Synthesize your DNA oligos in just 60 minutes
So you want oligos right now for that crucial experiment?
What do you do?
Usually one would order online and wait for a few days or even longer under Covid19 for them to arrive.
With the KILOBASER you can make your own oligos in house easily and quickly. Just type your required sequence and press start.  That's it!
This is how it works...
  • No more oligo synthesis delays!
  • Making oligos is now easy and fast!
  • If you can use a touch screen then you can synthesise your own oligos,  it's that simple.
  • 2.4 minutes per base + 15 minutes post processing
  • Length -Up to 80 bases
  • Yield -300 pmol
  • Quality Control- In-line trityl sensor to monitor synthesis quality
  • Affordable price makes it accessible for any lab
  • Data Security -Your DNA data stays strictly inhouse
  • Easy To Use -There is no need for additional training
Additional Requirements
Argon or nitrogen gas supply required.

Sounds too good to be true right ?  Click here to visit the product page.
If you are still not convinced we are offering a virtual demo. Please contact us on
Cambio Ltd, Cambridge, UK,