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Order Now Before Things Get Really Pronking! 
Nov 17,2015 
Order Now Before Things Get Really Pronking!
Shop Now - before things sell out!

We have a LOT of alpaca product this year!

But the early fall season has been very brisk and we're seeing some products selling out.  

Order now to get popular items for your store.

After Thanksgiving not much may be left! 

SuperwarmOutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie Socks 
continue to be MADE and SOLD at an alarming rate! 

We're making them at breakneck speeds with TONS of yarn at the mill! 
Stock up on these very popular USA made alpaca socks. 

Please note, stock can be low in between mill shipments!

** How many are left? See current stocks of ANY products at the bottom of each listing. 

Super Popular Alpaca Felt Shoe Inserts(insoles)
Alpaca shoe inserts insoles alpaca insoles
Very hard to keep in stock.  We get them from 3 suppliers!  Order now for delivery with next shipment.

AREQ Line of Classically Popular Excellent Selling Socks
Available in multiple colors in each style. Imported. 
field-hiker-alpaca-socks   wide-ribbed-alpaca-socks  classic alpaca socks  casual-alpaca-socks  alpaca-argyle-socks
Cute New Cotton "Alpaca Love" Socks
Cute alpacas on No-show, Ankle and Crew cotton socks. Imported.

alpaca love ankle socks   

Just In! The New "PACCU" Bag!    

Show off your Alpaca Adoration with this fun and functional bag exclusively designed by and developed for Choice Alpaca. 
A perfect choice for:
  • Shopping
  • Events
  • Groceries
  • Picnic, park, beach, etc.
  • Talking about alpacas!

The PACCU Bag is TOUGH! Made from a Ripstop material, the bag is so strong you could carry your bowling ball in one!

Carry in your hand or over your shoulder. Holds 2-3 grocery bags worth of stuff. Approx 16" wide/25" tall, 6" deep. Folds flat into a 5" square pouch.

Machine washable. 

PACCU alpaca bag

Take your alpaca life with you everywhere!

More 100% Pendleton Alpaca Blanket Project Blankets and Scarves Arrive    

You may have heard...The LAST of the 100% Pendleton Alpaca Blankets and Scarves have been produced. From now on an 80%/20% alpaca/wool blend will be the only option.

We contacted the Alpaca Blanket Project and bought most of the remaining 100% Natural Alpaca products.
We now have a few new items in our collection. 

100% Alpaca Blanket Project Throws and Scarves
100% Alpaca Blanket Project Blanket Throws 100% Alpaca Blanket Project Blanket Throws 


Get your piece of the Alpaca Americana with these heirloom items before they are gone, forever.

Whimsical Alpaca Charms
Just back in! The popular Christmas season "Whimsical" Ornaments.

Hand Crafted from nickel, copper and brass. 
alpaca metal ornament  whimsical alpaca car charm  whimsical alpaca pin card 

Adorable Wooden Alpaca Tree Ornaments
wooden alpaca ornaments
Well stocked for the first time ever! 

Lot's of other alpaca store product ideas at

Stock up! Financing Available for Larger Orders
Would you like to place a larger order for this season?
Not sure if it will all sell?
Would 6-month financing help?
How about a no-problem post-season refund guarantee?
We want to grow with you!
Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time. 
The "financing" is simple: 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file. There is a small $30 fee to setup the financing arrangement, but this is more then offset by free shipping.
Just click the Custom Payment Method After Order Placed
option online with your online order. We will follow up afterwards.
"Go Large" with your next order!
* Get free shipping ($750+ orders).
* Return anything that does not sell by April of next year for a refund.
* Be listed on our SEO marketed Preferred Retailers map!
*This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established"). 

Already financing an existing order?  We can add to it!  
We'll combined the financing (additional $30 fee) for all orders.

We want your business to Go Large!  
You can always return anything that does not sell until April. 

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