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May 2018  IN THIS ISSUE:
  Your Body Speaks Volumes!

 A few tips on transformimg your 1 dimensional text into a 3D experience using nonverbal language  ... body IS language!  
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“People will not remember what you say as much as they will remember what they see when you say it.” Patricia Fripp CSP
"Don't Talk and Tell; Show and Share." Mark Brown 1995 WCPS
"Pause is the Technique; Silence is the  Message." David Brooks 1990 WCPS
Transform your 1 dimensional text into a 3D experience using Body Language!
The last time you saw dancers performing a routine, how many words did they utter during their performance? None! Isn't it true that dancers use their body, instead of their words, to convey their messages? As a speaker, you too are a visual. 
Although it is important to work on the words and the content of your speech, otherwise known as the "What" of your presentation, the truth is it's just as important to work on your delivery, or the "How" of your presentation. For as we know, your body language can either detract from your message or enhance it.
Let's examine this very important nonverbal presentation skill.
It is not only what you say that matters, it is also what body language conveys to those watching! Does your delivery detract from your message or enhance it? 

First Impressions: Do you stand with your feet grounded at the start? Do you pause and smile, taking in the audiences, and they, in turn, taking you in, before you even utter a word?
- Purposeful movement: Are you either glued to one spot or wander with no purpose? Or do you move on the platform with purpose? Do you move naturally when you transition from one point to another, or move out of a story scene to deliver a point? Do you create a sequential timeline from past (your right) to present (centre) to future (your left)?
Reactions tell the story: Do you take them on a roller coaster ride of emotions? Are your facial expressions in sync with your words? Are your character's expressions of the moment's emotion, genuine and natural? Please note: no change of story!
Show and Share Instead of talking and telling with a multitude of words, do you use facial expressions to demonstrate particular feelings at a given moment? Are you less wordy and simply react with poignant facial expressions and matching posture?
- Eye Contact: Do your eyes constantly wander around the room? Or do they linger on specific audience members when you deliver an important point?
- Visual before the verbal: Regardless of the emotional reaction, do you hold that facial expression and posture for a few seconds before delivering your following line(s)? (great humour technique)
- Arms and hands: Do your gestures match the size of the audience? The larger the audience, the larger the gestures. Do you avoid pointing, yet use open hands, welcoming gestures?
TAKE NOTE OF THIS: "Every step you take, every move you make, they'll be watching you!!"
Until later, successful speaking to you!   Wink
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