Hi Friend of PST, 
We launched our first annual giving program a few weeks ago with an email to our supporters: https://ymlp.com/z2gjbB. Thanks to everyone who has generously donated so far. We know you recognize that ticket sales only cover a fraction of the costs involved in operating the great nonprofit that is Portland Story Theater. 
By donating you are saying: I believe in this work, and I want to help make it happen. We want to make this first donor opportunity something special and give everyone a chance to take advantage of these sweet deals:

  • You contribute $50 and we'll give you 2 tickets to any Urban Tellers showcase.
  • You contribute $75 and we'll give you 2 tickets to any evening of Singlehandedly! our festival of new works featuring some of your local favorites and nationally-known performer, Megan Wells.

  • You contribute $100 and we'll give you 2 tickets to Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare  returning this January. Plus, the first 25 $100 donors are invited to the Insider's Circle, a fabulous gathering on Sunday, October 9th.

  • You contribute $250 and we'll give you the opportunity to come back stage at our Valentine's Day show, Kiss & Tell, at the Alberta Rose Theatre and attend the exclusive after party. 
Remember: No donation is too small and all donations are tax deductible (within the limits of the law). The point is to make a gift that is meaningful to you – whether $10 or $250, please make a gift to Portland Story Theater today!

Click here to pitch in $10 and help us take Portland Story Theater to the next level.

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Thank you so much for
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May the narrative be with you, 
Lawrence, Lynne, and Penny 
Portland Story Theater, Inc.
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