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Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency & Renewables for South-East Europe
5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria, Organizer: Via Expo
Knowing that you are already in a Christmas mood, we would like to bring to your attention the latest EE & RE news. KARA Energy Systems, Polytechnik, Martin are among the recently joined companies. So we are pleased to announce that we expect strong international presence. At present companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands confirmed their participation.
In the last 2015 newsletter we have included a blitz interview with Ms. Krković from INGRA and an information about some of our event partners.
Have a nice reading!
We wish you a bright and delightful ChristmasSeason and a filled  with health, joy, kindness, peace and prosperity New Year 2016.
We truly hope to have an opportunity to work together for a more sustainable future!
Mrs. Krkovic, what will you showcase at EE & RE 2016?
From 2020 INGRA Energie und Umwelltechnik is representative of MAN Diesel & Turbo. At the exhibition we will showcase our wide range of steam turbines MARC® from 1.5 to 40 MW with a wide application in biomass power plants. The products are safe, efficient and reliable. The modular turbine concept allows a flexible arrangement of the main components and enables the overall expedient assembly to be set up in line with specific customer and/or process requirements.
What goals do you want to achieve through your participation?
We are considering to expand our activities in South-East Europe, so we have decided to choose the event as a place where we will have an opportunity to meet and make contact with potential partners: consulting companies, builders of biomass power plants, etc.
Euroheat & Power (EHP) unites the District Energy sector (District Heating and Cooling (DHC) Combined Heat and Power (CHP)), throughout Europe and beyond, with members from over thirty countries: including national District Heating associations; utilities operating DHC systems; industrial associations and companies; manufacturers; research institutes; consultants and other organisations involved in the CHP/DHC business.
Tehnica Instalaţiilor is a specialized magazine, covering the entire range from sanitary, gas, heating, climatization, refrigeration, electricity, automation, safety buildings techniques, fire protection and work protection techniques, each issue presenting the latest novelties through the help given by our collaborators. It has a free of charge distribution nationally, with 11 issues/year and a circulation of 15.000 samples. 
Build Info, a journal of entrepreneurs in the building industry; the continuation of the former is focused on information for the civil engineering expert public (especially building company owners,  both small, medium-sized, as well as “giant“ ones, architects, designers, employees and students of  colleges and vocational schools, building authorities, or other institutions) about novelties in products, building material industry, technologies, and new trends in architecture, problems of economy, legislative, or about novelties in civil engineering,  international  exhibitions, or interesting competitions, educational events, etc.
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