It's natural to want to give presents to those we love, and for those of us who love cats, they are high on our gift lists.

I plan to give my cats lots of catnip and fake mice this year, something they all seem to enjoy. I consider these items "consumables," though, as they don't last very long. Obviously the catnip won't last, and some of my kitties really do consume it. But the fake mice don't last either, because they either get lost under the furniture, or they simply are chewed apart and sort of "dissipate" around the house.

Later, when vacuuming, I occasionally hear a *swump* as the remains of one gets sucked up the hose.

I received a nice gift for my crew the other day, though, and it had better last a while. It's called a Play Station, and they are having a blast on it. (No, I couldn't wait until Dec. 25 to open it. The cats knew something was up, and that the package was for them.) Oh wait - they think ALL packages are for them. Oh well, too late.

Anyway, the Play Station is best categorized as cat furniture, and this one consists of a box on the bottom, with two "doorways" and two platforms elevated on scratching posts covered with sisal. They jump all over it during the day - and sometimes late at night, too.

There are many variations on all cat furniture themes this year, and here's a good place to start looking: (I've been having some trouble with that link. If you do, too, try this instead:

There are a lot of new books out this year, too, and I'll list a few of them here. I even wrote one myself! It's for sale, but as subscribers to my newsletter, I'm going to give you one for Christmas!
All I ask in return is that you read it and let me know what you think. Is it easy to read? Is the information useful to you? What other kinds of information would you like to read about? Do you have any questions about your cats or cats in general?

OK, here are some new cat books I found on the Internet. Just click on the links to read about each book and decide for yourself if any of them would be helpful to you, or if they would make a great gift for someone you know.

Cat Health Secrets - $17
On sale; price could go up any time.
Complete Cat Care & $19
Hard copy available for $49.95 + shipping
Well done and useful.
I Am Siamese & on special this month for $7.77
Everything "Meezer," according to the author, an expert on the breed.
Veterinary Secrets - $39.97
Written by a vet; includes a newsletter and an e-course.
Recover From the Grief of Pet Loss & $37
Very compassionate approach to losing a pet.
Learn the 14 myths of grief.
Cat Training Secrets & $27.77 (introductory price)
Didn't think cats could be trained? Think again.
Pet Sitting Directory - Free membership.
National directory. Find a sitter & Be a sitter.
18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odor & $19.97 (introductory price)
This should be popular!

And now, here's my gift to you & my own cat book, called
How to Make Your Cat Adore You. Price - $17, (but for you, Free!)
Just send me your comments. Thanks. And Merry Christmas!
Download here:

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This will be my last newsletter before January. But if you have any questions, please email me.

Happy Holidays!