NEWS & ADVENTURES of a Philosophical Folk Songstress                                   ~  June 2011
Dear One,
In the redwood mountains of Santa Cruz, CA, beneath grey skies and unsettling downpours of rain, in June, in JUNE, we await summertime. 

Recalling the scientific community's forecasts of climate change, we shudder, and wonder, are the predictions coming true?

We long for the summertime of our memories; of sweet golden sunlight safely filtered through an unbroken ozone layer, of clean clear rivers enticing us to dive in, of ripe, sumptuous berries, unadulterated by chemicals or genetic engineering. We dream of this time of innocence and balance, when winter was winter, and summer was summer.

So we pack our instruments and our songs, draw a map with our hearts, and head out in search of such a time, such a place. In search of others who remember.
We are in search of summer...

THE TOUR begins this Thursday @ 7:30pm at Don Quixotes International Music Hall in Felton, CA, sharing an evening with the incredible Inga Swearingen and Round Mountain. After that we'll then be on the road around the Pacific Northwest until mid July. The full schedule is below.

I hope you may join us!

~ in peace, love & music,
 Amanda|on facebook

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

Pacific Northwest Tour 2011 * with Pete Solomon

Thursday June 9th @ 7pm 
Don Quixotes Interntationl Music Hall| 6275 Highway 9, Felton, CA
We had such a successful concert together in January, we thought we'd do it again! Join us for an evening of song rooted in family, nature and human spirit. Listeners travel down a dusty road of rugged beauty that combines jazz, American grit, and acoustic global fusion. I'll open the evening then stick around for the summer-breeze voice of Inga Swearingen and the jawdropping talent of the multi-insturmentalist Round Mountain brothers (who also happen to be two of the most wonderful human beings on the planet). More about them and here: This shows kicks off my summer tour 2011! 

Saturday June 12th  
Private Star Party Gala| near Lookout, CA 

June 17th - 19th  
Fairieworlds Summer Solstice Celebration| Mount Pisgah, Eugene OR 
Faerieworlds is the premiere mythic music festival on the West Coast. Featuring world renowned fantasy artists, Grammy-award winning musicians, spectacular performances and entertainers, an amazing arts and crafts vending village. Thousands of fans from around the globe travel each year to Eugene, Oregon to experience the magic of Faerieworlds. Amanda West & Pete Solomon will be playing now and then in Oberon's Tavern at the festival, so drop by & say hello! 

Monday June 20th @ 8pm 
Fireworks Restaurant & Bar | 1115 SE 3rd St.Corvallis, OR
Opening act for the Southtown Talent Search 

Tuesday June 21st @ 8pm 
Fireworks Restaurant & Bar | 1115 SE 3rd St.Corvallis, OR
Fireworks Dinner Show 

Saturday June 25th @ 3pm 
Lithia Artisan's Market | Lithia Park, Ashland, OR
Afternoon music for this wonderful outdoor summer market. 

Sunday June 26th @ 6pm 
Hour Trader Folk Festival | 1115 SE 3rd St.Corvallis, OR
This sounds like a fabulous event and I'm so excited to be a part of it. Corvallis has a non-profit called the Hour Exchange in which folks use time (hours) as their local currency. This festival is a celebration of these concepts which promote ecologically sustainable, community-based economics. Yeah! 

Wednesday June 29th @ 8pm 
Hopevine Open Mic | 507 15th Avenue E., Seattle, WA
I've heard this open mic is hopping. He he. Looking forward to meeting some other local Northwest musicians and sharing my own music. It also happens to be my birthday, so come out & celebrate with me! 

Friday July 1st @ 11am 
Olympia Farmer's Market | 700 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA
Starting the northwest farmer's market rounds... yum! 

Sunday July 3rd @ 10:00-11:45am 
Portland King Farmer's Market | NE 7th & Wygant, Portland, OR
Come get yer fresh fruits & veggies! Portlanders, here we come! 

Tuesday July 5th @ 7pm 
The Secret Garden | 425 NW 18th Ave, Portland, OR
We're becoming a summer tradition here at the most wonderful Portland International Guesthouse & Hostel ... They do a BBQ and open mic, complete with home brewed beer (how perfectly Portland!), and then we are the final & featured act of the evening. Jim & Britta are just the sweetest folks, and this hostel is a great place to stay. You won't be dissapointed! 

Thursday July 7th @ 3:00-4:45pm 
Buckman Portland Farmers Market | SE 20th & Salmon, Portland, OR
Checking out the Portland Farmer's Market scene...

Fri July 8th - Sun July 10th 
here & there at the Oregon Country Faire | Veneta, OR
Ok, so we didn't get actually get accepted to play at the Faire (some day!). However, we're going anyway and we'll be there and I'm sure we'll find some time to share some music with some folks. We went last year and had a blast it's an amazing wild & wacky world
for more upcoming shows & the summer tour schedule go to: 

Don't miss it!
Round Mountain, Amanda West, Inga Swearingen
THIS Thursday June 9th @ 7:30pm, Don Quixotes in Felton, CA

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