29-31 May 2013
We would like to remind you about the first specialized event in the elevator industry in Bulgaria LiftBalkans. It is a good opportunity for new technologies’ exposure and market exploration. The event will be a meeting point between specialists and decision-makers from the sectors: elevators & escalators, investment, building, construction and architecture, facility management, state authorities, etc.
We have the pleasure to introduce to you one of our exhibiotrs  - the company TREZ Ltd.
We believe the interview with  Mr. Krum Dimitrov, Manager  of TREZ Ltd. will be interesting for you.
Mr. Dimitrov, present briefly TREZ company, please.
TREZ is an engineering company which designs and manufactures lifts and lifting equipment. We are also distributors of leading European companies, operating in this field. We have developed our own products as a lifting platform COMPACT, home lift TREZ home, small freight kitchen elevator, TREZ lift control Manager. Based on our engineering experience in the fields of hydraulics up to 100 bars, PLC management,

putting into operation by electrical drive and mechanics, we succeed to meet the highest requirements to the final product.
Share your projects – recently realized or planned in future.
Our latest projects are related to development of systems for electronic levelling of loading platforms with the floor level +-3 mm and of serial communication between the elevator’s cabin, the main control and all HMI. Both systems are already standard in our products.
Our future plans are connected with a project on which we are working currently, but for the moment I would prefer not to reveal it.
What will you present at Lift Balkans exhibition?
Participating in LiftBalkans exhibition is very important for us and we are very glad that such an event has been launched for the elevator industry. It will be extremely useful not only for companies engaged with elevators, but also for all architects, constructors and clients.
Our aim is to present TREZ to all who are interested in innovations in the field of elevators.

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