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March 12th 2017 newsletter
Chamber of Commerce Looking
for the Most Liberal Sheriff
Last week this Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Sheriff Survey came out and as expected the Chamber wants another Whetsel Weasel to continue the policies of turning criminals out onto the streets and supporting the construction of a new jail ran by a “non profit” trust.   Translated that means more six figure jobs for retiring legislators and political cronies.
 2017 Oklahoma County Sheriff Candidate Questionnaire
1. Are you familiar with the work of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Reform Task Force?
2. Do you support implementation of the task force’s recommendations?
3. Would you support formation of an Oklahoma County Jail Trust? (similar to operations in Tulsa)
4. Would you support outsourcing management of the jail using an Oklahoma County Jail Trust?
5. Would you support more formal cooperation with Oklahoma City Police for patrol in the county’s unincorporated areas?
6. What would be your top three priorities as Sheriff? (250 words or less)
7. What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing the next Sheriff? (250 words or less)
8. What specific skills or experience do you have that make you uniquely qualified to serve as Sheriff? (250 words or less)
9. Who should be in our county jail? And why should they be there?
10. Do you have any other concerns or comments? (250 words or less)
11. You can also complete the survey by going to – www.okcchamber.com/sheriffsurvey
Question #1 is about former Speaker Kris Steel and Oklahoma County Prosecutor David Prater’s partnership with the New York based ACLU.  The idea is to turn more criminals out on the streets using no bail bond and public defenders.   Doing so grows Kris Steel’s TEAM non profit empire, grows the public defender’s empire, and ensures a steady stream of customers that pay a few hundred dollars per month with TEAM on monitoring and “pre trial services”.
  The public defender representation ensures that the criminals plead guilty for lower charges, ensuring a steady flow of parolees and deferred action sentences that again fund Kris Steel’s TEAM organization.
Question #2 is a plan to strip the County Sheriff of his jail responsibilities, something that is constitutionally mandated by the Oklahoma Constitution.   Replacing the sheriff with a new trust paying out six figure salaries to the favored political cronies and removing the accountability of those running the county jail as the trustees of the trust will be appointed political cronies.
Question #5 strips away the second leg of the County Sheriff’s job, patrolling and investigating crime in unincorporated areas of a county.   That means the rural citizens no longer have a Sheriff to hold accountable every four years, increases the number of highly paid Oklahoma City police officers (unionized), and brings us closer to abolishing the Sheriff in Oklahoma.
All that would be left of the sheriff duties is court house security which can be contracted out to private contractors similar to the TSA.   Far harder to track corruption in a private contractor, impossible to hold them accountable at the ballot box, and more profits for political cronies across the state.
Southside Oklahoma City
Republicans Club Meeting
Tuesday March 14th,  6:30 to 8:30. 
Southwest Oklahoma City Public Library at 2201 SW 134th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73170
We will be having John Dwyer for this next SOCRC meeting on Tuesday.  John has written several books, including a novel about both Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee, and his fantastic textbook about the uncivil war of 1861 - 1865, and his most recent book is a 2-volume set on the history of good  Oklahoma, a very sought-after book! 
Mrs. Illegal Immigration is Back on the Campaign Trail
Estela Hernandez, the former Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party is back to doing public appearances again after a humiliating butt whipping in the late 2015 Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman race.      Hernandez was elected as Vice Chair in the spring of 2015 with the very popular former Senator Randy Brogdon elected as Chairman.  Hernandez chaffed at her subservient role though and quickly began undermining Brogdon in an effort to oust the grass roots supported leader.
The effort was rocky, with Hernandez getting caught lying about being mistreated by Brogdon, including a humiliating radio show interview where Hernandez was caught lying red handed as she didn’t know her tirade against Brogdon had been taped.    Hernandez backed down from her attempted coup against Brogdon and unfortunately Brogdon forgave and forgot, leaving the evil Hernandez free to continue her plotting and undermining of the popularly elected GOP Chairman.
By October Brogdon had had enough of the constant sniping and accusations and announced his resignation with Hernandez taking over control for a few months till an election could be held.  At the October Oklahoma City meeting Hernandez mounted the stage with dozens and dozens of supporters, supremely confident that she would win the GOP Chairman position.   A very weak conservative candidate spent his time on stage blubbering about the post card attacks between Hernandez and Pam Pollard and as those voting were the County Chairmen and Vice Chairs the grass roots weren’t there to repeat a conservative victory.
Pollard went on stage with just two supporters… everyone thought that deal was done but Pollard won the most votes and a run off was avoided by Hernandez conceding the loss rather than chance a runoff election that she knew she would surely lose.
What caused the polar shift?  The Sooner Tea Party had released the tape of Hernandez verbally abusing Brogdon at the meeting where Hernandez later claimed Brogdon humiliated and abused her!  We sent the recording out to the County Chairs and Vice Chairs the night before the election meeting along with a video tape of Estela Hernandez’s illegal alien workers.  Off the camera but heard is Estela’s husband showing off a job site to a Sooner Tea Party private investigator.  The idiot actually invited our PI into the home his illegal alien crew was remodeling and the PI taped an illegal alien stammering “No!  No!   No English!”
Here is the video tape of Estela’s illegal alien  helping Estella steal jobs from American workers.
Estela had a half dozen illegals working for their company, you could see them line up on pay day at their Yukon home where Estela and her husband ran their company out of.  Most were obviously gang member types, all driving nice trucks which is possible if you aren’t paying for insurance and being paid cash for your work.
One of Oklahoma's Finest Bureacrats
Preston Doerflinger’s OSCN.net cases not including state cases and seat belt violations (4)
Speeding  December 1996
Speeding June 1999 
Speeding   September 1999
Speeding  May 2000
Divorce   Jennifer Lee  December of 2000
Suspended license, early October 201
Plead guilty October 29th 2001
Domestic Disturbance  Simple Assault  against Jill Wells Doerflinger  September 2012
2nd Divorce from Jill      April 2013, continues on to this very day
Speeding  July 2013   Dismissed without costs
Arrested for Actual Physical Control (DUI type arrest, car parked)  January 2015
Driving without insurance   November 2016  Dismissed
Speeding   November 2016
PD Taylor the Whetsel Retread Using Inmate Produced Sign Stakes
Back in 2012 then Sheriff John Whetsel got caught using Oklahoma County jail inmates to produce rebar sign stakes for his political signs and using county owned paint to paint the ends of the rebar.   Whetsel denied knowing it was going on but PD Taylor as the undersheriff and responsible for the day to day operation of the jail certainly did.  The matter was “investigated” meaning swept under the rug after the initial news report and quietly dropped from view.
And now four years later we find PD Taylor signs with the infamous white tipped rebar stakes, no doubt donated by Whetsel to the lackey Whetsel intends to run the Sheriff Department long enough to make sure all the buried bodies rot beyond recognition.
PD Taylor actually running the jail for the last decade and more makes him as responsible for Whetsel for all the deaths, unpaid medical bills, and numerous lawsuits.  However he will receive the blessings of the Chamber of Commerce as he supports their plan for a new half billion dollar jail.
How you Turn a Town, County Government
or School District Around
By Sisyphus
In Oklahoma we’re facing a revenue failure and that will affect all of us, especially our school districts.   So how do you become aware that there is a problem in your local school district? What are the danger signs. 
We found in our small community and district, people talking to each other, asking questions of  others who work or worked in public education,  from those on the board, your superintendent and looking at state department of education financial reports and the school audit reports.   The open record law can be used to answer questions when school officials seem to drag their feet with answers you seek.  Attend the school board meetings; monitor the financial reports that SHOULD be posted with each school agenda.  You will begin to see a trend in spending and hiring that often times lead to further concern.
How did our small district get into this financial problem:  3 board members hired a man who wanted to turn our small town school into a supper spending, trendy metro school.  Those 3 board members 100% supported everything he proposed.  They failed to question him on spending to the degree that citizens wanted, they allowed him to be the purchasing agent for the school,  to add educational programs without research if they would increase enrollment and if there was an interest in the program, to hire support staff without advertising the position.  They totally took his word for what he did, with very few questions about expense and outcome.
It looked all rosy at first but then things became alarming, the community began to ask questions.  Why was the long time treasured removed from the job,  and a secretary in his office assumed the job, why was the superintendent always hiring advisors, why did the district change school auditors each year, why were those considered part of the ‘good old boy system” hired for jobs that were added to the staff, the state test scores started dropping, the healthy carry over from year to year began an alarmingly  decline, questions on transportation bond funds were raised and then the straw that really broke the back:  the superintendent created a job for his wife, did not advertise the job and she was hired. The longtime principal of that building retired midyear followed at that time of year by the resignation of the superintendent’s wife.  The morale in the district was at an all time low.
 Reaction from the community:  attendance at the board meetings grew, people were not happy with the behavior of the board members as the meetings became hostile against those who spoke out and one board member who questioned the superintendent’s actions, and a large number of students were withdrawn from the district to be home schooled.  There was little confidence in the financial reports at the board meetings, that are also posted online with the monthly agenda. 
When this superintendent proposed at bond issue with projects that were “dream items” and would have raised our taxes 23% for 30 years, we knew we had to act.  We defeated the bond issue by a 2 to 1 margin.  We knew that there were deep concerns in this community.
So we began to look at other actions we could take, to return this district to a financially stable district.
 It was recommended that we contact the state auditor about our concerns.  A meeting was set up, we presented our information, the state auditor and his staff checked out our information, verified figures and told us we qualified for a petition to get support from the community for an audit. We got the number of signatures needed and waited about six months for the audit to begin.  The audit’s cost to the district was to be between $25,000 to $40,000, and those who unconditionally supported the superintendent called it a waste of funds and a witch hunt.  Well that audit began in August of ’16, people in the community were interviewed and the auditors dug through the school records.  The cost is up to over $40,000.  We expected the audit to be finished after Christmas..   It’s late February and we are still waiting on the outcome of the audit.  As it has been extended in time, we feel that they have found some issues of concern.   If I concerns were based on financial abuse, this information will go to the district attorney and could lead to charges.
You cannot do a recall petition and remove all the board members or several at a time.  You have to remove them one at a time.  We replaced one last February and earlier this month we replaced a superintendent supporter with a third board member who also wants transparency in the district.  Our district will change, after at least a year of calling for this embattled superintendent to resign, questioning at the board meetings in the public comment section about his spending…..he resigned in December, effective the end of June.  It can’t come soon enough.
So now with a majority of 3-2 on the board, board members who are listening to the community, we search for a new superintendent.  There is one candidate that the 2 board members would have hired the night of the superintendent’s resignation; but the 3 still in control wanted interviews.  That process could end on Thursday night and if not by next month.  Then this district can start to recover. It will take several years to rebuild, renew the faith of the community and parents and bring up the enrollment.
It’s too late for all the teachers who took jobs in other districts, the support staff that also left and for all who retired.  They have left the community.  A large number of students transferred to adjoining districts, attending private school or being homeschooled.  Hopefully with a new superintendent and the goals of the new majority on the board this district will return to a stable small community.
In summary: monitor the financial health of your school or local government.  Learn to read the public record financial reports and ask questions and if you don’t get an answer, keep asking those who understand the working of that agency.  Remember that the school or city audits can also answer questions about the health of the organization.  Replace board members and elected officials if they don’t seem to be carrying out the interest and will of the citizens.  And real concerns can lead to a state audit and possible criminal charges or at least a change in how business is done.
After all these elected officials need to be reminded: they work for US, the taxpayers.