Leith Hill Action Group – Newsletter 27 (4th September 2014)  

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Dear Supporters

Update on the next stage of the planning process

It has been a little while since our last newsletter in which we had to deliver the disappointing news that we lost the Court of Appeal Hearing.  In that newsletter, I explained that this does not mean that Europa have been granted permission to exploratory drill for oil. Instead it means that we are back in the position of Surrey County Council having refused Europa planning permission and Europa having appealed against that decision. 

I also mentioned that we needed to wait to hear what the next stage would be.  Well, we have now heard that the next stage will be a fresh Public Inquiry with a new Planning Inspector appointed to decide whether or not to uphold Surrey County Council’s decision to refuse Europa planning permission. 

The timetable for this fresh Inquiry is yet to be set and we will update you when we know more.  However, in the meantime, we have had discussions with our barrister as to the arguments we will be putting forward at the new Inquiry. 

Fundraising update: A request for votes

These discussions have helped us gain an idea of the likely costs we will incur.  We do still have money in the bank, but, based on our estimate of likely costs, we think we may be short by at least £5,000.

We have therefore once again been investigating fundraising avenues and are delighted to announce that we have once again been shortlisted for a Heart of the Community Award, run by the Surrey Advertiser.

These awards seek to provide a total of £20,000 to local community groups, with the winner of the competition this year receiving a fantastic £4,000.  

Last year, we were delighted to come top of our category and to win the top prize of £2,500.  We only managed this, however, with your help.  We are therefore asking for your help once again to try to win this competition and bag the top prize.

In order to win, we need to be the group that obtains the most votes.  Voting is straightforward and can be done in one of two ways:  (i) by collecting coupons from the Dorking Advertiser, Leatherhead Advertiser or the Surrey Mirror; or (ii) by text voting.

Coupons are appearing in the next three editions of the newspapers starting from today’s edition – so September 4th, 11th & 18th.  There is a special Heart of the Community Awards supplement and the coupon can be found on the back page of that supplement.  The voting code for Leith Hill Action Group is 1048.

You can save up all your coupons and post them all off at the same time.  Alternatively, if you want to save on postage costs, we would be happy to post them on your behalf.  If you want us to do this, please drop any coupons into (i) Janet Housden at Brympton, Ridgeway Road, Dorking, RH4 3AT, (ii) Charlotte Nolan at Oak Lodge, Anstie Lane, Coldharbour, Surrey, RH5 6HA or (iii) Alan Hustings at Chasemore End, Broomehall Road, Coldharbour, Surrey, RH5 6HF.

Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 28th September, so please ensure any coupons are posted to arrive by this deadline.  If you are planning to drop them in for us to send on your behalf, please deliver them by midnight on Thursday 25th September.

Text voting does not open until Thursday 11th September, however, so we will write to you again next week with details of how to send text votes.

This really is a fantastic way to help us raise a large amount of money at just a small cost.  You did us proud last time by helping us to win the top prize and we really hope you feel able to help us once again.

Many thanks as always for your continued support.

Patrick Nolan

The Leith Hill Action Group