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Hello RxEconsult Community, 
Last week Pew Internet published Health Online 2013, a survey about use of the internet for health care information. They found the following:
  • 35% of US adults have used the internet to try and figure out their diagnosis
  • 59% looked online for health information in the past year
  • 77% of online health searches begin with a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo); 13% started at a medical information website (e.g., WebMD), and only 1% started their search at a social network like Facebook.
  • Reviews of doctors, hospitals, or medical treatments and rankings are not very popular. 
What do these findings mean for healthcare professionals and businesses? 
  • People are looking for healthcare information online and your healthcare knowledge is a powerful marketing tool. Share your knowledge, increase your visibility, find opportunities.  
  • Share you knowledge on your blog or other websites (e.g., RxEconsult) that are indexed by Google and other search engines. Use social networks like Facebook to increase the visibility of the content you share rather than posting all your content.
  • If consumers are trying to figure out their diagnosis or learn about health then provide helpful content but always refer them to the appropriate healthcare provider. If they like your content they will likely view you as an expert and contact you. (Could be the beginning of your online consulting service).
  • Use of the internet for medical information continues to grow. Healthcare professionals should join the party.  
Thank you for spending time with us. 
O. Ogbru, PharmD
CEO | Founder
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---RxEconsult Team

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