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A funny petfood story
Missing cat found living the high life in pet food warehouse


Always remember to check with your local shelter to see what they need. Your donation will go directly to the animals, as a rule, in sharp contrast to some of the large national groups, whose donation income goes toward large administrative salaries and other expenses, not always for animals. But to be sure, be prepared to check out the shelter. Not all of them are as honorable as they proclaim.
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It takes a special person to be a cat rescuer.
Never underestimate the power of a woman who rescues animals.
I may not be rich and famous but I do have an awesome cat.
Study: Death of a Pet Can Hurt as Much as the Loss of a Relative:

New Book on Feral Cat Care
And last but not least, here is a comprehensive, authoritative book for people who help feral cats:

Alley Cat Rescue's Guide to Managing Community Cats by Louise Holton with a Foreword by Roger Tabor. Here's a link to the book at Amazon:
Feb. 7, 2016
It's Super Bowl Sunday!
For those of us in the U.S., today is the biggest day of the year in sports. It's Super Bowl Sunday! The Denver Broncos will face off against the Carolina Panthers. If you're getting this newsletter later in the day, or even several days from now, you may already know who won Super Bowl 50.

But if you're not into football, perhaps you would enjoy the Kitten Bowl instead. It shows all day on the Hallmark Channel. Check your local listings to find out your local time and channel number.

I always record it, along with the Puppy Bowl, so the animals here can watch it any time. Puppy Bowl XII is on the Animal Planet all afternoon until past midnight.

Does your cat like to watch television? Not all of them do, nor do all of mine, but for those who love to watch animals on the small screen, I've got them covered!


Kitten Bowl III -  Hallmark Channel -  all day
Puppy Bowl XII - Animal Planet -  All afternoon and night 
Super Bowl 50 - CBS - Afternoon and evening, until someone wins!
Holidays and Observances for February
National Cat Health Month.

Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. (Humane Society of the United States)

Pet Dental Health Month.

Responsible Pet Owners Month.

National Prevent a Litter Month.

Feb. 14: Pet Theft Awareness Day.

Feb. 14: Valentine's Day is for cat lovers, too!

3rd week in Feb.: National Justice for Animals Week.

Feb. 20: Love Your Pet Day.

Feb. 23, 2016: World Spay Day. Annual campaign by the Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the

United States; held the last Tuesday of February.

Feb. 23, 2016: Spay Day USA. Last Tuesday of February.
And if you've ever wondered or would like to know how to start your own holiday, visit this site:

Is it OK to cuddle with your cat when you are sick?

Infectious disease experts at Vanderbilt University Medical Center said, "...if having your companion by your side makes you feel better, go right ahead. Pets won’t catch or spread human viruses." Here's the whole article:
Computational Study on Feral cats
Working with faculty members in mathematics and biology, a Duquesne University undergraduate has created the first computational model to track the size, location and nuisance of feral cat colonies. This issue concerns communities nationwide that hold some 70 to 100 million unhoused cats and kittens.

By the nuisance criteria, the traditional Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) method that diminishes hormone production and mating behaviors wins, hands down, over the Trap-Vasectomy-Hysterectomy-Return (TVHR) method that leaves hormone production intact, said Dr. Rachael Neilan, Duquesne assistant professor of mathematics.
Losing a Cat - Recovery Tips
Cat getting his teeth brushed

Unusual but fitting punishment!
This Judge Gave A Woman Who Let Her Dog Live In Filth an unusual punishment (VIDEO)

This should apply to cats, too.
Funny video

This cop is trying to write a ticket, but a cat keeps getting in the way: