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Town Planning Commission meeting...
April 23rd, 2015
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April 16th, 2015
Huntsville Newsletter:
Traffic warnings for Huntsville residents! 

March 28: Lt. Talbot from the Sheriff's Department reported that Strider’s will be holding a ½ marathon this Saturday. The race will begin at Red Rock and end at the Eden Park. The start time is at 7:30 a.m. The race will not be coming into Huntsville Town and should only impact the corner of Hwy 39 and 100 S.  If you are heading down town for the day, please change your travel route and exit Town via 500 S. 

April 1: Trapper's Loop will be closed from 4:00-7:00 p.m. due to a moving being filmed. Traffic will be allowed through at 15-20 minute windows during that time. 

That's All For Now - Have a nice week!  :)
Gail Ahlstrom
Huntsville Town Clerk
Huntsville Town, PO Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317