Merry Christmas and an Energizing 2020
We publish Mijnwater News to keep you up to date with the highlights at Mijnwater B.V, our work in the field, innovations in mine water technology, the findings of the Interreg partners, and to share with you any information we have received from our partners. Mijnwater B.V. is helping to ensure Parkstad Limburg is energy-neutral by 2040.
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We wish you, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and an inspiring and energizing 2020!

In this issue:
  1. Mijnwater wins Green Solutions Awards 2019
  2. Limburg Business: interview with Angelique Palmen (CEO)
  3. Work in progress: Douvenrade, Tacitus/Marcellus, Brunssum
  4. Work in preparation: Heerlen city centre pipelines
  5. Save the date Cities and Citizen Energy Forum Heerlen 2020
  6. My Mijnwater – online customer portal
  7. Mijnwater wishes you a Merry Christmas and an inspiring and energizing 2020
Mijnwater wins Green Solutions Awards 2019
Mijnwater returned from Paris on 4 November with the 'Grand Prize Sustainable Infrastructure’, which was part of the Green Solutions Awards 2019. Angelique Palmen, Louis Hiddes and Herman Eijdems accepted the prize on behalf of Mijnwater B.V. Mijnwater B.V. put itself in the global spotlight with an innovative project to make our living environment more sustainable and won from 32 international nominations in the Infrastructure category. The jury of the French organization Construction21 selected Mijnwater B.V., the only Dutch company, from the entries in the Infrastructure category because Mijnwater is seen as a unique example due to its well thought-out underground pipeline network for the circulation of sustainable energy to and from connected homes, buildings and industry in Heerlen and Parkstad-Limburg. CEO Angelique Palmen: 'A fantastic achievement for our team and especially for Louis, who was involved from the very start.'
Limburg Business: interview with Angelique Palmen
Peter Kamps of Dagblad de Limburger recently dedicated an article to Mijnwater and to our new CEO in particular. In the article, Kamps discusses Mijnwater's appointment of Angelique Palmen. He sets out in detail what we stand for in the coming period, which includes the responsible scaling up of Mijnwater and good organization. Additionally, it discusses her ambitions to make a success of Mijnwater are based on her enthusiasm for the region.
Work in progress:
Pipelines laid for Corridorflat Sevagram/Douvenrade
At the end of December, the pipeline will be ready for the Corridorflat complex of Sevagram on Valkenburgerweg in Heerlen. The homes in the Corridorflat complex of Sevagram/Douvenrade no longer come up to today’s standards. Sevagram decided to implement a number of measures to improve comfort in these flats. The 88 flats will be disconnected from the gas grid so that, after the renovation, they will be completely free of natural gas. We are also conducting discussions about connecting the new building at this location. 
Work in progress:
Marcellus- en Tacitusstraat Heerlen
Work on the flats of Wonen Zuid is progressing rapidly. We started in September and the first flat is almost finished. Installers are busy installing heat exchangers in the flats. The civil engineering for the construction of the pipelines is almost finished. In January we will start work on replacing the gas boilers. By the end of May 2020, both buildings will be free of natural gas.
Watch the video from Wonen Zuid >>
Work in progress:
CHPs (heat and cold storage) in Brunssum

In addition to its activities in Heerlen, Mijnwater is also active in Brunssum. On 5 September 2019, the cellar area for Mijnwater’s first prefabricated heat pump cellar was installed. From this location, three subareas will be provided with heat and cold. The heat pumps are used to connect the flat on Pastoor Savelbergstraat in Brunssum, as well as the new building at Tarcisius and in the De Egge district, to sustainable mine water energy. At present this is being done using CHPs (heat and cold storage) rather than with mine water. Mijnwater B.V. is constructing a closed-loop network of pipes to supply the flat (and later the new building in the vicinity) with heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. The work started after the building industry holiday. 
Work in progress:
Pipeline through the centre of Heerlen
Work will start around the end of March 2020

In the spring of 2020, Mijnwater B.V. will expand its energy network with the construction of a pipeline route of approximately 1,750 metres, consisting of two pipelines through the centre of Heerlen. This new pipeline route is needed to heat and cool buildings using sustainable mine water energy. The municipality of Heerlen will connect its new municipal office to this network. The work will start around the end of March and last until the end of October 2020.
Save the date: Cities and Citizens Energy Forum Heerlen 2020
The Cities and Citizen Energy Forum 2020 Cities will take place in Heerlen from 22 to 24 April 2020. Because 2020 is the first year of the new European Commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen, Vice President Frans Timmermans will take part in a panel discussion on 'European climate culture’ as part of the climate goals. Mijnwater will make an important contribution to the programme, which is all about the energy transition.More information about the programme will soon be available on the website of Energy Cities.
My Mijnwater – online customer portal
In just a couple of steps, My Mijnwater, our online customer portal, allows users connected to mine water energy to have access to their own safe and secure account. Customers can login to view their digital invoices and final statements and also check their monthly energy consumption. 
‘My Mijnwater’ can be found in the top navigation bar on our website. The login screen takes visitors to so that they can view their invoices.
Mijnwater wishes you a Merry Christmas and an inspiring and energizing 2020

Who are we?
In the past, Mijnwater B.V. used to extract energy from the water in the mines, but this mine water now just serves as a storage reservoir. Mijnwater is a new type of district heating grid that, thanks to the development of the first independent pipe network in Europe, can supply both heating and cooling to connected customers. When a building cools down, residual heat is left over and vice versa. This residual heat or residual cold is exchanged by the Mijnwater B.V. grid via underground cellars where heat exchangers and pumps have been installed. In this way, it is possible to reduce the CO2 emissions of connected buildings by 65%. Through the PALET (Parkstad Limburg Energy Transition) project, the region is embracing Mijnwater’s district heating grid, which aims to connect 30,000 homes in Parkstad to the heating and cooling grid by 2030. For the rest of the Netherlands, Mijnwater has the proven potential to make cities free from natural gas. 
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