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What Easter Newsletter would be complete without a death and resurrection story, complete with a rock that is rolled aside to allow a savior to fulfill his destiny?   Or an Easter egg hunt for the children for the secular type?
Well, we can’t offer you that but we can offer you a story about something that crawled out from under a rock and a wonderful adult Easter egg hunt courtesy of one of the Democratic candidates for State School Superintendent.  We must warn you though that the first story has some really disgusting revelations, enough so that we had to warn our newsletter staff to NOT visit the link where the instant messages are shown.  Normally they check these links during the publication but this time I’ll do the checking.
Rep. Colby Schwartz is Risen!  Again and Again!
Twisted Double life, Substance Abuse, and
Perversions Revealed
That headline is going to generate some distraught emails from the Christians this week but it is they above all else who need to read this story regardless of how disgusting the details might be because Representative Colby Schwartz claims to be a Christian and has chosen his position as a role model and elected official.
This is an ugly story, about an alleged ten year sexual affair, allegations of drug use, alcohol, and perverted practices in the bedroom, alleged pimping out requests to male friends, and alleged three way encounters that left a woman and a child in a shattered state and facing a hard future.   We interviewed the victim and were allowed unlimited access to her personal life including instant messenger accounts, online “dating” account archives, and access to computer equipment. 
I hear some of the men saying “Oh, men will be men when they are tempted beyond control by a beautiful woman.  So which one of these women would have tempted you to stray and which  one was the alleged victim?
Well, none of them I’m afraid.  I’d be defenseless too if one of them tried to ravish me…
How about picking one from this list?  Maybe he liked average women….
Nope, not any of them either
The point is that this wasn’t a femme fatale that is said to have turned his head and kept it for ten years, just an ordinary woman whose appeal seems to be a lot of tolerance to pain and to be available. 
The woman isn’t a completely blameless person but she has turned her life around, competed rehab to gain control of the legacy of nearly a decade of alleged “partying” with Representative Schwartz, and has begun attending church.  She isn’t a role model for us by any means but reading through almost a decade of messages, documents, and interviewing the victim shows that she always, always, tried to put her children first regardless of the lifestyle she led.
But really the victim isn’t the story, Representative Colby Schwartz is the story, because dog bites man isn’t news but man bites dog is news.  So let’s look at Representative Colby Schwartz to see how the man has been marketing himself.
Colby Schwartz was born on April 8th 1974 and that date of birth should be remembered when we discuss account names for online websites later in the article.  According to his website, Face book page, and Twitter account web page Schwartz has wrapped himself in the armor of Christianity, quoting bible verses online and pushing for religious based legislation such as the ban on the Morning after Pill.
Once will certainly understand his interest in the Morning After Pill legislation after reading what the victim alleges although I wonder why he was opposing it.     Representative Schwartz certainly might have had an interest in such a pill being available; if I were him I’d be stuffing handfuls into my “partner” afterward.   I’d want the status quo maintained too if I were acting like that.
Some background on Representative Schwartz before we go on so you can put the timeline into place.   First elected in November of 2006, walked back into the seat after no one filed against him in 2008, in a district that is completely within the borders of Canadian County, another tidbit to remember when we later reveal online account names.  In 2003 he married Brenda Black also of Yukon and at the time they wrote their website in 2009 or 2010 they had two daughters, 4 years old and one years old.  They are members of the Covenant Community Church in Yukon where it is said that they serve in the ministry.
Representative Schwartz was well educated at Oklahoma City University with a degree in political science, worked on several election campaigns in 1996, then like most political operatives he went to work for Oklahoma Insurance commissioner John Crawford.   Schwartz left the Insurance Commission to work for Senator Mike Johnson as a campaign manager in 1998, then into insurance and investing, and then served as the Executive Director for the South OKC Council of Neighborhoods.
In 1999 Schwartz was hired by Mary Fallin to serve as her legislative and constituent liaison officer while Fallin served as the Lieutenant Governor, then he left that post in 2001 to work in the private sector in sales and marketing for the pharmaceutical industry.
Representative Schwartz served three consecutive terms as the
Canadian County GOP Chairman, a total of six years, including acting as a presidential elector in the 2004 election along with serving on various boards and committees.  Schwartz is currently a Deputy Majority Whip, the Vice Chairman of the Transportation Subcommittee on Appropriations, and a member of the Public Health and Energy Committees.  As we will find out Schwartz has some experience in Public Health….   Schwartz had a score of 12 out of 100 in the 2013 RINO Index, getting only one vote right.
The victim, whom we will call A.N.  or just the victim, to protect her privacy as she is not a public person, has posted online in various comment sections and is not shy about using her real name.  She has several children; one of the children is around four years old and was alleged to possibly be fathered by Representative Schwartz.     Schwartz and the victim had engaged in unprotected sex for almost a decade according to the victim but after she became pregnant Schwartz claimed to have had his “tubes tied” and denied responsibility.  The victim claims that Schwartz had a child of the same age, which was somewhat proven by reading the Colby Schwartz 2009/2010 website.
The couple met on Yahoo Messenger  in 2001 where Representative Schwartz allegedly was using canco74 as his screen name, which the victim claims stands for Canadian County and the year of birth for Schwartz.  There is our first clue to the veracity; Schwartz was Mr. Canadian County for much of his life.    Canco74 claimed that his first name was Michael and the victim knew little else about him.   “Michael” refused to send a picture but kept saying “You won’t be disappointed”.   According to the victim, after meeting the victim on Yahoo Messenger, Schwartz stalked the 25 year old in an unrelenting manner according to the victim until he finally found her and sent a message to her on a website called which bills itself as the world’s largest sex and swinger website.     That is when the sexual relationship began and later Representative Schwartz is said to have changed his Yahoo Messenger screen name from canco74 to fd4you69 which was listed as being owned by Michael Colby Aries, a fictitious last name of course .  The screen name fd4you69 of course refers to oral sodomy and was the same name that Schwartz allegedly used on
Incidently, Aries is the zodiac sign for people born between March 21st and April 19th.    Schwartz was born on April 8th.
On the first meeting the victim said she was careful, demanding to see an ID card, and learned that although Representative Schwartz’s first name was indeed Michael, he went by his middle name Colby, and that his last name was Schwartz and not Aries.   In the beginning Schwartz and the victim would talk both day and night on the phone as well as have daytime and nighttime dates according to the victim.  She said that they talked a lot in the early years and Schwartz wasn’t shy about going places with his victim or being seen with her but eventually that tapered off and in 2004 Representative Schwartz admitted to the victim that he had gotten married in 2003.   Over the next decade or so many people knew of the relationship, friends, co workers, parents, one of the children, and of course what are described as “three way partners”.   Schwartz was said to have claimed that he worked for a bank and had little time for a relationship because of extended family and later on of course Schwartz married his current wife and began a second family.  The sexual trysts allegedly continued along with instant messenger messages complaining about his wife, phone calls complaining about his wife, and of course discussions after a romp where Schwartz would complain about his wife.
After 2004 and being told of the marriage the victim tried to distance herself, moving to Tulsa to live.   But she said she would visit her parents in Bethany and she and Representative Schwartz would wind up together.  We were told that once Representative Schwartz visited the victim at her parents’ home when they were absent and actually broke the new bed that the parents had purchased for their daughter’s room during the act.  Other times the victim would not want to meet Representative Schwartz because her child was present but in her words he would keep pushing and pushing until she gave in and met him in a public park where Schwartz’s car served as the rendezvous. Tis reluctance to meet is shown in the Yahoo Messenger messages.
Was Representative Schwartz doing this and was he the aggressor in this relationship?   We are going to make public a few of the Yahoo Messenger conversations but they are so obscene that they cannot be printed in this newsletter without tripping spam alerts and getting people in trouble for reading the newsletter on work computers.
Do not visit this link if you are at a work or school computer!  
 Here is a link to some of the Yahoo Messenger conversations.  Toungspice is the victim and fd4you69 is alleged to be Representative Colby Schwartz.
“I screamed the first time he….”
Representative Schwartz was reported to be excessively brutal in tastes if you know what I mean.   So brutal that the language can’t be published but we are talking far beyond normal, deviant if you know what I mean.  Read the messages if you want to know the details.  The woman had led a fairly normal life prior to this, telling a story about her previous husband getting caught with porn magazines and how she cried for days over what she considered shock of the pornography and betrayal of her marriage vows.  She claimed that Representative Schwartz introduced her to a very different world, things that shocked her, confused her, having never done those kind of things before.   Things like “choking out”, apparently where a man chokes a woman by the throat during the act until she passes out.   The victim said that she didn’t want to do that sort of thing but she somehow became used to it, even addicted to it, and she continued to come back for more.  At some point she accepted the new behavior as “normal” and once she tried to distance herself from Representative Schwartz she found herself walking down a dark path and searching out more of the same treatment.
The victim says she tried hard to stay away and even remarried and had a child, new home, a fresh start but Representative Schwartz kept hounding her in her words, contacting her and they continued to meet right through the pregnancy.   She made the comment that in her life most men lost interest during that stage but Representative Schwartz seemed to want it more and more as the pregnancy continued.
Eventually her life was in shambles again and she moves back to the Oklahoma City area and Representative Schwartz continues his visits. By this time it was around 2008, Schwartz was beginning his second term in office, and she was living in an apartment in what she called a ghetto area around Rockwell and Melrose Lane which indeed has a sizeable minority population and a bit of a high crime rate.  She claims that Representative Schwartz continued to contact her through Yahoo Instant Messenger and would meet up with her at the apartment.   The complaints about his wife continued, about OU weekends and having to fake a lot of B.S. going to the tailgate parties with an RV when  what he wanted to do was be with her, or about when his wife became pregnant and was super bitchy. 
After the birth of the child first child with his wife Representative Schwartz allegedly claimed that he had had a vasectomy in 2009 but of course later Schwartz had a second child with his wife so he must not have been being honest.    They reportedly had continued to have unprotected sex until the victim became pregnant in 2009.    Again she said she tried to pull away, having a boyfriend for a few months during this time but she said the trysts with Representative Schwartz continued as they had for the previous eight years.   She said that Schwartz was never really trying to hide, would come over in the daylight for his visits, after pushing and pushing her on yahoo messenger.   Representative Schwartz himself appeared to be obsessed with the victim if you read the instant messages, with the victim claiming that he thought about her when “pleasuring himself” (my words, not what was said) or when he had sex with his wife.   Again the sex was uninterrupted right through the pregnancy of course according to the victim.
2011 rolls around and the affair continues according to the victim.  The victim is pregnant once again and again was being pressured for sex.   Two days out of the hospital, with stitches no less, and Representative Schwartz was alleged to be demanding service and getting it.
The victim gave information of two “threeway partners” including a woman named Jennifer that Representative Schwartz allegedly already had a sexual relationship with on a re-occurring basis.   Schwartz was said to have talked to this Jennifer about the victim and trying to set up a threeway meeting.   Another threeway partner’s name was provided but the woman had died in a motorcycle accident in 2010.  A third threeway partner’s name and phone number was provided but the woman hadn’t answered her phone before our deadline for this edition.   Reportedly Schwartz begins to spend longer and longer visits, one to two hours on occasion during the day, always dressed in dress pants, white shirt, tie, and sometimes a suit jacket, always wearing thin black or grey socks which became somewhat of a joke between the couple.   The victim recalls wondering why a person that worked at a bank was always so carefully attired.
Finally in desperation to break the cycle the victim  said she moved out East of Shawnee and broke contact with Representative Schwartz.  In March of 2012 she checked herself into rehab and started cleaning up her life.
For nearly a decade Representative Schwartz seems to live not as a Christian, but as a hedonistic adventurer, never once letting on that he was a State Representative according to the victim who thought he worked at a bank.  It wasn’t until the next year that she started thinking about the future of her son that the victim said she was motivated to Google Colby Schwartz’s name and she was stunned find a picture of him online in a news report and find out that he was actually an elected official that held himself out as a Christian and an upstanding citizen.  The victim claims that Schwartz was a completely different person that what he showed in public.   She alleged that drugs were commonly used during sexual encounters, not hardcore stuff but pills mixed with alcohol.
After finding out exactly who Colby Schwartz really was the victim said she began trying to get the story out as she was outraged that Representative Schwartz had lied to her for so long.   She contacted Patrick with the Lost Ogle website and the editors of OETA, and began leaving comments in the comment section of online articles that Schwartz was associated with or had comments on.  Both OETA and Patrick responded but her life was super busy and she didn’t have the time or resources to get computers repaired so she could provide documentation and eventually both parties gave up on the story.
The Democratic Party was also contacted as well as the website where she left a comment that appears to have been subsequently removed although the initial comment is still visible during a Google search.  The victim appears to be genuine about simply wanting to expose someone that presented themselves publically as an anti drug religious leader while living a secret life of uninhibited perverted sex, drugs, and alcohol.    She felt that she had been sleeping with a complete stranger and mortified that she had allowed him into her home where her young child lived.
Schwartz suddenly announced that he wouldn’t seek re election around March 8th of this year and comments started appearing in the comment sections from a woman alleging a ten year long affair:
This is the Google listing showing that a comment once existed but seems to have been removed.
In August of 2013 another comment had appeared on  different website:

@colbyschwartz u can lie and deny all you want but its going to be very hard to cover a ten year paper trail and hush our threesome partner!


And the woman was sending out twitter messages on March 11th:




What is the truth of all of this?  Time will tell I suppose but the victim appears to be well balanced and her story hangs together.   Representative Schwartz spent a couple of days at the Capitol this week trying to discredit “some crazy woman” that was making allegations, the woman had a lot of personal information about the man, and he did chose not to run for office again when he would have surely won, perhaps without an opponent like last time.  There is a lot of circumstantial evidence in the Yahoo messages and the rumor of Schwartz having a long term affair has popped up twice since 2010.
We will continue to follow the story as it unfolds.  If anyone is familiar with the DHS system and knows if they can help with paternity testing please get in touch with us or if there is a lawyer out there willing to help the woman I would love to see her get some help to establish paternity and to get the child some sort of support.  You can contact us by simply responding to this email/newsletter.
Freda Deskin’s Past Catches Up with Her
Fratricide or are the Democrats Just
Cleaning House?
The Sooner Tea Party is unusual among Tea Parties in that we maintain close ties with conservative Democrats because many of the elected Democrats are more conservative than the majority of the Republican elected officials.    Like in any organization it is a mistake to imagine all the members as a monolithic block marching in lockstep; there are factions battling for control in all organizations unless the organization is lead by an unusually skilled and ruthless leader.
So it was no surprise when we got word that the Democrats educators needed our help to expose what they represent as a horrible choice for State School Superintendent and before long a second call came in to meet in downtown Oklahoma City to pass off a CD loaded with information.  The information isn’t exclusive by any means, it was presented to attendees at the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association meeting at the Capitol this last week and it appears that the teachers are pushing back against what they claim is a State Chamber backed candidate that is the backup plan in case Barresi  loses the Republican Primary.
The teachers allege a laundry list of personal and professional problems with candidate Freda Deskin:
  • two foreclosures in the last few decades
  • employing a convicted felon at her charter school since 2001 and it appears that Freda had a close personal relationship to the convicted felon and had filed a protection order against him
  • An instance where child porn had been found on her computer, blamed on a male teacher, along with charges that the entire episode was not handled properly by Deskin
  • That she is a Charter School and Online School advocate (not sure we disagree with this at all)
  • And multiple claims that Freda Deskin has misrepresented her credentials
The evidence on the foreclosures is pretty stark.    They cite a 2010/2011 foreclosure document on which resulted in the property being sold at sheriff auction.
Ad a 1993 foreclosure lawsuit that resulted in foreclosure and sheriff auction, a suit that included the IRS and county tax officials, perhaps just to clear the title but  perhaps the mortgage owner thought the property was encumbered.
Personal problems some might say but let’s face it, if this woman can’t handle her own finances how is she going to handle half the tax money collected in the state each year that is spent on schools?
The employment of the felon at the charter school concerned a 2001 charge against Leonardo Francisco Espinoza for obtaining property under false pretenses which Espinoza plead guilty to and received a deferred sentence.
Espinoza was present in court again in 2011 on charges of driving with a suspended license upon which he was convicted.
So an old felony and traffic tickets is all they had on Espinoza?  Nope, the most troubling charge was a protective order filed against Espinoza in 1999 by none other than Freda Deskin.
The case was ultimately dismissed by Freda Deskin but her handwritten affidavit alleges that Espinoza had lived at two of Freda’s previous home addresses and also alleges that they were in a dating relationship.
The Democrat teachers put together a PDF on Espinoza that includes his mug shot and his recent photo from the Charter School.
The charges of misrepresenting personal and professional issues includes a claim that Freda Deskin lived with her high school sweetheart until his death but a 1993 divorce case found on shows otherwiseand another divorce case in 1997 showed the ultimate breakup of the marriage.
But the Democrat teachers provide a PDF of an article from the Grove Sun newspaper where Deskin claims her high school sweetheart/husband died!  She must have dragged a corpse into the courthouse and had it sign the divorce papers.
The idea isn’t to cast stones at divorced people but about that someone would lie about an easily proven fact.  That isn’t sound judgment much less sound morals.
The teachers also claim that Deskin claimed to be a NASA astronaut and provided a PDF screen shot from a women’s conference and referenced a news report from Ada to back up their claim.
However we did find one website that mentioned Freda Deskin as a member of the space program.
and another than mentioned her as a finalist.    Could the Democrat teacher provided info be partially wrong or is it a case of Deskin boasting a bit further than the actual facts?  
We did find a website where space memorabilia collectors listed the finalists:
Teacher in Space Finalists: Christa McAuliffe, New Hampshire; Barbara Morgan, Idaho; Kathleen Beres, Maryland; Robert Forester, Indiana; Judith Garcia, Virginia; Peggy Lathlaen, Texas; David Marquart, Idaho; Richard Methia, Massachusetts; Michael Metcalf, Vermont; and Niki Wenger, West Virginia.
Was Deskin one of the 114 semi-finalists?
It turns out she was a semi-finalist according to this Russian web page
But according to news reports at the time of the selection only the ten finalists went to NASA for interviews and testing and only two of the teachers actually trained to be astronauts:
The 10 finalists will be flown to Johnson Space Center in Houston on July 7 for several days of medical tests, briefings and simulated weightlessness. They will return to Washington July 15 for interviews with senior NASA officials.
The two teachers Beggs selects will start training for the flight in September and both will perform public relations chores for NASA for up to a year after the flight.
Deskin does claim that she was a semi-finalist nationally and the Oklahoma finalist and perhaps all the reporters got it a bit wrong in the interview but that bio for the women’s conference didn’t just get printed without it being reviewed if not written by Deskin or one of her supporters.
Another talking point from the Democrat teachers is a claim that Deskin isn’t certified as a principal or superintendent and they provide a printout allegedly from the state certification system.
The first two pages of the Democrat teacher’s handout is here.
So at best Freda Deskin can be accused of wildly exaggerating her NASA experience  in interviews and at conferences and that allows reasonable people to conclude that she isn’t being honest.   What remains to be seen is if the media will pick up the story and do a proper investigation to show once and for all if Deskin has lied about many things on her resume.  She seems to have a lot of people convinced including former Governor Brad Henry’s wife Kim, former Governor David Walters, Senator Susan Paddock, and Barry Switzer according to blurbs and photos on her website.   Here is the full list of supporters from her website:
Gary and Jan Allison
Dr.'s Perri and Phil Applegate
Misti Ashford-Lanier
Teresa Begley
Joy Reed-Belt
Ida Blackburn
Michelle Bouchard
Dr. Laura Boyd
George Bradfield
Peggy Brinson
Susan Hardy-Brooks
David G. Campbell
Julia Chew
Gene and Lou Christian
Mary E. Coffey
Joe and Ruth Ann Colley
Cliffton Conatser
Dr. Rochelle Converse
Art and Sandy Cotton
Dr. Kyle Dahlem
Jimi Davidson
Dick and Kay Davis
Don and Beverly Davis
Arturo and Cara Delgado
Sam and Laura Deskin
Nance Diamond
Dr. Clint and Beverly Dilbeck
Alisa Frank Dorman
Dr. Dennis Dunham
Rick and Jenny Dunning
Claude and Helen Duchon
Senator Judy Eason-McIntyre
General Jay Edwards (Ret.) and 
       Pat Edwards
Ron and Ginny Freeman
Stephanie Findley
Sandy Garrett
Jennifer Gehay
Ernie Gomez
Bob and Lauren Hammack
Ben and Barbara Harjo
Dr. J. Don Harris
Judy Hatfield
Dr. Shawn Hayes
Ben and Barbara Harjo
Dr. J. Don Harris
Judy Hatfield
Dr. Shawn Hayes
Rick and Elizabeth Heath
Terry Peery-Helvey
Former Governor, Brad and former First Lady, Kim Henry
Wes Hillard
James Hock
Gary and Gail Huneryager
Nancy Hyde
Sue Ann Hyde
Steve Jarman
Jane Jenkins
Karen Johnson
Rhonda Kieson
Lou C. Kerr
Don and Kerry Robertson-Kerby
Misty Kimbrough
Dr. Sharon Lease
Jason Madrid
Mark and Tanya Mann
Representative Kevin Matthews
Mark and Patti Mellow
Jeanie and Bill Menefee
MaryEllen Milam-Merrideth
Senator Al McAffrey
Representative Jeanie McDaniel
Tom Ed, Vallory and Jaron Moore
Heather Meldrum
Debra Murray
Kathi Meyers
Dr. Bill Nations
Kim Neese
Dr. Terry Neese
Dr. Lynnda Newby 
Senator Susan Paddack
Mike and Pama Palmer
Homer Paul
William G. and Barbara Paul
W.C. and Linda Pesterfield
William and Sharon Pyeatt
Leslie Ann Wright-Porter
Martin Piplits
Linda K. Powell
Lisa Pryor
Susan McCalmont
Bobby and Vickie Rennie
Dr. Eli Reshef and Edie Roodman
John Robberson
Harold Roberts
Barry and Paula Roberts
John Robberson
Fred and Kathy Schmidt
Glenn and Jeanine Short
Senator Jabar Shumate
Ann Simank
Jeff and Tamra Ballard
Senator John Sparks
Karl Springer
Barry and Becky Switzer
Ron Stahl
Kevin Stark
Lealon Taylor
Randy Tate
Dr. Chris Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Cliff Thomas
Chris Tucker
Rex Urice
Barbe and Randy von Netzer
Hardy and Kari Watkins
Former Governor David and former
       First Lady, Rhonda Walters
Gary Watts
Jeff and Tracey Wills
Norma Woods
How Many Knuckleheads Didn’t See This Coming?
By Ms PM
Just when you thought it were safe to venture into the water, sure enough, the money piranhas have spoken and you better have your steel toed boots on. Oh yeah, we have another batch of thoughtless Republicans in the House. This time it’s Senator Griffin and  Turner, Echols, Jackson, Newell, Schwartz, Murphey, Brumbaugh, Pittman, Rousselot and Fisher from the House, some of which we thought knew better.
Here is an article that talks about another way to screw the pooch and Senator AJ Griffin likes it. Anyone getting the bright idea of trying to save a little money by installing solar panels or small wind turbines on their home or business has to think twice. SB 1456 allows a new rate tariff filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. The bottom line once you cut through the crap….You purchase the equipment, pay to install your money saving solar and/or wind turbine, maintain the setup, and wha-lah…you get to pay the utility company to use it. Oklahoma government is very good at incorporating the smell of a stink bug into something they convince the public to go back and take a big sniff…and doesn’t that smell nice!
Let’s not forget about the new start up small business man. He shouldn’t have any problems going out of business due to the wrench the Oklahoma legislature just threw into the mix. How better to sell something to people when he can’t give folks an accurate estimate on their potential savings because the utility companies will be dipping into their pockets with a monthly service charge.
OG&E spokes twit, Kathlene O’Shea said “the bill wouldn’t apply to existing solar or small wind customers who have signed up for net metering, the program that allows them to build credits for generating excess power.”  
In this next article  it says that the new bill is expected to be signed by…none other than…our great and fearless leader…Governor Mary Fallin, the other stink bug crawling around the cracks and wading through the poo puddles inside the Capitol.
There was no debate in the passage of S.B.1456. Evidentially it was attached to another bill and we took a look. The original bill was about gas and oil; somehow it morphed into charging a fee to regular folks trying to save a little money. 
Here’s the nauseating sequel to another disgusting tactic used by the Oklahoma legislature when passing a rotten bill. The utility companies tout the greatness of their corporation by using wind and solar and in the next breath want to charge customers for using the same power. We now have the great awakening…Air and sunshine is not free and you can thank your corrupt politicians!
The bill was opposed by those wanting renewable energy, environmental groups and a conservative group. How many times do environmental and conservative groups work together? This ought to say volumes, but then we are dealing with Oklahoma lawmakers.
OG&E says, “We’re just trying to keep it fair.” Really? What they are doing is charging money when anyone feeds excess power into the grid so they don’t have to pay you what they charge you for the same energy. A truly fair approach would be to rub their butts raw with a dried out corncob and set them into a bucket of alcohol. Maybe then they could get up close and personal with the burn that hard working citizens face on a daily basis when the people they elect are more interested in an insatiable appetite of power, greed and pay backs.
High Noon Club Founder Speaks Out
Against Eric Holder Visit to Oklahoma City
An upcoming viist by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is generating backlash according to the founder of the High Noon Club, an Oklahoma City political club that meets every Friday for lunch at the H &  H Gun Range.
Founder and moderator Bob Dani says that Holder will be speaking at the Oklahoma City Police Academy gradualtion on April 24th and that it is “an interesting and unfortunate ending to these future police officer’s training.”     Dani says that Holder is one of the most liberal and controversial leaders in America and to have him speak at a law enforcement event in conservative Oklahoma is unbelievable.
Dani is calling on Mayor Mick Cornett to cancel the planned speech and to withdraw the invitation based upon Holder being liberal, having been found in contempt of Congress, refusing to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers Party that were charged with voter intimidation that was caught on video tape, for choosing an Obama campaign donor to investigate the IRS’s targeting conservative groups, for obtaining large numbers of phone records from reporters, and for his involvement in the Fast and Furious gun running scandal.
Dani says that “It is outrageous that Mayor Mick Cornet would bring such a controversial, lawbreaker to an event that promotes the law. The Attorney General promotes ideas and policies that are in direct opposition to the views held by most Oklahomans. Holder’s actions against the law and liberal influence do not promote justice but instead promote an unconstitutional approach to leadership.”
Dani expects to be present at the event to protest if Mayor Cornett doesn’t reverse the city’s decision  to invite Holder to the graduation ceremony.
Update on HB 3363
The phone rang early Monday morning, a state senator calling to ask if I would discuss HB 3363 with the bill’s author.  The call was placed on speaker phone and we got to hear Rep. Echol’s side of the story.
The legislation was requested by the Oklahoma City Planning staff and indeed the initial version was written by the city staff but Echols claimed that he took the bill on the condition that he could re write sections to remove objections.  According to Echols House Staff filed the wrong bill, perhaps due to the electronic system used to file bills these days.   Echols says that as changes were introduced he was pressured heavily by Oklahoma City lobbyists, lawyers, and the planning staff and warned them that many of the requested changes might not pass without generating a lot of blowback.
Several GEL members, the Governing Edmond Locally organization, had notified us about the legislation and had put all the pressure they could on the legislators.    Once we outed the story it got some attention.
Rep. Echols agreed that some changes needed to be made and actually thanked us for providing the political cover to make the changes.   The special interests have to understand that passing such legislation comes at a steep cost from the politicians so they need to moderate their greed if they want the politicians to politically survive the process.  Echols said that numerous changes had been made and he agreed to reinstate the requirement for personal service before scheduling a hearing instead of allowing publication in the obscure Journal Record newspaper for notification.  He also agreed that a judge and due process would be involved at every step of the way and that the law would be changed to not allow an occupied home to be abated by the cities.
Echols did say that the title had been stricken from the bill and that nothing could go forward without his agreement.  We hope that is the case because a reading of the last version, the Senate Floor version, reveals that enormous problems still reside including the lack of a real elected judge in district court instead of the “governing body”  that is listed in the existing legislation.  The publication clause is still in there along with many of the problems that we listed last week.
Echols has promised that a copy of the legislation will be sent after the offending language is corrected and that he is welcoming comment and reasonable changes before turning the bill loose to further action.   We commend Echols for sponsoring the legislation in an attempt to control the ultimate bill; far better that a conservative author the bill than a liberal like Rep. Randy Grau, but care must be taken that we conservatives don’t give away the store in the process.
We would like to thank Tanya, Ken, and Robert of GEL for bringing this issue to our attention and for keeping the pressure on the legislators
Konawa Tea Party Meeting
(4th) Tuesday April 22, 2014 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library- The Dougan Room
Konawa School 701 W. South St.
Invited Speakers:
Paige Scott-Senator Coburn’ Field Representative
Harvey Sparks-U.S. 5th Congressional District Candidate
Randy Brogdon-U.S. Senatorial Candidate
2013 Senate members and House Members
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