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HELLO and Welcome!-I have HUGE news to share this month! We have a new addition to our family.... of the 4-legged variety that is! (My Mom reads this newsletter, and I am SURE she had to be resuscitated after that one!) Hahaha! She just loves it when I kid with her! But anyway, we adopted a little black & white kitten last week. I've been wanting to get Jeter a little playmate. He's been a tad lonely since our little dog passed. (Our dog never liked playing with Jeter, but Jeter never quite figured that out.) Well let me tell you, it was NOT a pleasant introduction. Jeter was HIGHLY offended, spending most of the first day hissing, spitting, stalking and sulking... and thats just the stuff he was doing to ME! He was WORSE to the little kitten. After 2 insufferable days, I finally decided to quit being the hovering Mommy and just let them work it out themselves, (under a watchful eye of course). Jeter promptly "had words" with the baby, and without laying a paw on him, re-established his position, ("top cat" of course). He then relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy the show that only a kitten can put on. He now seems infatuated with the little guy. They are playing so hard, that by day's end BOTH of them collapse snoring! We've named him Jinx, and you can click here to see pictures of him, and his big brother, Jeter.
Also, especially for the convenience of our friends at Pattern Review & AOL, all of the hotlinks are listed in order at the bottom of this letter, and as always, if you prefer, you can go to www.studiokatdesigns.com/aug07.htm to see the online version of the newsletter.

Feline Quote for August-
"Way down deep, we're all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them." Jim Davis

New on my Website!-
Karol Saxberg, of Sutherlin, Oregon, submitted these photos of a very cool PortaPockets purse insert she made! Now click here , to see the inside! Great job Karol!

Ray Martel of Advance, (otherwise known as Dad to me), has been surfing again, and this time he found an ADORABLE video, starring a very confused mother cat!

Sandi Harrah of Suffolk, VA, submitted some AWESOME pictures of an AbracaNiche, and a Gadabout she recently made. You'll be blown away by the fabric!

Brenna of Columbia, MD, submitted this cute story and picture of her beautiful cat, Maestro!

And last but certainly not least, Mandy Hall of the United Kingdom emailed pictures of these GORGEOUS bags just last week! They are incredible! Check out her Gadabout, her Mezza Luna, and by all means, her AbracaNiche. Mandy made it out of pink Chinese Silk (which was unbelieveably brave), and it is definitely worth the look!

New at StudioKat Designs- The SideKick pattern is here!
Is it a purse, or a personal assistant? You be the judge after checking out the pictures of my newest design, the SideKick. I'm sure you'll agree, that it's one of the most unique designs on the market! The SideKick features THREE separate sections, first, a "tableau-style" check section. Just flip open the flap, and start writing! Second, a "wallet-style" storage section, on the front side of the bag. You can leave your wallet at home, because this section will hold your paper money, coins, credit cards, and even your cell phone and keys! PLUS, there's a roomy main storage compartment for all of your larger items! Click here for more pictures and ordering information.
And here's the best part, for a limited time, StudioKat Designs is offering our newsletter readers an exclusive $2.00 off discount coupon, good toward the purchase of the SideKick pattern. Simply type SKD15 in the coupon code box at checkout, when ordering online, or if you prefer, you can write SKD15 on your mail-in order form, to receive $2.00 off the $12.00 retail price. But act soon, this coupon expires on 8/31/07.

A Cool Place to Shop!- The Butler Did It Boutique.Com
Before you know it, school will be here, and it you're looking for some AWESOME fashions for that little girl in your life, then you need to check out The Butler Did It Boutique.Com. Owner & designer Karen Butler, has been designing for over 30 years, and specializes in one-of-a-kind girls fashions. She likes to design clothing that can expand some, along with a growing child, to extend the usage of each garment she makes! Check it out, and you'll see these are NOT just run of the mill designs! Girls will flip over these outfits! One of favorites is this Country Daisies Skirt Set, and of course who could resist the purple cat on these CoolCat Handpainted Overalls ! Too bad they aren't in MY size!

Surf HERE for Neat INFO!-Hot-Dog.Org
The "Dog Days" of summer are here, and logically, August is National Hot Dog Month! What a great time to find out if you can cut the mustard when it comes to hot dog trivia! This is a fun site, filled with everything you'd ever want to know about this perennial summertime favorite. For example, did you realize that major league baseball lovers will eat enough hot dogs in one season to stretch coast to coast? or that sixty percent of Americans prefer their hot dogs grilled? You can also get a taste of hot dog history, and check out all kinds of great hot dog and sausage recipes.

Laws Overlooked by Murphy-
An old buddy of mine, Ann Horton of Wilson, NY, recently sent me a list of "Overlooked Laws Concerning Cats", and i just can't resist sharing them. Do you suppose that Murphy didnt have a cat, and was therefore was unaware of these laws? Surely not! But here they are for you to enjoy!

  • THE LAW OF CAT INERTIA- A cat at rest will tend to remain at rest, unless acted upon by some outside force, such as the opening of cat food, or a nearby scurrying mouse.
  • THE LAW OF CAT MOTION- A cat will move in a straight line, unless there is a really good reason to change direction
  • THE LAW OF CAT ENERGY CONSERVATION- Cats know that enerhy can neither be created nor destroyed and will therefore use as little energy as possible.
  • THE LAW OF BAG/BOX OCCUPANCY- ALL bags and boxes in a given room MUST contain a cat within the earliest possible nanosecond.
  • THE LAW OF FURNITURE REPLACEMENT- A cat's desire to scratch furniture is directly proportional to the cost of the furniture.
  • THE LAW OF CAT COMPOSITION- A cat is composed of Matter + Anti-Matter + It Doesn't Matter.
  • THE LAW OF CAT OBEDIENCE- as of yet, undiscovered.

    Love Handbags?- SaraLeigh Handbags.Com
    SaraLeigh Handbags.Com has been years "in the making", but I just recently found it, & being a big fan of cool appliqued designs, I quite naturally fell in love with Sara's bags! Need proof? Check out the FishBowl Bag, or the Cherries Bag, & I think you'll definitely be inspired! Sara has loads of bags to choose from, but if you have and idea you'd like to see her make a reality for you, she welcomes custom orders as well, something worth keeping in mind with the Christmas shopping season just around the corner. YIKES!

    Surf HERE for FUN!- ThatsMyHome.Com
    I just wouldn't be summer without a few visits to your local farmer's market! Want some fresh ideas about how to prepare the vegetables you find there? Click here to see some great new recipes like Grilled Sweet Corn with Chili Lime Butter, or Green Beans with Honey Cashew Sauce. You can also search for recipes that feature a specific vegetable, from asparagus to zucchini, or even some fun desserts, like CHEESECAKE! Dig in and enjoy the tastes of the season.

    Question of the Month-(if you know the answer, let me know! hahaha)
    Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?

    Monthly Trivia- You probably didn't know this, but on this day, in 1492, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, set sail for the new World. Rumor has it, that when he sailed out of San Paulos, Spain that morning, he was leaving the love of his life behind, so it's only fitting that Aug. 3rd is Tony Bennett's birthday. Maybe that was where he got the inspiration for his hit song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"? He shares his special day with lifestyle consultant, TV personality, & former jailbird, Martha Stewart, who was recently heard saying that she refuses to decorate in stripes anymore. Too many bad memories I guess. And if today is YOUR birthday, here's a great big StudioKat Designs HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! And if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway, with a nice cheesy pizza pie, served on your best china of course! Whether or not you wear stripes, is up to you! Don't worry, we won't tell Martha!

    Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
    Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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