Sorry to bother you with another email so soon after our November newsletter, but we have updated election information which could not wait for people affected by Hurricane Sandy.
  • Pennsylvania: Emergency absentee voter ballots can be requested until tomorrow Friday, November 2, 5 pm.  The application must be delivered to your county election office by tomorrow, Friday, November 2, 5 pm. After that deadline you can go to the Court of Common Pleas. If you can not go in person, then you must complete this authorization and this certification of authorized representative. See details.
  • New York: The State Board of Elections has extended the absentee ballot application deadline to tomorrow, Friday. Fax your application to your county board of elections. The board of elections also approved an extension of the deadline for the completed absentee ballots to be received (until November 19), but they still must be postmarked no later than this Monday, November 5. (After Friday, you can write a letter authorizing a representative to pick up an absentee ballot application and ballot for you at your county board of elections.)
  • Connecticut: In-Wperson voter registration deadline has been extended to today, Thursday, November 1, at 8 pm. Contact your town's municipal clerk. Applications may be faxed as long as the original arrives prior to the close of the polls on Tuesday.
  • New Jersey: Absentee ballot applications can be submitted in person to your county clerk until Monday, November 5 at 3 pm. 
Please share this information with anyone whom you think might be affected.
Also, be aware that your polling place may have changed because of the emergency. We will provide more information in the next newsletter.
On the brighter side, we have the full schedule of the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival. It starts this weekend, so treat yourself and enjoy a show!

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