Hello Friends, we're thrilled to announce this year's winners of our photo contest in two categories, Dance Parade and DanceFest. 
35 photographers collectively submitted 423 photos for review by our panel of six judges. Each winner received a cash prize along with a commorative coffee mug.
In the Parade category, first prize goes to Dinara Khairova, tying for second prize are Miguel Chavez and Elom Bowman, and the third prize awarded to Huzoung Cai. In the Festival category, first prize goes to Bob Dea for two photographs, with second prize going to Jon Huang, and third prize awarded to Henry Hong.
Congratulations to the winners, and all the participants for braving the heat and shooting such amazing photos!
Greg Miller
Executive Director
Dance Parade NYC
(267) 350-9213
(2022 Parade Photo credit: Richard Renda, Totally Cool)

1st Place Winner: Dinara Khairova for this photograph of Folk Dance Club Kaleidoscope leading Dance Parade down Broadway (Ukrainian and Russian Folkloric dance)

2nd Place Winner (tie): Miguel Chavez for this photograph of Yvonne Gutierrez's Herencia (Flamenco)

2nd Place Winner (tie): Elom Bowman for this photograph of Sunshine Dance Company (Traditional Chinese Dance)


3rd Place Winner: Huzhong Cai for this photograph of IFE The Movement & Ntrinsik Studios

1st Place Winner: Bob Dea for these photographs of Andrés y Sarita Tango on the DanceFest Main Stage in Tompkins Square Park
1st Place Winner: Bob Dea for this photograph of P.U.S.H. Kids on the DanceFest Main Stage in Tompkins Square Park  

2nd Place Winner: Jon Huang for this photograph of the All Star Studio dancers on and in front of the Family Stage at DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park


3rd Place Winner: Henry Yong for this photograph of Heidi Latsky Dance Company's dancer Donald Lee on the DanceFest Main Stage in Tompkins Square Park 


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