Issue #10                                                             March 2016
eNews for our Wholesale Customers
Hello & Welcome!
So... by way of this newsletter, we are formally announcing to the world that our new pattern for Spring 2017, the Festival Pocket Belt is officially and finally released!
It's a modern-day take on the old-fashioned fanny pack and includes 2 roomy flap-top pockets, a zippered packet & bonus mesh-pocket storage. The larger Flap Pocket will accomodate ALL smart phones. Just think how great it would be to never have to search for your phone again!
AND... the zippered pocket side if both optional and removable. It's perfect for storing cash cosmetics and even a passport.
This pattern is available NOW thru our distributors, Checker, Brewer and United Notions but as most of you know, we're always happy to serve our wholesale customers directly, and here's another thing...
Since we will not be displaying at Spring Quilt Market in St Louis, we'd be pleased to extend to you our usual Market discount on this and ALL patterns purchased direct from us thru the end of Market on May 21, 2017, which is as follows;
Buy 6 of any title, Get 1 FREE!
Call us toll-free at 866-409-8634 or
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And now, here's some links I thought were
worth clicking on this month!
From the World of Sewing
From the IT Department
From the World of Business
  • In my former life in the business world, there was one thing I absolutely despised and that was being stuck in a totally unorganized meeting, but you know what? "How to Conduct a Meeting" is typically not a course that's offered in college, so here's A Condensed Guide for Running a Business Meeting.
From the World of Social Media
  • So... am I the only who has trouble finding "stuff" after a FaceBook update? For example, after the last update I couldnt figure out how to see posts from the 'Pages That I've Liked as my Business page'. Click HERE to see the answer I found.
From Our Website
  • We started using a new method of securing our samples at the AQS Quiltweek Daytona Beach show. We're calling it out "Ah-Ha Moment".
StudioKat Designs Product Spotlight
A new product in our Notions line
In support of the Festival Pocket Belt, we've added a 1" wide Side Release Buckle to our Notions line. They are package individually, sell for $2.00 wholesale, and can be purchased from our distributors (Checker, Brewer or United Notions), or directly from us on our website.  :)
Well, that's it for today!  Laughing
I hope you found some of these links useful and if you'd like to give us feedback about what you liked or didn't like about this newsletter, we're all ears!
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