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This Class coming up this weekend....

Do you have a ghost (or even a demon) hiding out???
Let us know. We'll be working on them both Sat and Sunday coming up. We could clear a haunting for you?
What are ghosts?
The ghost is an energy with some form of consciousness. They are usually people who have lost their bodies, but did not go to heaven or recycle to another lifetime. They are the ones we normally call dead people. These people may not know that they are dead, especially if the body’s death was caused by an unexpected accident or in war. They don’t know what happened to them except no one will talk to them anymore.
After death the ghost tends to hang around their homes and familiar people because they don’t know their physical body died; they think they are still alive. The ghost may not feel any different than they always have. When their homes are sold, they might not like the new owners taking over their homes. They are especially disturbed that no one talks to them anymore. The ghost who thinks he/she is still alive resents strange people coming into their home and they may retaliate by knocking things over.
It has been said that “we never were born and we never die!” To me, that means that we are spirit and we come into the third dimensional body and live a life and when the body dies we (spirit) leave the body and go to some other experience, go to heaven, return to God (or some higher dimensional place), and/or get reborn again in another body.
There was a case of 40-year-old Alice who lost her father to a very painful Meningitis of the brain and spinal cord.
A few days after the father’s funeral she began to experience harsh pain in her head, neck and left shoulder. This pain was very similar to the pain her father experienced before death.  Alice went to her doctor, but he could find nothing physically wrong with her. After several weeks the pain continued and her doctor suggest that she seek a Psychiatrist to check for a mental illness.
She scheduled a mental diagnostic visit and it was going nowhere because Alice is a completely normal and well-adjusted person; the psychiatrist, Dr. Jane could find no mental reason for Alice’s apparent pain.  The psychiatrist had just broadened her own training with a hypnotherapist course, but she had not used it yet. They decided to try this method to see if they might find the cause of Alice’s pain.
During the hypnosis session Dr. Jane asked to be taken to the cause of the pain.
Alice began talking in a new voice as if someone else was answering the questions. It was a male sounding voice.
 “Where is the pain coming from?” Dr. Jane asked.
Answer: “I think I’m the cause of Alice’s pain. She was crying so much at my funeral and I came over to see if I could comfort her. By accident I slipped into her body when I was trying to help her. I found that I could not get out after a while. I don’t know what to do?” said her father (the ghost).
Dr. Jane was amazed that she had found the source of Alice’s pain.
Now all she had to do was to get Alice’s father out of the body!  It was a process and finally by working together they were able to free up the disincarnated father and send him on his way to heaven or toward his next highest good.  The pain immediately went away when the father left her body.
Sometimes ghosts will hang around trying to take care of family members, they might want to help insure justice for a crime or murder against them, or maybe they thought they were a bad person and are afraid of being punished in hell (if it exists at all?) if they left the physical universe behind. Some just get stuck here and need a little help to move forward.
The Laser Reiki trainers have a level 6 workshop where a person learns all about ghost busting (healing the ghost) whereby they are helping clear blockages in the ghost and assisting them to get out of the physical realm and go to their highest good.  
Setting ghosts and other non-physical entities free from a home or an office could be in the room to some wrong with it something which one did I give you for this likes to assume you meant show since so few strange and the woman make that the issue that had another one there call me to go look there were two of them together there at Sophie's shop we lost one yesterday didn't wait I did another one because I gave you the thing and it never appeared a good line of work. People will pay well to have those who are able to offer this service.
In less than a year of study (one weekend a month), you can become a certified ghost buster! 
Like I said, you will be healing the ghosts – not just throwing them out where they will bother others. The ghost is a being and also needs some TLC.  It is a Win/Win when you heal the ghost.  Take the Laser Reiki series of workshops to learn this very high dimensional healing.
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