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This month's letter is just short & sweet, like 1, 2, 3 ~
1. Show reminders (see details below) for upcoming events in:
* San Francisco ~ THIS WEEKEND! singing songs in honor of International Women's Day
* Paso Robles
* Carmel Valley

2. A reminder that the new single "Habit", and the most recent EP, "Truth, Love & Understanding" are now both available for digital download here:

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may the cherry blossoms fall as blessings upon your path,
with peace, love & music,
~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

 Saturday March 10th @ 7pm
Bazaar Cafe
5927 California Street, San Francisco, CA
Heads up Bay Area & San Francisco Folks! At last I'm returning to this pillar of the San Francisco acoustic music scene. Yes, it IS a cafe BUT, here's the thing: they only use the espresso machine BETWEEN songs. While the music is happening there is no other sound but the music. There's also no sound system... just you & the musicians. So intimate, so personal. If you've never experienced it, you really must come! |
 $ tips only     

Monday April 9th @ 7pm
The Spot |
116 W. Branch St., Arroyo Grande, CA  
Headlining the "Songwriters at Play" Monday evening concert series. We love our Central Coast friends so much, we just can't stay away!
| $10     

Saturday April 28th @ 7pm
Plaza Linda |
9 Del Fino Place ~ Carmel Valley, CA
We return to our friends in Carmel Valley with their fantastic Gourmet Mexican Food! | $10

for more upcoming shows please visit: 

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~ blue skies & sweet blossoms~ Happy Spring! xoxo ~ Amanda

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