It’s hard to believe, some days, that it’s mid-November, as the weather continues to be glorious, here in the south-west of England, where we are so lucky to live. I was reminded of this just last weekend, when I visited the beautiful city of Cardiff, and walked in Bute Park – the trees were a riot of autumn colour, and people and dogs strolled and played in the sunshine. 

Evenings have returned to normal for our animal friends, I'm glad to say, now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have come and gone. It’s lovely outside at this time
 of year – crisp and a little cold, yes – but some fantastic constellation displays in a velvet-black sky can be seen, and various garden wildlife is out and about. I spotted this litter feller on my log bin last night: don't think he can have been very old - that’s the nail of my little finger shown for size comparison!
Have a great November, everyone!

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Jude Brooks,
A star in the making?
Kyrenia Animal Rescue is an organisation very close to Hubble & Hattie's heart. From its headquarters, high in the Besparmak Mountains of Northern Cyprus, it's been undertaking sterling work, helping strays and providing refuge to over 200 dogs and cats. Here, we take a look at one of KAR's residents, who one day could be the next big screen star … 

All owners think their pets are the best, and the same is true of KAR staff and volunteers, and their 'best' 400-plus cats and dogs. However, one of the centre's dogs has recently attracted a movie mogul's attention. The dog in the spotlight is Taggy, and she came into KAR's rescue centre as a puppy in 2012, and has remained there ever since.
Kim Betts, from KAR Pet Travel, saw an appeal from Janine Teerling, a film producer from South Cyprus, asking for a doggy double for a Dutch 'actor.' Animals are banned from travelling between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) in the south, and with a considerable part of the film's plot taking place in the RoC, a doggy double residing in TRNC was the way to go.

Discussing the requirements with Janine, and liaising with the Centre Supervisor, Elaine, it was felt that Taggy could be the perfect pooch. Photos of the Dutch star and Taggy were exchanged, and Janine, and the Director/Writer, Marios Piperdes, agreed that Taggy should be auditioned at KAR's Karakum Office, with Janine travelling over from RoC to meet Taggy.
There were some concerns about how Taggy would respond outside of her 'home' environment, and whether she would remain calm and well behaved for the audition … after all, she had only ever been to the vet, and out in the mountains with walkers – it was all a big, new experience for her.
When Taggy arrived at the office, she was remarkably calm and quiet, but very interested in everything around her. She walked in beautifully on her lead, and then lay down with a bemused look at all the attention she was receiving.
Janine arrived, and the audition began. Most remarkable of all, was that Taggy appeared to listen to everything that was said: her eyes followed whoever was talking about her … and, like a true Hollywood star, she put on her most beautiful expressions for Janine! She behaved impeccably, and Janine agreed that, with a bit of makeup, her colouring and coat – and, of course, her demeanour and expressions – Taggy would make the ideal double for the Dutch doggy star.
Taggy was delighted, standing to attention at the promise of fame and fortune (well, maybe not!). Then, the tape measures came out, camera angles were discussed, and continuity considered … but, alas, Taggy was just too tall … and there was no way they could film her to appear smaller, to suit the size of the Dutch doggy. Everyone was so deflated and sad … Taggy's 15 minutes of fame were never to be.
The audition ended, and a very sad Janine, Kim, Margaret, and Taggy, all said their goodbyes with the promise of keeping in touch – just in case another potential star was found before filming commenced. Taggy enjoyed her outing, and returned home to the centre, still a star, and 'simply the best' in our eyes … and with a few tales to tell her pals about her time on the casting couch!
The film – Smuggling Hendrix – is a black comedy looking at various aspects of the divide between North and South Cyprus from the perspective of an ordinary person, and has already won an award for its script. A release date has yet to be set, but we'll let you know more as soon as we know. 
Catch up with all the latest happenings at KAR on its website, and on Facebook.
NO! to animal testing … YES! to great hair
Hubble & Hattie are known for taking a strong ethical stance, so when we hear of other companies doing the same, we like to spread the word …

A company that's doing that little bit extra for our animal friends – and a BIG player in the global beauty market – is Paul Mitchell.
Many of you will be familiar with Paul Mitchell, well known for its hair products and equipment, and for shunning harmful additives. Its products are used in some of the best creative hair salons worldwide – as well as by me!
You may not be aware, however, that it is also cruelty-free, and has never tested its products on animals, right from its inception 36 years ago. This year, it's even donating the proceeds from retail bags to Cruelty Free International, creator of the Leaping Bunny logo. 
It's so good to see Paul Mitchell truly putting its money where its mouth is, and holding-fast to an ethical stance, when there's so much pressure to take the easy option.
Of course, for us humans, it's fantastic to have such great, cruelty-free products to pamper ourselves with … but what about our pet pals?
Well, now there's the JP Pet® range – cruelty-free (of course) shampoos, conditioners, and wipes, especially formulated for our animal companions, to make them just as preened and polished as us! Or more so, in my case.
Head over to our blog to find out about these fantastic products … and now there's no excuse for you and your pet to look anything less than absolutely FAB-U-LOUS, daaahhhhlings …

Back onboard with Tara the Terrier
Tara – The terrier who sailed around the world is a fantastic true story, full of adventures on the high seas … all true, too. 

Whilst all of us at H&H HQ could wax lyrical about Tara's, Rosemary's, and Robert's nautical adventures, it's especially exciting when someone else does this … and, at, Tara has just received its first review, and it gets five stars.
Of course! 

★★★★★ Tara – a tale of devotion
Being both a dog and boat owner, I was delighted to receive this book as a gift, and couldn't wait to get started on it. It didn't disappoint; in fact, I loved it and felt truly sad when it came to an end, even shedding a tear. This is the life story of Tara, a Jack Russell Terrier, who sailed around the world with her owners, Rosemary and Robert Forrester.
Along the way, the travelling trio visit lots of exotic countries, meet some real characters, and get into a few scrapes. Tara isn't the type of dog to fade into the background, she is a real character, feisty and full of life, fending off rats and pirates, keeping her owners safe, and warning of any would-be intruders. 
It's not all plain-sailing for Tara, and she finds herself in trouble on more than one occasion; falls overboard which triggers a desperate search for her safe return, gets badly bitten by a monkey in Malaysia, resulting in the need for sixteen stitches to her neck, and, after being trained to catch fish in the sea, dives into a friend's pond in an attempt to eat the ornamental Goldfish! There is plenty to keep the keen boater interested in this tale, some illustrative maps as well as stories of engine problems, radios, plotting courses and purchasing supplies, not to mention all the red tape and obtaining the correct documentation to visit such out -of-the-way places. 
The story really comes alive thanks to the inclusion of some wonderful photographs, which are displayed in two picture gallery sections: it made me feel as if I really knew Tara and the people involved in the story – a nice touch.
To sail around the world in one's own yacht is an epic adventure in itself but to have the devotion and commitment to undertake such a journey with a dog on board is simply amazing. Hats off to Rosemary and Robert for not only giving Tara such a wonderful life afloat but for sharing their story with the world.
A fantastic review for a fantastic book – see the original at! There are more great Tara reviews on our website – check them out …
The terrier who sailed around the world

Robert arrives in Colombia with a surprise for his wife Rosemary: Tara, a Jack Russell puppy. Joining this adventurous couple on their yacht cruising around the world, their exciting adventures on land and sea incude tales of tsunamis, modern-day pirates, corrupt customs officials, many new friends – and near disaster off the Australian coast!
£9.99 • HH4880 • Paperback • 225mm x 152mm • 224 pages • 60 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-845848-80-4 • UPC: 6-36847-04880-8
A History of Britain in 100 Dogs
Although usually completely involved with our own fabulous forthcoming publications, an excellent new title from History Press caught the attention of H&H publisher Jude …

It's not often we talk about books from other publishers, but A History of Britain in 100 Dogs is a colourful and comprehensive celebration of dogs that we'd just love to share with you.
It's a fascinating read that covers the good – and the bad – of the historic relationship that our nation has forged with dogs.
But don't take our word for it … head over to our blog for more details.

Buffalo bats
For the Bats of Buffalo, West Virginia, Toyota has a treat this Halloween season …

Bat boxes! Little wooden bungalows where these mosquito-eating machines can snuggle in for a spell and, hopefully, take up residence during the warmer months, to help control the insect population.
It's not just bats that Toyota are helping, but also native plants, and even migrating Monarch butterflies.
Doing such great work deserves recognition, we think … and we're not alone, as Toyota has just been nominated for a Wildlife Habitat Council Award.
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