suspended, DOC supervision, and ordered to pay court costs. Five months later the suspended sentence is revoked, his $2000 bond is forfeited and a warrant is issued for his arrest. The bondsman has Whitworth back in jail about a month later and the bond is exonerated or returned to the bondsman. Whitworth then pleads not guilty and another $2000 bond is set but later Whitworth is released on OR bond ordered to appear in early January. He doesn't show up again, as is his practice, so his OR bond is forfeited and another warrant for his arrest is issued. About a month later Whitworth shows up at court, in custody of the jail, and agrees to serve 45 days in jail for his crime of stealing a car with time off for already served days. Judge Jones exonerates the earlier bond and agrees to dismiss all of the fees and fines if Whitworth serves his time in county jail. A week later Whitworth sees his charges dismissed and is released from jail. But fa year later the charges are reinstated as Whitworth has refused to pay anything on his fines and fees so a warrant is issued and bail is set at $1471.60, the amount that he owes the court. That warrant remained outstanding and remains outstanding to this day.

On 3 14 2014 a Waiver of Extradition is filed against Whitworth but there is no other information on the case. Most likely when he was jailed for the first charge another old warrant turned up from another state who decided that he wasn't worth coming to get.

Whitworth wasn't pay his baby mamma child support according to FP 2014 90 which established paternity and imposed child support, most likely because the baby mamma got on welfare.

CF 20015 2062 from March of 2015 was a concealing stolen property charge along with false statements to a pawn broker. The charges were dismissed three months later. He gets a public defender and released without bail bond on an OR bond while wearing an ankle monitor. Almost immediately there are bond violations filed because the criminal would allow his monitor battery to die each night while he went out to work stealing things. After six straight weeks of bond violations the warrant for his arrest was recalled and the case dismissed by Judge Glen Jones.

While out on bond on the previous case Whitworth appears to have continued his crime spree with CF 20015 4331, another false declaration to a pawnshop. The state didn't get around to charging him till June of 20015 and after a warrant was issued and $4000 bond is set the case ends at that point with no resolution.
Here you have a criminal that was out committing crimes while on a GPS ankle monitor. They wrap aluminum foil around the monitor so it can't report their location or they simply let the battery run dead and recharge it after getting back from their crimes. The guy wouldn't show up to court willingly but the court continued providing release via OR bonds. The guy wouldn't pay his court fines either but he got away with it for two years till he died running from the police with several outstanding warrants out against him.
We were lucky this time as no innocent civilians were killed or hurt. But the fact remains that career criminals love the current justice system as they don't have to spend a dime on lawyers or bail bond and are free to commit crimes while out on OR bond.
Gary Richardson Press Conference
It has been no secret that conservative Gary Richardson of Tulsa has been exploring a run for the Governor in 20018 and he has a press conference scheduled tomorrow at 10:30 am at the Oklahoma History Center across the street from the Capitol. I wonder what he will say? : )
Richardson will be an excellent candidate and governor if he can successfully run the gauntlet. He is no friend of the special interests, wealthy enough to fund his own campaign without selling his soul to the donor class, and coming in on the Donald Trump wave he might just get this done.
The event is open to the public so come on down if you have a chance. Click on this link for a map to the History Center and click on this link to a live Facebook feed of the event if you are unable to attend in the morning. While you are on that Facebook page be sure and watch his videos and like the page.
Wanna be Drug Dealer Gets Favorable Treatment
from Tulsa County Judge
Glenpool teenager Tyler Ratcliff's family has money or political pull as he received only $175,000 bond on a murder case no less while his co defendant received twice that amount. Ratcliff's attorney, Allen Smallwood had asked for a mere $50,000 in bail. Ratcliff was being held on murder charges for the death of a fellow teenager Nicholas Morris.
Twenty two year old Trevor Tarpalechee was also charged with first degree murder after he and Ratcliff robbed and kidnapped 17 year old Amado Becerra. It appears that Amado was in Ratcliff's car when Ratcliff drove away, causing the brother of Amado to open fire at the car, killing another person named Morris in the process who was a friend of Ratcliff and in on the plan to rob the Becerra brothers. Eighteen year old Amadeus Becerra also faces first degree murder along with drug charges. The robbery was over some Xanax pills.
Special Judge Martha Rupp Carter was responsible for granting a $100,000 bond to Ratcliffover the objection of the district attorney while she set Amado Becerra's bond at $500,000. The other two boys are being held without bond. Ratcliff is white, the Becerra brothers are Hispanic. There were separate bonds for the robbery and kidnapping bringing Ratcliff's bond to $175,000 total. The prosecutor had asked for one million dollars in bond for Ratcliff.
Ratcliff had actually started the chain of events that led to the death of Morris while the Becerra brother charges were based upon distributing the pills that Ratcliff and Tarpalechee decided to steal by kidnapping one of the Becerra brothers. Ratcliff had seized a gun that Amado was carrying in his waist, then panicked and drove off leading the other Becerra brother to fire into the car and kill Morris. Meanwhile Tarpalechee had grabbed Amado from behind while Morris went for another weapon located in the backseat.
This story is no different that Mark Fallin's former Chief Counsel steering clemency seekers to her husband. The powerful, in this case the Smallwood lawyer, are able to get deals that no one else can get, due to corruption or influence over other elected officials. The special judge involved acted like most special judges do, willing to bend or break the law in order to curry favor so as to angle for a permanent job in the courthouse.

Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday April 25, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
Invited Speakers:
Ralph Crawford - Prepare us for OK Republican Convention
Any & all Candidates will be introduced!
Don Spencer - OK 2 A
Backstabbers Inc.
Pam Pollard Begging for Another Chance
Pollard put out this plea for votes in advance of the upcoming State GOP Convention where she is attempting to win another term as state chairman of the GOP. She knows well that she was elected in the first place simply because she was the lesser of evils and very responsible for driving the duly elected state chairman from the post. But let's hear her out and then tell the truth about things in parentheses:
When I became Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, I couldn't imagine the success we would have. The party had three Chairman in a single year! As a party, we could have succumbed to instability, but as yourewly elected Chairman, I wouldn't let that happen—I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. (Yes you did Pam and you were ready after sniping at both Brogdon and Hernandez. While Hernandez would openly attack you hid behind surrogates and slashed at Brogdon's every move with complete dishonesty. You were the slimiest person standing when it was over thanks to the Sooner Tea Party outing Hernandez for employing illegal aliens and for lying about her screaming and belittling Brogdon during a meeting.)
The results speak for themselves. In a year that saw the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate lose seats, Oklahoma was a conservative model for the nation... of every election on the ballot in 2016, Republicans carried 94% of those races. (Something you had zero to do with Pam, you sucked at raising money and people tolerated you only because you were a drone that would keep your mouth shut after being told to do that to keep your job.)
Our success is a testament to you, Oklahoma Republican activists, the work of our party, and our stellar candidates. I believe we have unified our party. We have fostered incredible relationships with our elected officials to support them, our party is on stable ground, and we can continue to find success as Republicans for years to come. (What is this we business Pam? Got a frog in your pocket? And everyone knows that the elected officials were disgusted at your horrible attack on former Rep Mike Christian when he was running against Democrat incumbent John Whetsel. You purposefully released that memo, as one of three people that had a copy and the other two had zero reason to spill the beans.)
Serving you as Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman is the greatest honor of my life. As a lifelong Republican activist, I have served from the precinct, to the county, to the state and national levels within our party. I know grassroots activists are the backbone of our party because I'm one of you, and I've lived it. (No you are not a “grassroots” activist Pam, you are a political hack that the majority of the grassroots activists hate with a passion.)
Oklahoma will have an exciting 2018 election cycle. Every statewide office will be on the ballot. We have historic house and senate margins we must protect. Our candidates will need an experienced and trusted Republican Party to ensure we are successful. (Exactly Pam which is why your sorry corrupt ass needs to be booted out and a competent and moral person elected to fill the slot.)
I'm committed to empowering you to have success as a Republican, unifying our party, standing up for our platform, building and expanding our brand, supporting our candidates, and winning elections. These aren't untested promises I will hopefully make good on in the future, I've been working for Republican activists and our party for decades. (Pam, you have been a bag man and a backstabber for the elite that the Trump supporters hate. You are a toady that won your current position through backstabbing and treachery, enabled after STP took down Hernandez. Save the lies for your next job interview Pam.)
With your support we can continue building on our momentous success, but I can't do it without you. I respectfully ask for your vote at the May 6th Oklahoma Republican Convention. I have been hard at work reaching out to you, but if you have any questions please call me personally at 405-420-8154.
God bless,

Is it just me or is that nose getting longer?
Meanwhile Fallin's Emails Prove That She Lied
About the Bates/Jennifer Chance Scandal

Back when the Jennifer Chance Scandal erupted over Chance steering clemency applications to her husband Governor Mary Fallin claimed dismay and shock that Jennifer Chance, her then Chief Counsel was involved in the Bates clemency attempt. However recent emails released from the Governor's office, Mary Fallin's personal emails no less, show that Fallin actually was asked to intervene by a neighbor of one of Bate's daughters. The neighbor was a long time friend of Mary Fallin's sister in law. Bates was handed a four year prison sentence for the killing of a suspect where the octogenarian reserve deputy mistook his gun for his taser, shooting a man in the back while the man was held down on the ground by two other deputies. But before the sentence was even given Fallin had asked her staff to “look into” the Bates affair at the behest of her sister in law.

Leslie McCrary, one of Bates daughters, had emailed Fallin's sister in law Jane Vanfossen who forwarded it to Fallin asking for advice. Fallin forwarded the email to then deputy general counsel Jennifer Chance asking “Did we check this yet?” The next day Fallin emailed her sister in law to say that Chance would call the Bates family and added that Chance had been researching the case. Fallin later forwarded Chance another email from the sister in law containing a lengthy plea for help.

Chance responded to Fallin that “we will take care of her.” and wrote back to McCrary saying that the governor can't intervene at the district or appellate court level, meaning that only a clemency hearing would be possible.

The Tulsa World had ferreted out the emails after an Open Records/Freedom of Information request. The emails directly contradict what the Governor's office had said after Jennifer Chance had resigned after being caught enriching her husband by forwarding clemency requests for Bates. Her husband Derek Chance had charged the Bates family $25,000 to file a clemency request that was later denied. The Bates family must have thought the fix was in because they later complained bitterly. But the important part of this was Fallin's statement that she learned of the Bates/Jennifer Chance scandal only after Jennifer Chance resigned over the scandal. Meanwhile a lawyer representing Jennifer Chance called the allegations false, that Chance had left to pursue other opportunities.

So actually Mary Fallin knew months before that Jennifer Chance had passed the Bates clemency case to her husband Derek Chance and that was confirmed by a September 17th 2016 email from the Bates daughter where she expressed thanks and described what had occurred so far. She specifically stated that they had hired Derek Chance in the email that was forwarded to Fallin through the sister in law friend. Fallin then forwarded that same email to Jennifer Chance two days later, mentioning a phone call from the sister in law a few days earlier.
Meanwhile Fallin's spokesperson continues to claim that the Bates sought out Derek Chance on their own accord and that Jennifer Chance approached the Ethics Commission General Counsel to see if “the Bates family was appropriate”. The Governor's office continues to hide behind their policy of not commenting on personnel issues while the Bates' lawyer claims that Jennifer Chance never suggested that her husband be hired.

So what is the big story? None actually, but it is a confirmation of what we have said since 2010. Fallin is a consummate liar and corrupt as the rest of the crooks at 23rd and Lincoln. What remains to be seen is if the news media will actually spread this story and let the cat out of the bag.

Who Was the First Slave Owner in America and Who Sued to Prevent Indentured Servants From Gaining their Freedom?
Ah.... the dear snowflakes that are flailing around trying to find something to give them credibility and a position of superiority over the rest of us. This story came out of a story about a university student body deciding that all black people ought to receive free tuition and room and board at their university as reparations for slavery. Strange story, actually not, but down in the comment section was a mention of one Anthony Johnson, billed as one of the first slave owners in the American colonies and as the person who first made it legal to keep people slaves rather than release them after they had fulfilled their indentured service contract.
The fact is that a huge amount of the people that landed on American shores was an indentured servant who signed away their freedom in return for passage over to America. After seven years in most cases, the person was released from service with their debt paid. That is until Johnson filed a lawsuit and a court set precedent that not all indentured servants are to be released and become slaves instead.
Johnson was running around in Angola doing his business when he was captured by an enemy tribe and sold to Arab slave traders which is how the vast majority of slaves were caught and sold. In 1621 Johnson arrived in America as the indentured servant of a merchant that worked for the Virginia Company. His name then was Antonio with no last name, he later took the name of Anthony Johnson. He was soon sold to a white planter named Bennet as an indentured servant and was put to work on a tobacco farm. He worked for fourteen years to pay off his contract and was released as were the vast majority of other indentured servants be they black or white. The policy was also to gift the former servant small amounts of land and equipment, much the same as the formal apprenticeships gave tools and money at the end of the service period.
Once released along with a fellow black named Mary that he had married years earlier, Antonio changed his name to Anthony Johnson and settled down on a plot of farmland he had received from his indentured service labor. He later increased his holdings to 250 acres after buying the contracts of other indentured servants. Anthony was litigious, he filed a suit asking for tax relief by exempting taxes levied upon his wife and daughter and he won the case, the first time an African woman was exempted from the tax as the white women were exempted from taxation.
Anthony Johnson had come over as an indentured servant and was released as a free negro after serving his contract. He was doing well, 250 acres of land and five indentured servants including one John Casor, a black indentured servant bought by Johnson in the early 1640's. Thirteen years later Casor complained that his service term had expired but he was being held illegally and a neighbor intervened and convinced Johnson to release Casor. But then Casor promptly sold himself into indentured service to this same neighbor which Johnson was offended to a great extent. Johnson sued for the return of Casor and lost, then appealed and won and Casor was returned to Johnson as his property.
This was the first time in colonial history where an indentured servant was declared a lifetime slave without a corresponding crime being committed by the servant. Other indentured servants had been declared slaves for crimes for for escaping his master but it was usually Africans that received the stiffest penalty.
Later in the mid 1660's courts began ruling that children born to women received their status in the community, rather than the English practice of delivering the status of the father to the child. Born of a slave woman meant you were a slave for life. The colonies actually accelerated the practice of slavery by giving a slave owner 50 acres of land for every new slave he imported.
A strange story indeed, that a black colonist, a former captured slave, actually paved the way for the continued enslavement of imported indentured servants. A merchant could pay six pounds cash for the passage of a purchased slave, receive fifty acres of land upon their arrival, and profit from seven years or more of hard work from the servant before setting them free. No doubt racism played a huge part as the Africans were very different from the usual white Europeans that indentured themselves and people in general don't like diversity regardless of the current way of thinking.

By the Watchman
This is a tale of cowardice and misrepresentation of one of our U.S. Representatives. It also shows that he is willing to cheat to stay in office. We started looking at him when this story crossed our news feed. He has officially filed to run for office in the 2018 elections. There’s a campaign promise broken.
When he was first running for office he said he wouldn’t seek more than three terms. The official filing for office comes one day after being officially warned by the Federal Election Commission that he had accepted donations and made expenditures on his 2018 campaign without filing official candidacy for the 2018 cycle. What was he trying to do?
The next article of interest we found was this Rep. Markwayne Mullin isn't sure whether he'll run for re-election, but his campaign filed the paperwork just in case | Homepa. This article was written in March of this year indicating he wasn’t sure if he would seek re-election. We can assume that he has become well versed in the art of deception while he has been in D.C. According to the Federal Election Commission he was already collecting and spending donations for the 2018 campaign. This is just part of the embarrassment he has brought to this state this year.
On April 11, 2017 he issued the following press release from his office in D.C.
Mullin Statement on Cancellation of Tahlequah Town Hall
f t # e
Washington, April 11, 2017 | comments
Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) released the following statement after the cancellation of his town hall event in Tahlequah.
“Due to safety concerns, tonight's town hall in Tahlequah was cancelled,” Mullin said.  “Over the past few weeks, we have seen an escalation of protesters at congressional town halls across the nation.  We have even seen them right here in the Second District.  I have continued to hold town halls and answer questions from constituents across the district, including those who have been vocal in their disapproval of my positions.”
“It is my intent to provide a safe environment for all attendees which is why we have established protocols at each of our town halls to ensure each person’s voice can be heard.  Despite working with the venue, we could not reach an agreement using our protocols that guaranteed the safety of everyone, so I chose to cancel the town hall after much consideration.  As soon as we can secure a new venue and date, we will reschedule the town hall in Tahlequah, OK,” Mullin concluded.
The remainder of Congressman Mullin’s town halls will continue as scheduled.
We did some research and asked around a little and then we found this report Oklahoma GOP Rep. claims he canceled town hall for safety — but that’s not what the venue told Raw Story. The “Security Risk” he was concerned with was people holding up colored pieces of paper. Now if he is so afraid of pieces of paper he shouldn’t be involved in any of the businesses he is. He certainly isn’t worthy of the title Congressman.
The next article of interest we found was this Markwayne Mullin - Wikipedia. This article we urge you to open the link and read. It will be worth the time. You will see items in there that include his view that the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 was a “horrible waste of tax dollars” his plumbing business did accept $370,000.00 of government funds from the program.
The next article we found was this Rep. Markwayne Mullin faces angry constituents at town hall. This is a video of this over rated, self-centered narcisst trying to claim he pays for his own salary. He obviously has no idea how tax money is spent. If he did he would realize that the taxes he pays in are co-mingled with the funds collected from every tax payer in the nation and used to pay the various debts. Although he might pay in enough to cover his own salary, his own constituents do in fact help pay for his salary. We can only ask how he can claim that he is providing a service when he doesn’t even know what his job entails.
Now we all know that CNN is the master of the fake news business. We can only wish that this was a fake news story, but it isn’t. We found this article Oklahoma pol: 'Bull crap' constituents pay salary - CNNPolitics.com. A spokesperson for his office claimed in part “The Congressman was referencing the taxes he and his businesses have paid to the government over the years prior to his being in office.” We find it strange that the words “prior to being in office” were used as an excuse. Unknown to most Oklahomans is the fact that the Congressman has failed to divest himself of the day to day running of his various businesses since he took office. Why do we feel that some more shady pork barrel projects are headed towards his companies in the future?
The next article we found was this Markwayne Mullin reminded everyone he’s still an idiot… | The Lost Ogle. This article would almost be funny if it didn’t make the state of Oklahoma an embarrassment to the rest of the nation. Where does the GOP get these morons from anyway? What a disgrace. We know that one of his businesses is a plumbing business. He should feel right at home there. He’s very adept with spreading the crap around to his constituents.
We next found his campaign web site here http://www.mullinforcongress.com/issues. We went through the entire site however the only portion of the site we found worth noting was the issues page. From the beginning nowhere on his site does it indicate which political party he belongs to? Although he claims to be a lifelong Republican, he votes like an undocumented Democrat. We take issue with his claim of the “broken immigration system.” It’s not the system that is broke. It’s the lack of will power to enforce the laws on the books that are broken. We here all about these sanctuary cities, counties and states. There is even a law on the books to handle that. Let them start using it. It’s people like Congressman Mullin who keep taking the rights of the American Citizens away slowly but surely.
The next article of interest we found was this Markwayne Mullin - Ballotpedia. We urge you to open this link and read the article. There is more information contained in this article than a good number of articles found anywhere else. This article will even tell you how much he had to spend for every vote he got. No we aren’t talking bribery for a vote. We are talking campaign material and other expenses. He spent a total of $8.61 in 2014 which are the last figures available
The next article of interest we found was this Ethics continues review of Mullin - POLITICO. Now we mentioned earlier how the Federal Election Commission had caught him accepting and spending donations for his 2018 campaign without filing the necessary paperwork. This article shows he is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee because despite House Rules, he remains an officer in the businesses that he owns. He has even taken the time to make commercials for some of them. Two terms in office and two violations that he has yet to be disciplined for. When are the voters of the Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District going to do its part in draining the swamp in D.C. We suspect the commercials are made to keep his face and name in front of the voters as much as anything. That’s free political advertising.
We next went to www.votesmart.org to see what information they had available on him. We started with the biography page here Markwayne Mullin's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. There was nothing on his biography page that was any different than what we hadn’t found elsewhere. In fact there was less information here.
We next went to the Voting records section here Markwayne Mullin's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We can’t tell you how important it is that you open this link and look at the voting record for yourself. Look beyond the votes in 2017. You’ll see he voted against you and your freedom almost as much as he did for them. This is not what he was elected to do.
We next went to the Positions page here Markwayne Mullin's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. He didn’t return the questionnaire, so they listed what answers he has stated from his speeches and campaign rhetoric. We cannot attest to the accuracy of this page.
We next went to the ratings and endorsements page here Markwayne Mullin's Ratings and Endorsements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. True to his word all the anti-abortion groups gave him a rating of 0% however here are some of the other things we found.
Animals and Wildlife
That’s an abysmal record for a rancher. Someone should check out his ranching practices.
This is the reason he has the attitude he displays at the town hall meetings he holds . He has stopped working for the people of the 2nd District and has now started working for the Chamber of Commerce and other big business lobbyist just to maintain his position and the status as a Congressman.
Business and Consumers
He clearly could care less whether or not citizens are able to survive after retirement. This tells you all you need to know.
Entitlements and the Safety Net
We could go on and on, but it just gets repetitious. Clearly he’s not there to provide a “service” as he claimed in his outburst at the town hall. He’s there for himself.
We next went to the Campaign finance page here Markwayne Mullin's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. This is a link you need to open. Every donation listed is from a corporation or lobbyist or some special interest group. Not one single donation from a private citizen is listed. That should be enough to tell you that he is no longer working for the people of the 2nd District but has sold his votes to corporate America. That is the height of corruption.
The next article of interest we found was this Rep. Markwayne Mullin: Campaign Finance/Money - Summary - Representative 2016 | OpenSecrets. This article reinforces the information we found in the previous paragraph.
The next article of interest we found was this Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma) | Liberty Card. For someone that likes to come home and campaign as a Conservative, this report is devastating. It indicates that he voted Conservative only 61% of the time. We didn’t send a part time Conservative there to represent us. We thought we were sending a full time Conservative there that actually held Oklahoma values.
The next article we found was this Markwayne Mullin | Congressional Scorecard - FreedomWorks. FreedomW orks uses a different scoring system than Liberty Card. His saving grace has been to date he has voted Yea for the agenda that has been placed on the calendar for passage. He even voted in favor of the disaster known as Ryan Care. This supposed replacement for Obamacare was just as heinous as Obamacare and would only go to serve the few remaining insurance providers in the program.
Then we found this article This article is just to remind you that Mr. Mullin has in fact made a pledge to the constituents of the 2nd District that he would serve no more than three terms. As we have shown you earlier in this report he has no intentions of keeping that pledge. He’s already started accepting and spending campaign donations for his 2018 campaign. It’s up to the Citizens of the 2nd District to see that he is held to his word.
It is sad to say that the actions of Representative Mark wayne Mullin have proven that he is deceitful and feels he is superior to those that he represents. Nothing can be further from the truth. The information we have provided clearly show that he’s in it for the power. It’s time that he was faced with the facts and made aware that the people are aware of them. It’s time for him to resign from office. He’s been a big enough embarrassment to Oklahoma. We don’t need another eighteen months of his liberal agenda.