October 2007

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HELLO and Welcome!-
It's October and you know what that means? Football? Jack Frost? Pumpkins? Yes, yes and yes, but all I can think of is that October means the FALL QUILT Market, and I'M GOING!! As an independant pattern designer, the Quilt Market is THE place to see and be seen, but I have never been. Why? Well, it's expensive to go, it's intimidating not knowing what to expect, and it's scary not knowing ANYONE! But this year, I'm helping Penel Jensen of Pattern Peddlers set up for, and work in her booth. Isn't that perfect? This will give me a very unthreatening way to scope things out and meet folks, so that maybe next time I might feel comfortable doing it on my own, or with a friend. And here's the best part. I'm taking my Mom with me, and we're staying with my Aunt & Uncle, so I'll get to catch up with them and five of my favorite cousins whom I haven't seen for over 20 years! Soooo... if you're a store owner and you're going to the Market, please look me up in the Pattern Peddlers booth. I'd love to meet you!
Next month... look for Market pictures and stories. Did I mention that I'm excited?!?
Also, especially for the convenience of our friends at Pattern Review & AOL, all of the hotlinks are listed in order at the bottom of this letter, and as always, if you prefer, you can go to www.studiokatdesigns.com/oct07.htm to see the online version of the newsletter.

Feline Quote for October-
"If you yell at a cat, you're the one making a fool of yourself. Unknown

New on my Website!-
Alisa Kolenc of Kennesaw,Ga wrote to tell me about some modifications she had made to my Odyssey Bag design. I've got to tell you, when a customer starts talking about "modifications", my eyes normally roll back into my head. I can't help it. My designs are like my children! But Alisa wrote that her 5-year old daughter had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and she had been shopping for a bag to carry all of her medical supplies. "Much to my surprise", Alisa wrote, "there is a sad lack of stylish medical bags. If you want a black laptop/messenger style, you are fine, but if you want something your child (or you) would LIKE to carry, esp. in a backpack format, you are just plain out of luck! Then we happened on your website & we quickly figured that we could modify the interior design a bit to hold her medical supplies. We ordered the kit. My Mom, (a novice sewer) and I (a beginner) were quire overwhelmed by the complexity of the pattern when it arrived! My Mom's advice ended up being the motto we used to complete it-- 'We'll just take it one step at a time!' And Hallelujah! We finished it! It is just PERFECT! We are proud of our hard work, & delighted to show off your pattern and our bag!" I love what Alisa's done with the bag, and her daughter's big smile says it all!

Mary Segrist of Topeka, KS wrote to tell me about her gorgeous adoptee named Fluffer. You can read about him here.

Peg Rice, pattern tester extraordinaire, made up this fabulous Kizmet in appliqued denim to test out the design. I LOVE it!

Linda Stokes, of Key West, FL, sent me this picture of her cool SideKick. I think you'll agree that she did a real good job with the image placements.

New at StudioKat Designs- The Kizmet Klutch
Yep that's right, today I am officially releasing my 15th handbag pattern, the Kizmet Klutch. The Kizmet can be made up in two sizes, medium, and large, and BOTH sizes are included in the pattern envelope! Assemble your Kizmet in silky formal fabric, for a stunning evening wear accessory. Or rev up your everydaywear with a blast of color, by making up your Kizmet in funky fashion fabrics, like denims, linens,and embroidered corduroys.
The Kizmet Klutch features a totally unique interior zippered pocket that separates the interior into front and back storage areas, keeping all of your items organized and jumble-free. You can carry your Kizmet "clutch-style", or you can utilize a detachable chain strap when you need to be hands-free, (like in that buffet line)!
The Kizmet Klutch pattern retails for $10.00, but from now until Oct 31st, we are extending a $1.00 coupon offer to our loyal customers and newsletter subscribers. You can redeem your coupon by simply typing OCT07 in the coupon code box at checkout when you shop online, or simply write the OCT07 code onto your check, moneyorder, or order form when you order by snail mail.

It's a Handbag Sale!-
If you're looking for a unique gift for a special friend, (like you?), then you need to check out the StudioKat Designs handbag sale. This month we have added FOUR new Kizmets to the Handbag page, and just in time for the holidays. These new and unused Kizmets are priced for quick sale, so don't delay!

A Cool Place to Shop!-Holiday Gift Ideas
Giving and receiving gifts can be two of the best parts of the holiday season. But often the sentiment is lost in crowded malls and parking lots. You can avoid the lines and keep your focus on loved ones with these personalized holiday gift ideas. With a little help from your PC, digital images can be transformed into gifts that will bring smiles to everyone on your list. Go Fish is fun to play, but how much cooler would it be if there were personalized pictures on the cards? Click here for instructions and to find out MORE! Or how about creating a photostory of your year in pictures? Wouldn't that be a great way to catch up with old friends? It's easy with PhotoStory for Windows. You can burn the story onto a DVD and then send it to your friends, near and far!

Surf HERE for Neat INFO!- Carve Out Time for Pumpkins!
After you go to that pumpkin patch, make this "cutting edge" site your next stop! It explains absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about pumpkin carving, to get ready for Halloween night. Learn how to select the right pumpkin, and how to create masterpiece Jack O' Lanterns with the help of stencils. You'll even get tips on extending the lifespan of your creations, and photographing them successfully.

Laws Overlooked by Murphy-
ENjoy these two Laws that were overlooked by Mr. Murphy, sent in by alert reader, D. Hannon of Syracuse, NY.

  • "If the shoe fits, its UGLY!"
  • "Anything is possible, if you don't know what you're talking about!"
  • Love Handbags?- LucumaFashion.Com
    If you're looking for an unique gift for someone special (like maybe yourself?), then you need to visit LucumaFashion.Com. It showcases the work of a talented circle of artists that produce uncommon, cutting edge handbags, designed with a tasteful eye for the contemporary! My favorites are the 3D Art Quilt Handbags, inspired by the flower gardens of Peru, but you'll also find exquisite Alpaca Fur Bags, awesome Painted Wood Purses, and green-concious Recycled Rubber Bags. Something for everyone!

    Did You Know?- most lipstick contains fish scales?

    Surf HERE for FUN!- Bright Ideas for Kids
    One of my favorite things to do with my little girl, (who really hasn't been a little girl for a LONG time), was to make beautiful creations with a LiteBrite. Do kids play with these anymore? I'm not sure, but if you would like a cheap (free) thing to do with your kids or grandkids, then visit this site. Quite simply, its a virtual LiteBrite toy, and the best part is... there aren't a bazillion little lights to pick up when you're done! And here's another cool thing, you can even print or email your creation when you're done!

    Question of the Month-
    Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby", when babies wake up like... every two hours? Me-

    A Great Book to Curl up and Read with your CAT!-
    October is "Squirrel Awareness Month", set aside to honor one of our friendliest forms of wild life. This is interesting, because at my house, EVERY month is "Squirrel Awareness Month". My husband is obcessed with squirrels, and spends a great many of his waking hours devising schemes to keep them out of his bird feeders. (Not that he doesn't want to feed squirrels mind you, because he has feeders dedicated to the little guys.) He just wants them to stay at their own feeders, and not bug his birds, which they of course are doing! He alternates between swearing off feeding critters of any type because of his aggravation, to engaging in what can only be described as all-out guerilla warfare, including camaflaged clothing (for him), noise-making items, greased feeder poles, etc. etc. The list is endless! I honestly don't know who is funnier, the squirrels... or my husband, trying to outwit the squirrels. But then I found this fun book, "Outwitting Squirrels" by Bill Adler, about the trials of a bird fancier trying to , as he puts it, "reduce dramatically the egregious misappropriation of seed from bird feeders by squirrels".If there's a squirrel-obcessed individual in your house, then I think you'll enjoy it. (Don't tell Bubba, but he's getting it for Christmas!)

    Monthly Trivia-
    Can you believe that the children's TV show, "Captain Kangaroo", debuted on this day in 1955? On the air until 1985, this was the longest-running children's TV show, until it was surpassed by "Sesame Street". Oh, how I loved Bunny Rabbit, and especially Mr. Moose! And speaking of big days, is today is your birthday? If it is, then here's a great big Studiokat Designs "Happy Birthday" to YOU! You are in good company indeed because Chubby Checker ("Let's Twist") was born on this day in Philadelphia in 1941. He shares his special day with Lindsey Buckingham (of Fleetwood Mac), who is 60 today, and blues guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Celebrated golfer, Fred Couples, is eating birthday cake today, as is one of my all-time favorite NY Yankees, Dave Winfield. And if today is not your birthday, you can enjoy the day anyway by maybe seeing how it feels to do the twist to some of your favorites tunes currently playing on the radio? Or if that just seems too wierd, you might see if a little Chubby Checker music will keep the squirrels from running your chicadees away. (Believe me, Bubba tried something similar, and it worked... for about 32 minutes, and then they were back, with their friends, doing what can only be described as a linedance, while they emptied the bird feeder!)

    Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
    Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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