March 24, 2016
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September 30
Orlando - East
Sen. Kelli Stargel
Rep. Michael Bileca
 Board Members
We would like to recognize our  board members. Each is a volunteer and is in administration in a school with McKay Scholarship students and/or PLSA students.
We thank them for all of their energies and hard work.
President,  Steve Hicks, Center Academy, Lutz
Treasurer, Wendy Blair, Arbor School of Central Florida
Secretary, Robyn A. Rennick, Woodland Hall Academy, Tallahassee
"Woody" Futrell, Trinity Christian Academy, Jacksonville
Crystal Wilson, Rocky Bayou Christian School, Niceville
Debra Rains, North Florida School of Special Education, Jacksonville
Patricia Giner, Atlantis Academy, Miami
Tim Vanderveer, Ruskin Christian School, Ruskin
McKay Scholarship Legislation
   The 2016 Session ended with a number of positive actions affecting the McKay Scholarship.  We want to thank Senator Kelli Stargel and Representative Michael Bileca for championing McKay legislation and guiding it through the process.              
   The Coalition also wants to recognize the many emails from member schools which helped to move the Senate bill through the committees.  Voices from the constituents do make a difference.  We greatly appreciate Senator Don Gaetz and Senator Tom Lee listening to those voices and giving the bill the opportunity to being heard in their committees.
   Robyn Rennick, Legislative Chair of The Coalition, attended each of the committee meetings and assisted legislators in understanding the importance of this legislation. 
   CS/HB 837 was passed on March 9 and has been sent to the Governor to be signed.
   This legislation allows for the following changes to the McKay Scholarship Program:
1.  Foster children will be exempt from the requirement to be enrolled in the public school for a year before being eligible for the McKay Scholarship. 
2.  A Transition-To-Work Program for students on the McKay Scholarship, ages 17 – 22 years of age, may be developed by schools participating in the McKay Scholarship and offered to their students.  Previous to this, the attendance policy did not allow for this type of program.  This will allow wonderful opportunities for our students who require a more hands-on approach to employment training.
3.  The deductions from the McKay Scholarships of students taking FLVS courses have been removed, beginning July 1st.  McKay students may take 2 courses from FLVS each year and their scholarship will not be affected.
   While this legislation may only affect approximately 1000 students each year, these are students with disabilities whose lives may very well be changed because of these opportunities.
Transition-To-Work Program Development
Contact Us Now 
  The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools would like to host a seminar on the Transition-To-Work legislation that has just been passed.  If your school has a Transition-To-Work Program or you are interested in developing one, please contact Robyn Rennick at 
A Taste of College for
Teens with Special Needs
paid sponsorship
 Summer Experience for High School Students with Autism Spectrum and Learning Differences
   College Internship Program (CIP) summer experience provides unique opportunities for students with special needs.  Teens with learning differences will get a sneak peek at college life on one of six college campuses across the US.   Summer@CIP can help students prepare for what’s in store as they move to the next stage of their lives.  Participants will also have many opportunities to build new friendships and have fun.
   Since 2009, CIP’s Summer Programs have helped students prepare for their next steps, whether it is attending college, entering the workforce, or continuing on to a postsecondary program.  The programs take place at six highly rated college and university locations. The two-week sessions are open to teen’s entering their sophomore year through
graduates of the current year, in addition to a new program in Melbourne, Florida for young adults who have graduated high school up to age 26. 
   Students who attend Summer@CIP can expect experienced instructors and cutting edge programming in a college setting.  Participants will be introduced to CIP’s comprehensive curriculum, focusing on real life skills, goal setting, and building self-esteem.  Classes include social thinking, time management, organization, and person-centered planning.  The program also focuses on independent living skills such as cooking, banking and budgeting, laundry and more.
   A variety of fun activities are planned during each session.  Participants spend time outdoors hiking, swimming, and exploring local highlights.  Summer staff organizes events such as ropes course, theme park trips and professional sports outings which serve as experiential learning opportunities in a fun and relaxed setting; with enough scheduled down time to relax and socialize.
   Space is limited. For more information on applying contact:;;  877-566-9247; international – 1-413-344-4109
The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools
5246 Centerville Rd, Tallahassee, FL   32309