Kat Bits
This & That from November 2020
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 Issue #2
So... I'm told "the vaccine" is on the way. And it seems it's just a matter of time until we can once again have concerts & Quilt shows & hugs with strangers, at least the strangers we want to hug.The goal now is to see it through. Remain vigilant, but don't put your entire life on hold. Be cautious but not afraid.
Stay tough during the holidays and do whatever you can to find moments of joy. But keep your head down and work on something to share with the world in 2021. That's my plan anyway. All of this really will come to an end so hang in there everyone and let's get started!
An Unlikely Style Icon is Teaching Older Women to be Style Icons- 
Judith Rizzio has spent a lifetime on the frontlines of feminism. She thinks there’s nothing more radical than women of a certain age declaring fashion is for them, too. Click HERE to read more.
Our Annual Bag Sample Sale will be here SOON!
Once per year we throw open our closets & offer you some fantastic deals on sample bags that will no longer be traveling with us to road shows. Each is a ONE-OF-A-KIND StudioKat Designs original made by me! This year the sale will start on Friday, Dec 4th at 12noon. (Please note that's Eastern Standard Time.) We'll be posting reminders on FaceBook & Instagram so I hope you're following us there.
How IKEA was invented- So I went to an IKEA for the very 1st time last year at this time in Charlotte & I have to admit I was pretty surprised at how it was set up and run. Oh I enjoyed the experience but was a little surprised at the format. It made me ask..."How in the world did they come up with this idea?" but when I saw this video it all kinda made sense! Just click HERE to see what I mean!
Show CancellationsAnd the beat goes on folks! You might recall from last month that we were at least hoping that we'd get to vend at our MAQF in February of 2021 (but not holding our breath!) Well its a good thing we weren't holding out breath after all because now its cancelled also. That means our next show will not be until October of 2021, the International Quilt Market & Festival. Sooooo sad!
Ready for a hair update?- Last month I told you that I was beginning the long process of no longer covering my gray hair, & as you can in the pictures at right, step one is in the books... that is, I got my hair highlighted to eliminate the skunk stripe down my part! It took me about a week to get used to this look but bear in mind this is only step one. Turns out the real color of my hair from my ears forward now is... ALL WHITE and I'm not sure I'm quite ready for THAT just yet. But stay tuned! It's definitely a work in progress!

Don't put your suitcases on the bed, EVER- For years, I had the same packing routine: Pull my hard-shell roller suitcase down from the attic, toss it on my bed, and fill it with clothes. Once I checked into my hotel, unless a luggage rack had been set up somewhere convenient, I’d throw my luggage onto the bed again and pull out the things I needed for the night before chucking it all on the floor. But that all changed last winter. {Click HERE to read more} 
A Cyber Monday Special-  You know we couldn't NOT have a Cyber Monday special right? And here it is! We're offering ALL of the following "retired" patterns at a whopping $3.00 off! This extra-special special is a 24-hour offer & will end promptly at midnight tonight (11/30). To get a better look at which patterns are involved just click on the picture at right, then click HERE to pick out the one(s) you want to buy!
RIP Alex Trebek!-  Here’s a nice profile from earlier this year, Sam Anderson’s beautiful piece about watching Jeopardy! with his dad, and a few of Jeopardy's funny moments, and my favorite Jeopardy! moment. Who in the world will they ever get to replace Alex?
Our 2nd Annual Christmas Advent Sale starts TOMORROW 
This is the way it works…Every day a new window will open at 12:01am EST revealing at least TWO items for sale at an amazing 25% discount (including our notions kits). Note of the discount code & use it to buy as many of one or both of the items at the discounted price! But don’t delay! That window will close at 11:59pm EST & the next day’s window will open 2 minutes later!  Go HERE to check it out! Now is the time to stock up for those winter projects!
My advice? Bookmark this page & check back daily to see what the "daily special" is! Better still, why not follow our FaceBook page , Instagram Feed, or we welcome you to join our FaceBook Group so you won't miss out on the savings, the reminders (or the FUN)!
In closing-  I hope you all can find ways to enjoy what will surely be a strange Holiday season this year. Stay safe & healthy & I'll look for you next month around the 15th for Kat Bytes & again at month's end with this new format, Kat Bits (when we can all kick 2020 to the curb for good!
PS-- We still have a few SKD 2021 Calendars left featuring our feline assistants! They make GREAT stocking stuffers! Click here to get yours!
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