February 2017
The WFTO-Asia team is excited to announce a series of gender training sessions beginning in February 2017. The four-module online course, titled Introduction to Gender, will address the impact of today’s dynamic economic landscape on gender politics and offer solutions for deepening our commitment to gender equality. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS INITIATIVE
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WFTO Asia office opening ceremony took place end of last month at its official location in Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. WFTO Asia Board of Directors and Secretariats was honoured to welcome distinguished guests including Permanent Secretary General of Chiang Mai, President of Payap University, Consul Generals of the UK, USA, India, Japan and People’s Republic of China, as well as professors and academicians. There was also a Fair Trade product exhibition displayed by WFTO Asia Thai members WEAVE, Thai Tribal Crafts, and Y.Development.
For the third time Fair Trade products will be showcased at one of the planet’s biggest trade shows – Ambiente 2017.Twenty-six WFTO Asia members are there NOW displaying their beautiful products. Going? CLICK HERE to find the booth locations of your favourite Fair Trade Organizations.