FAR Storybook Treasures

FAR and Pratham Books first joined hands in 2014. Pratham, one of the largest NGO's in India, was set up as a nonprofit children's publisher.

Merasi School Students relish these good, affordable storybooks. Each year they joined in Pratham's All India Read Day until covid closed their school.

Cherished storybooks sat in the library gathering dust until teachers asked to distribute them to homebound children longing to be back at school.   

We must restock our depleted inventory of enriching Pratham stories by Apr 15.

Can you remember the sweetness of reading a storybook to a child? Or a child reading to you? Gift confined children without running water or electricity their own books and transport them on boundless literary adventures.

*Attractive Incentive*
Right now for every $280 raised, Pratham will support Merasi School with a STEM library kit of 100 new storybooks that explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

Incite the imaginations of students stuck at home
Starting small *just 70 cents purchases one Pratham Book*
  • One Merasi School storybook delivery $105
  • Restock empty library shelves for $180
  • Two months of door-to-door books for the entire school $420
  • Full Pratham Campaign Goal $1,015
Make sure Merasi School students receive new books each month
- ones they will share with their Sisters, Brothers and Parents.
*FAR Dreams of funding the purchase of 1,330 storybooks*
 Merasi children reading their own books is another Historic First !
FAR Storybook Treasures - Pratham Campaign awaits YOU
"With education we are getting our lives back"
-Merasi students exclaim about home deliveries

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