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Rep Shumate married
Volunteers Needed
Monday Night
Okay folks, we need a dozen or so volunteers for Monday night to finish wrapping the latest issue of the Oklahoma-Guardian.  They need to be delivered before midweek and we have thousands more to wrap and deliver.
We will hold a wrapping party on Monday night at 6:00 pm to finish up the wrapping.   My shop, The Carpenter Shop, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City.   When you get to the address look behind the small green buildings and find the one huge concrete building all the way back in the back of the industrial park.   Plan on spending a couple of hours.
If you can help deliver papers let us know ASAP.  The last areas that need hit are Eastern Oklahoma County and the Moore area.  The run off election is on August 28th and we can influence who wins, a State Chamber owned stooge or a liberty loving Constitutional Conservative Republican.
     You Lie

Former Democrat Chairman and a Public Employee Union

Teams Up With State Chamber Forces and the McCarhill Report
 to Defeat Conservative Candidate


What do Barrack Hussein Obama, Neva Hill, and Mike McCarville have in common?


Everyone remembers the Joe Wilson “You Lie” incident at the nation’s Capitol back in September 2009.  During an Obama speech before a joint session of Congress South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson pointed at Obama and yelled “You lie!” after Obama claimed that illegal aliens couldn’t use the Obama Care program.


Wilson caught hell for speaking the truth; society likes its niceties and artificial respect for positions of power.   Wilson later apologized for his outburst but became somewhat of a hero to the Tea Party movement.  Simple language leaves little room for misunderstanding and sometimes what is needed is a 2 x 4 up side of the head instead of a gentle reminder.


Like Obama, Neva Hill and Mike McCarville also got caught lying and deserve being called out in public.   The story starts out as an act of desperation by the Mark McBride campaign, the State Chamber of Commerce, and a former Democratic Chairman.    Needing a boost to the campaign, one of McBride’s handlers, the former Democratic Chairman Pat Hall, lobbied the Oklahoma Public Employees Association for an endorsement for McBride.   Hall was the Executive Director and CEO of OPEA for sixteen years and had appointed many of the board members.  To sweeten the deal Pat Hall allegedly told several board members that incoming Speaker of the House Representative T.W. Shannon had endorsed McBride.



Sure enough, former Democratic Chairman Pat Hall made sure that McBride got a promise of an endorsement at a Friday board meeting.   However the endorsement was just as quickly put on hold after the OPEA board found out that they had been ied to about incoming Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon endorsing Mark McBride.   After learning that Rep. Shannon hadn’t endorsed McBride the OPEA board had Dennis Atkins, the OPEA lobbyist, call McBride and tell him:  “Do not use that OPEA endorsement letter, it was sent out by mistake.  There are a few things that we have to clear up before you use that endorsement”


Sources claim that McBride’s campaign handler, the notorious Neva Hill, immediately released the OPEA endorsement after learning that the endorsement was in danger of being retracted, using the McCarville Report to do the dirty deed.   Neva Hill’s participation and control over the McCarville Report is well known in political circles, leading to a new nickname for the blog,  “McCahill Report”.




The McCarhill duo actually went back and modified the stories they had posted on the endorsement as the information leaked out that the McBride endorsement was in danger of being retracted.    McCarhill also redacted their articles that claimed Representative Randy Terrill had asked the OPEA for a Sullivan endorsement after earlier claiming it was so.




In typical McCahill report fashion they weaseled around culpability using the following statement as the last revision of their article:


The OPEA announced its endorsement of McBride and McBride soon shared that information with others. Apparently, the official word was to be released until Friday, a day after McBride was notified.”


So you have the Democratic Party working with the State Chamber to elect Mark McBride.  How do we know that the State Chamber is helping?  In addition to their campaign contributions Mark McBride’s own sister let the cat out of the bag last fall when she recounted a story at church saying that Fred Morgan had invited her brother Mark to a meeting at the State Chamber.   Outgoing Speaker of the House Kris Steele then  arranged for Neva Hill, his personal campaign consultant, to represent McBride in the upcoming race.


As further proof take a look at who showed up at McBride’s Petroleum Club fundraiser after the primary.   A few friends and family but only two political figures attended;   former Democratic Chairman Pat Hall and the guy who lost the Speaker Designate race in October of 2011, Jeff Hickman.


If you have been a regular reader you know the dynamics of the factions at the Capitol.    Outgoing Speaker Kris Steele was swept into office by a coalition of the rural mafia types like Jeff Hickman, Skye McNeil, and Dale DeWitt and conservatives like Representative Mike Reynolds and Charles Key.  Of course in November of 2010, long after Steele was chosen Speaker Designate, Kris Steele turned on the conservative faction that helped elect him and declared war on conservatives.


Even after the OPEA Board became aware that Hall had lied to several of their board members it was nearly impossible to strip McBride of the endorsement as a majority of people loyal to Pat Hall still sat on the board.     McBride’s letter was held up over the allegations but was sent out by mistake, leading OPEA lobbyist Dennis Atkins to call McBride on early the next week, but the McCarhill duo of Neva Hill and Mike McCarville forced OPEA’s hand by outing the endorsement to prevent it from being retracted publically.


Needless to say the OPEA board is less than pleased with the McCarhill duo and Mark McBride.  The word is that there will be little campaign donations coming to the McBride campaign after the betrayal.






Norman Special Election

More Bonds With Property Owners

Footing the Bill

By Ms PM


This is yet another bond proposal that will authorize $42 million, 575 thousand dollars for transportation projects located throughout the city of Norman paid for by another increase in property taxes. The proposition is for widening streets and bridges, drainage and other improvements related to the streets. This proposal will levy and collect an annual tax in addition to all other taxes upon all the taxable property sufficient to pay the interest on the bond. A sinking fund will pay the principal and the interest can climb to 10%. This bond will be paid off within twenty years from the date.


In the notification sent to residents it stated that in 2009 the Norman Citizen Satisfaction Survey overwhelmingly talked about the three top priorities of residents; maintenance of city streets and sidewalks, reduce traffic congestion on city streets and better management of storm water runoff. Another survey in December 2011 stated that 81% of the citizens of Norman support the improvements of major roads around the edges of the city.  In the notification sent out it doesn't mention if those in the survey were willing to pay for it, only that they support the improvements. This 2011 City Of Norman survey also leads a reader to believe that all Norman residents were given the survey by stating that 81% of residents were for it but the truth is not all residents participated. A more accurate statement would be that, of the ones participating, 81% were for it. Because of this "select" citizen input, the Norman City Council developed the proposed Bond Program. Is anyone wondering if The City Of Norman sent this survey to the ones they knew would support it? Or is this resident of Norman the only household that didn't receive it? Do residents ever have an opportunity to give their input in these surveys as to The City of Norman operating within a budget that provides road work when the funds are available without raising property taxes?


The 2012 Bond Program provides eight projects with matching federal funds and as the City Council puts it, "could not be fully funded with traditional City resources." Does anyone wonder why the city looks to the federal government for money that is collected from every taxpayer to pay for projects, when the truth is, Norman isn't willing to pay for what they want? Haven't these handouts caused much of the overspending and entitlement mentality that has become the daily routine at the federal level? It certainly does appear that the people of Norman will spend someone else's money as easily as the fed's do.


The effect on a property value of $100,000 will be about $3.00 a month increase in taxes or $36.00 dollars a year. Doesn't seem like much until you look at the other bonds that have passed, for examples, the new Norman Animal Shelter which passed recently, then in 2005 the Robinson Street railroad underpass, East Rock Creek road widening, 24th Ave East widening-Lindsey to Imhoff, East Lindsey Street-Jenkins to Classen, Duffy Street railroad crossing, East Lindsey-Oakhurst to 24th Ave East, Jenkins Ave-Imhoff Road intersection, West Main Street-36th Avenue NW intersection and East Main Street-Carter Avenue to 12th Avenue East. These, like this new bond are only a few dollars a month. One issue the City of Norman doesn't bring up is with Norman being a city with a young population, there are retired, owner occupied residency's.  These people are living on a fixed income. The yearly increase in property taxes makes it difficult to pay the rising cost of property taxes along with the inflation of basic necessities. In this website it shows the percentage of owner occupied vs. rentals. The percent of owner occupied properties in Norman is 12.12% below the national average. 


A cardboard flyer was also sent out by on this bond stating that "The bond issue will solve these problems throughout Norman, for a modest investment from us. Two-thirds of all Norman households will pay less than $40 dollars per year to fix our streets." What about the other 1/3 who will get to vote and not required to pay? One Third are not paying their "fair share" we hear so much about.


One of the issues the City of Norman could address and probably never will would be to include everyone living in Norman to pay for these bonds instead of always placing the burden on property owners. The bond program will not result in higher City fees, utility rates or other service charges. The scenario is set to get this passed because many that want it will reap the benefits and not have to pay for it. Could this be the plan? It has worked before. Does anyone remember when it use to be a good thing to work for what you get? This issue is a small part of a very large problem in America.


Mostly everyone will agree that the streets in Norman need help. This issue should be fixed by everyone wanting to live here and not the always selected property owners picking up the tab. The vote on this bond issue is scheduled for August 28th from 7am to 7pm.


For additional information you can contact The City of Norman Action Center by phone at 366-5396, or by email; The City's website:


Vote wisely, and don't shoot yourself in the foot before government takes your gun away. 




Vision 2

Tulsa Tax Hogs Belly Up to the Trough

Vision  2  is the name given to the November ballot question in Tulsa for a three quarters of a billion dollar tax increase to be used for corporate welfare schemes and upgrading public buildings.   Currently taxpayers are paying a 0.6 percent sales tax that will expire soon.   The vote would extend the sales tax until 2029.

Part of the money is to be spent on renovation of the American Airlines building despite the contract that requires American Airlines to maintain their building in exchange for $1 per year lease.  Renovations on the American Airlines and two other buildings is expected to cost around half of the total tax increase, around $386 million.


Opposing the Chamber of Commerce lead tax increase is a group called Stop Vision 2, a collection of conservative groups including:

§  Tulsa 9.12 Project

§  Oklahomans for Liberty

§  Owasso Taxpayers’ Alliance

§  Jenks Taxpayers’ Alliance

§  Glenpool Taxpayers’ Alliance

For more information and to get involved visit their website.






By R. H.

Representative Lucas was named “Porker of the Month” for loading up the Farm Bill with all kinds of perks for his farming buddies including the additional $20 million dollars in the bill to have a second federal agency inspect catfish. Now this story has taken a turn for the worse, if you can believe that is possible.

An amendment was rejected that would have eliminated the second agency from inspecting catfish leading to $20 million dollars of waste, fraud and abuse.  But at least they inspected the catfish, right?

 No, it turns out that no catfish were inspected in the confusion.    $20 Million to Inspect Catfish: Zero Catfish Inspected | RedState.

 Representative Lucas it is your committee that wrote the farm bill. It’s your committee that failed to amend the bill to allow only one agency to have responsibility for inspecting catfish thus saving an additional $20 million tax payer dollars.   It is you and you alone that have brought ridicule to this state.





Christian Confrontation

Biblical and Historical Justification

For “In Your Face Politics”

By Buddy Ray

Tea Party Dream Team Syndications


In the Revolutionary War, it was the British “Christians” against the American “Christians”, with the Canadian “Christians” in the middle with the American “Christian” Loyalists. The “Christian” Canadian Royal Governor was paying Indians for American “Christian” scalps, including women and children.  My, how we “Christians” can duke it out.  Now, maybe you can appreciate today’s confrontational dialogue with a little more perspective.


 The Sooner Tea Party, accused of being brutally confrontational, has not yet taken any scalps or ordered any executions. They are not nearly as confrontational and abusive as the liberal democrats, who live and breathe lies and distortions in grand Marxist “lying spirit” style. The liberals prefer lies when the truth doesn’t serve their needs along with profane hostile dialogue over sensible reasoning and sane discussion.  The liberals are totally corrupt and beyond reason and can only be kept at bay with over powering truth delivered with a  Sooner Tea Party style sledge hammer of rebuke and refutation wherein any “gentleness” is considered a weakness.


 Now if you are a “Conservative Republican” gone astray, you can expect precision scrutiny and a smart bomb of verbal fallout from the Sooner Tea Party. We are about to lose what has been the greatest experiment in government in the history of the world. In this fight for the soul of America, politeness and fake smiles are not a virtue.   If we are to reverse the downfall of America we must be prepared to fight for every inch of lost ground.   Wishful thinking that those in power will see reason or respond to polite requests will never restore our freedoms.


 History is on our side as we view this excerpt from our very own nationally treasured, Declaration of Independence:


  “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.”


 This is not a frivolous sissified monologue, but a direct impolite rebuke of the ruling monarch then in place on the throne of England, King George III.   You, as an American “Christian” politician or public official, can expect no less if you trample on the precepts of this sacred Declaration Document.


 In the confrontation with the Pharaoh of Egypt Moses didn’t go alone, he took the more confrontational and well spoken Aaron with him then called down plagues upon Egypt, turning the Nile water into blood, then frogs, then lice or fleas, then swarms of flies, followed by an epidemic disease, then boils, then hail, then a swarm of locusts, then darkness as the sun failed to shine for three days, ending with the death of all the first born in Egypt.   These are hardly the acts of compromise and civility; they pulled out all the stops and devastated the Egyptian population to achieve their goals.


 John the Baptist and Jesus also brutally confronted the powers of their day, John lost his head and they crucified Jesus the Christ, the innocent Lamb of God, and out of that event and His subsequent resurrection was birthed the spiritual liberation of all those who believed on Him.  Jesus didn’t just confront the money changers at the temple, he violently confronted them by overturning the tables of wares and money, driving the brokers and their livestock from the temple with a whip fashioned of knotted cords.


  So for those that call the Sooner Tea Party too confrontational or claim that they cross the bounds of decency and good  taste in their efforts to reclaim fiscal responsibility and freedom I would remind them that this battle is a war for the soul of our country and it is a battle that we dare not lose.   Let the timid stay home if they must but they should not hinder the bold.





Inside the McCarhill Report


The McCarhill Report republished an link to an Oklahoma Truth Council video where Cindy Sullivan and Seth Rott had reused a tactic that popped up a few years ago.    A video clip of Adolf Hitler was dubbed over using text, pretending that Hitler was Representative Randy Terrill berating his staff for losing the election.   Mike McCarville or Neva Hill commented that they enjoyed political satire so we thought we would write our own version.   Here it is the final meeting at the wolf’s lair.


It was late in the night as we walked into the meeting at the nursing home.  Panicked State Chamber Board members had demanded that the principals meet and develop a plan to counter the revelations that the McCarville Report was being written by Chamber political consultant Neva Hill.     As we walked in we noticed Mike McCarville was in his usual position, lying still in his hospital bed, festooned with tubes, while the soft whine of the ventilator kept beat with the heart monitor.   A solicitous Charley Meadows hovered nearby, nervously glancing at the monitors while former Democratic Chairman/lobbyist Pat Hall, Representative Jason Nelson, and candidate Mark McBride quietly chuckled over a private joke.   State Chamber president Fred Morgan was in an animated discussion with OU president David Boren and the Executive Director of the George Kaiser Family Foundation Ken Levit.


  Neva Hill was late for the meeting as usual, rushing in while brushing crumbs off her chest, evidence of another late night snack getting in the way of our business followed closely by her aide Cindy Sullivan.  The slatternly Hill made a habit of keeping the Board waiting though and was far too useful to replace so we all just rolled our eyes, grateful that we could finally get down to the task at hand.


Fred wasted no time, roaring at Neva Hill:  “Damned you!   You promised us that this could be kept quiet!   You said you could control things.  The Board isn’t happy about this getting out and we want to know what you are going to do about it!”


Charley Meadows blanched and tried to defend Neva:   “Now Fred, watch the language when there is a lady present.  We can get through this without using profanity.”     Fred gives a nod of his head toward Ken Vevit and coldly watches while Levit marches over and slaps Charley  across the face, leaving Charlie blubbering in the corner.


David Boren watches with amusement noting that candidate McBride watches the abuse with rapt attention, seemingly becoming aroused at the sight of the humiliation.  David catches the eye of Representative Nelson, knowingly smiles and winks.   You can tell what he is thinking, “I’ve got your number, sailor.”

Pat Hall steps forward, hands raised:   “Now Fred, no need for violence.   We are here to solve a problem and yelling at Neva and bitch slapping Charlie again isn’t helping things.”  Now Neva, why don’t you tell us how this came about and maybe we can figure out a way of salvaging things.”

“It is that blasted Tea Party.” Sniveled Neva, “They got wind of the story somehow, then one of our contractors slipped on on a Facebook posting and we got outed.   They published a story about our writing and controlling Mike’s blog, connected the dots between the Oklahoma Truth Council blog and our operation was compromised.”

Fred just stands there glowering at Neva until David Boren interjects: “Neva, what can we do to set this right?  Is there any way to restore the credibility of our journalism arm and get back to managing the public discourse about our candidates and elected officials?”

“We need to return to the basics.” Said Neva.  “When you can’t attack the facts arrayed against you the only thing left is to attack the character of those standing in your way.   We could start by continuing the attack against the Tea Party.”


“Whats that Mike”?  Said Neva, “Everyone quiet, Mike is trying to say something!”

“Blthhh… Tea Party.  Blttthhh.    Kill… gurgle….Ack!”

“Damnit Levit, that was the first coherent thing that McCarville has spoken in weeks and you had to step on his I.V. tube.”

“Yeah!” Said Rep Nelson. “ Let’s spread the story that one of their leaders is a member of a gay website.”

“Uh, Jason?”   Charlie interjects, “That was you that got caught back in 2011 belonging to a gay website…”


“Oh, and I guess you have a better idea, Charlie?”  Fumed Nelson, “Maybe claim that their leader resembles a demented Santa Claus, is a religious bigot, or is a member of the John Birch Society?   Oh, yeah, that was you that got outed on those charges.”


“Guys, guys…” shouts McBride, “We are all on the same side here, remember?  Now, Neva, what do we have against the Tea Party leaders?  Now, Neva, can we claim they abused women or wouldn’t pay child support?”


“Gentlemen… calm down and try to be productive here.” Said Boren.  “All this bickering isn’t helping and if you have a suggestion try to make it one that hasn’t been leveled against you.  Neva, now what do we have that we can twist against them?”


“Zilch, except for that fabricated charge that they were involved with the militia that the AP did back in 2010.  The problem is that none of these people are in positions of power, the public could care less if we found any dirt on them as they aren’t supposed to be the role models, we are.  They are squeaky clean anyway and the efforts so far to use innuendo haven’t taken hold.   Pat, is there anything that your people have found?” 


“Neva, our people just don’t have their hearts in this.   Initially our liberal base reacted against them but the Tea Party just didn’t respond, it takes two to fight and they kept hammering on the Republicans on spending, corruption, Constitutional issues, and concerns about the economy.   Our members frankly don’t see them as the enemy and our conservative base has quietly supported their legislative agenda.  Hell, the House Democratic Caucus virtually marched in lockstep with them and the conservative Repubicans in 2011 and 2012.”


Fred Morgan erupted at this:   “Can’t anyone find a chink in their defense?   We are spending a ton of money in campaign donations and while we are winning our share, the cost is enormous.   We lost the Guy Lieberman seat after they distributed their damned newspaper right before the election.  We have spent hundreds of thousands over the years putting Lieberman into office and some libertarian leaning punk sweeps in with one third of the money that Lieberman had and defeats him.   Now we are facing the same problem in the old Randy Terrill House seat.   We have paid all of you good money to fix this and all we see is chaos and defeat.  We own all of you, damn it.  We own this entire state and we mean business!”


“Gurgle…. Fwppptttt…. Spoltt, sigh”

“Quite everyone, Mike is trying to say something!” Yells Neva.  “Wait, what is that stench?”


Cindy Sullivan meekly raises her hand:  “Uh, Neva, I don’t think he was trying to say something, I think Mike loaded his diaper again.”


“Ewww, Gross!    I’m getting out of here!” chimed Fred, Levit, Nelson and Hall as they rushed for the door.


Neva turns to Charlie and Cindy and says “Charlie, Cindy, get him cleaned up again.  Looks like he pulled it out of the hat again, doing the only thing that would get these A-holes off my back so I can get back to work.”


“That’s it!”  exclaimed Cindy.   “Our problem was that Mike wasn’t contributing to the blog anymore.   Now we can write about the meeting and Mike’s major contribution in solving the problem!  Neva, you are a political genius!”


 “Naugh” said Neva, “ I had the nurse feed him a double helping of prunes for lunch after I heard the State Chamber wanted this meeting.    Now Charlie, go get your window washing bucket and squeegee.  There is work for you to do.”

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