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Exhibition and Conference for South-East Europe, 5-7 April 2016
Sofia, Bulgaria, Organizer: Via Expo
We are glad to welcome in Bulgaria leading companies and experts to share the best of knowledge and to demonstrate developments on energy efficiency and renewables. See who will participate.
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'Here is a window of opportunities for geothermal energy in Bulgaria' Interview with Dr. Juliet Newson, President of the International Geothermal Association and Speaker at EE & RE Conference
It is known that Bulgaria ranks first in Europe in terms of geothermal potential per capita, but it is little applied in practice.  What recommendations would you give to change the situation?
As the temperature of geothermal wells in the country ranges between 20°C - 100°C direct use applications are most appropriate. North-East Bulgaria (Moesian plate) and South Bulgaria (Rila-Rhodopes massif) host most of the geothermal resources.
Direct thermal water use in Bulgaria concentrates on balneology (largest share with 60%), space heating, air-conditioning, greenhouses, ground source heat pumps, direct thermal water supply, bottling of potable water and soft drinks and for some technological processes. To read the full interview,
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      E. Piel                                     T. Ryan                      O. Loebel                       C. Lemaitre                     Grazia Barch

‘MARTIN GmbH is interested to participate in the project of the Sofia Municipality’ Interview with Steffen Scholz
What motivated you to participate in the exhibition EE & RE 2016? What kind of services and products will you present at the event? What is their application?
In the Eastern- and the South Eastern European Region there are current efforts to improve the waste management and disposal structure, e.g. to close EU non-compliant landfills and to encourage the recovery of waste. An important element for a modern waste structure is the thermal treatment of waste but also the treatment of biodegradable/organic waste. 
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Тhe German Sustainable Building Council was founded in 2007 by 16 initiators from various subject areas within the construction and real-estate sectors. The aim was to promote sustainable and economically efficient building even more strongly in future.
Energy Efficiency & Renewables Macedonian Blog
Мagazine Industry is the first and the only so far magazine dedicated to all industrial branches in Serbia, starting from energy to all additional industrial activities and business deals. It a bimonthly issue, which is distributed free of charge to our readers directly.
5 -6 April
Annual Conference of the Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy
Organizer: EcoEnergy  for more info click here
Organizer: Via Expo Ltd. 
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