There have been many petfood recalls so far this year. Please check at these links for a list of
foods to be aware of:

Worried about pet food safety? Report Problems to the FDA!
Warning Links:
Worst dry cat foods:
Worst canned cat foods:
Symptoms to watch for:
Is Dry Food Good For Cats?
Does dry food help your cat keep iits teeth clean?

(Hint: No, it doesn't.) 

Shelter feed links:
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March 7, 2017
Here are some animal holidays for this month:

Poison Prevention Awareness Month

March 5-11: Professional Pet Sitters Week

March 19-25: National Poison Prevention Week

March 28: Respect Your Cat Day

Helping Your Local Shelter
If you ever wonder what you can do to help a shelter or rescue group in your area, here are some tips:
12 Things to Donate to your Local Shelter:
I can attest to the need for these items and am always grateful to those who provide them. We're talking about baby bottles (in good condition), towels, sheets,  blankets, cleaning supplies, soap and detergents, heating pads or discs in good condition, office supplies, rubber gloves, plastic bags, canned tuna or meat-based baby food, etc.  One note of caution, though: When donating food for pets, it's actually best to give money or coupons or gift certificates. What many folks may not realize is that cats have very sensitive digestive systems. If they are fed a crazy variety of brands or flavors, they can become sick. This creates a lot of extra work for shelter staff and workers cleaning up the messes that result. Even more importantly, with the many recalls of commercial pet foods lately, we need to be sure a donated brand is not one of those on a recall. No one wants to rescue a cat in need only to cause its death from a toxic food.


Interesting and Fun Links!
A Hero to Cats in Indonesia
Saving homeless, often sick or injured, cats in Indonesia, this man is a true hero:
Why Do Cats Crave Warmth?

Thanks to Torrey for this article.

Big Cats Love Catnip, Too!

Keeping Your Cats Comfortable
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