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Adorable Baby Alpaca Ornaments!
Hand made 100% Baby Alpaca Ornaments
An Adorable Alpaca Gift!

Come visit our Vendor's Booth

* March 16-19 - Nationals, Denver, CO
* March 31-April 2 - Alpacapalooza, Ridgefield,WA
New items to show off, just for your store! 

Stop by, say hello and get a
Free PACCU Alpaca Bag! 
Great for groceries, "stuff" and of course alpaca goodies. 
PACCU alpaca bag
Coming Next Week
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New Liulu Crystal Glass Style Alpaca Figurines
Back in Stock!
USA Grown Alpaca Knit Lined 
Cowhide Work / Driving Gloves 
Also for Spring and Summer events.
Alpaca Themed Cute Cotton Socks
Low price point, quick sellers.
Whimisal Alpaca Farm Visit Souvenirs
We have an more of the
top selling socks for your store in stock! 

alpaca socks
Classic, Dress, Fun, Knee-Hi, Ankle Height,
Heavy Weight and Superheavy Weight selections.

More USA made Superwarm socks are now in stock! 


Watch for new additions to the PacaBuddies Collection - Coming in a Week
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alpaca plush toy new pacabuddies 
Lily, Twilite, Amaretto, Amber, Oliver, Petunia and Ashe
Fiber Call Update! 
We're continuing to buy USA grown alpaca fiber!
NOW no upfront costs!
We pre-pay shipping!*
Help us in our Labor of Love to develop more alpaca products with USA grown alpaca fiber!

We love making new Alpaca products!
What would you like? 
email: product_ideas@choicealpacaproducts.com 
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