Edition #19, February 2016
Dear reader,
We hope you all had a great start in 2016 and you are looking forward to our next conferences in May in London and in November in New Delhi.
Please find interesting news from some of our members in Europe, India and South America as well as an introductory summary of the London Conference Programme.
We very much look forward to seeing you all in London.
Elke Bockisch (info@ipg-online.org) and Jens Langendorff (langendorff@grahamsmith.com)

Next London Conference
Article by Nicholas C. J. Lakeland

Dear fellow IPG members,
'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'
Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
As proud Londoners we are looking forward to welcoming you to our fabulous city and hosting the reception in May. You simply can't get bored here in London. It is a global city with so much to see and do that it can’t all be listed. Our history, culture and yes even our cuisine with influences from all over the world is here to be enjoyed.
Our programme is full of interesting events for both delegates and their spouses. Our hotel is beautifully placed on the Thames where you will be able to watch the river flowing under Tower Bridge. Next door we have the Tower of London where you can see splendid Jewels and Armaments in equal measure.  
Silverman Sherliker
Nicholas C. J. Lakeland
7 Bath Place
DX: 137779 FINSBURY 5
+44 (0)20 7749 2700

Regional IPG Conference Mannheim, February 27, 2016

On February 27, 2016, a conference of the German speaking members will take place in Mannheim. It has been organized by DELTA Revision GmbH. All members who have not already registered are invited to join. The preliminary agenda is as follows:
Welcome / introduction
Morning session: foundation
09:45 - 10:30
Liechtenstein foundation
10:30 - 11:00
German foundation
11:00 - 11:15
Coffee break
11:15 - 11:45
Austrian foundation
11:45 - 12:30
Swiss foundation
12:30 - 13:30
Lunch at Hotel Leonardo Royal
Afternoon session: foundation / automatic tax data exchange
13:30 - 14:00
Dutch foundation
14:00 - 14:30
Automatic tax data exchange – legal implications
14:30 - 14:45
Coffee break
14:45 - 15:15
Automatic tax data exchange – tax implications
15:15 - 15:30
On the evening before the conference DELTA Revision GmbH is proud to invite the delegates to an ice hockey match between Adler Mannheim and Duesseldorfer EG. As Mannheim is one of the most traditional ice hockey cities in Germany this will probably be an exciting evening.
If you are interested in attending the conference please contact DELTA Revision GmbH (info@delta-revision.de, Tel. + 49 621 122 66 50, Fax: +49 621 122 66 529). Please note that the conference will be held in German language.
DELTA Revision GmbH
Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater CPA
Alexander Spieß
Harrlachweg 5
68163 Mannheim
T + 49 621 122 6 65 0
M + 49 151 150 66 122

Article by Sharokh Koussari

In July 2015 after some marathon negotiations, China, France, UK, US, Germany, Russian and EU (referred to as E3 plus 3) on the one hand and Iran on the other agreed what is known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
The aim of the JCPOA is "the comprehensive lifting of all UN Security Council Sanctions as well as multilateral and national sanctions relating to Iran's nuclear Programme"
This is key as full implementation would result in Iran having an exclusively peaceful nuclear programme and it was envisaged that at that point the sanctions could be lifted.
The IAEA was tasked with assessing Iran’s compliance with its obligations under the JCPOA.
The IAEA in fact provided a positive report and 17 January 2016 became known as the Implementation Day.
The attached article to this according to IPG email explains the consequences now that Iran has triggered implantation of the JCPOA.
Sharokh Koussari
101 Wigmore Street
W1U 1FA London
+44 (0)20 7408 8888

A business approach to the secession of Catalonia 
Article by Jordi Capelleras

In past times, Spanish professionals working internationally, used to be asked about legal and tax questions around the hypothetical secession of Catalonia from Spain. Obviously, what we can say about it is not a legal opinion, because a secession would occur through a regulation that would be approved in the future, so we can only express a prediction of what we think is going to happen.
But we still have to answer questions such as: Should Companies mention something about future facts around secession in the contracts they sign? Do we think the situation will become so volatile that it would be better waiting for executing investments in Catalonia or in Spain? Even more, would it be a good idea running away from Barcelona as soon as possible if we have investments there?
When asked about this question, the most common answer from the Spanish interlocutors is saying that there is nothing to be worried about, explaining that the proi-ndependence movement is attributable to irresponsible local politicians telling lies to the Catalonia population, and that situation will be easily solved when the economic crisis has passed and there is money available to better finance the regional government.
Jordi Capelleras
Diagonal 550, 3º 1ª
08021 Barcelona
+34 93 2720180

MIT Global Startup Workshop in India 
Article by Tripti Shinghal

Dear Members,

I would like to give you some details on the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW)". We KGS Advisiors LLP, nurturing MSME’s in India, are working with MIT GSW to make the event have multiplier effect in India by touching all sector of society.
The 2016 Workshop will build on the overwhelming success of the MIT GSW in the past, which brought together thousands of participants from more than 70 international markets and representatives from across the globe. Since 1998, this non-profit organization has held 18 international workshops, spanning 6 continents, and has attracted participants from over 70 nations.
Tripti Singhal
3/14, Asaf Ali Road
110002 New Delhi

Update on Brazil 
Article by Luiz Augusto Azevedo

Last November Luiz Augusto Hoffmann, partner of Almeida Prado e Hoffmann, concluded his PhD thesis in Italy, with the presence of 3 Italian professors and two Brazilians teachers from the University of São Paulo, having been awarded the title of Philosophical Doctor in Italy and Brazil. The work was based on a comparison between European, Italian and Brazilian law agreements.
On January of this year, he was appointed as a judge of Tax Administrative Court in São Paulo State, representing contributors in administrative cases. This activity is possible to be performed together with his law firm, being a wonderful opportunity to judge cases between Brazilian companies and the State of São Paulo, from an entrepreneurial lawyer’s point of view, especially while the country is undergoing a major domestic political crisis.
Due to the devaluation of the Brazilian currency, this is an interesting time for investors seeking good opportunities in an economy that, after the political crisis, certainly will grow again as happened in recent years.
Luiz Augusto Azevedo
Alameda Casa Branca, 652, 6º andar, Jardins
CEP 01408-000 São Paulo - SP
+55 (11) 3085-3360

Next Conferences
Spring Conference - London
5th May 2016
8th May 2016
Autumn Conference - India
17th November 2016
20th November 2016
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