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March 2020  IN THIS ISSUE:
The 4 Power P's in VERBAL Delivery!
From last month's Nonverbal Delivery Devices
                            to this month's Power P's of the Verbal!   
 In our changing times and during your downtime, I thought you may wish to continue enhancing your speaking skills for when we return to our normal days!

Quotations of the month:
 "Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice  to infuse them with deeper meaning." - Maya Angelou

 "Pause is the technique, silence is the message."
 David Brooks 1990 WCPS
 "In your silence lies your story." - Craig Valentine 1999 WCSP
4 Powerful  P's of your Voice!
 Variety in vocal language
 If you want your audience to experience a “rollercoaster ride” of emotions, vocal variety is the ticket. Use projection (volume & tone), pitch (highs/ lows), pacing (speed/rate), and the power of the pause. The power of the pause is often overlooked, when, in fact, it’s a very effective tool in delivering a believable and memorable message. Pausing at the right moment in a speech can add emphasis to important points,  allows audience to reflect on them, digest what you said, makes you appear confident and self-assured and creates a lasting impression on the listener.(see more on Pause below chart)
This chart was created by the late world class speaker, author: Peter Urs Bender  
It demonstrates the degree of believability a voice trait establishes. 
         Voice Traits
Low Believability 
High Believability 
Projection (volume & tone)
Pitch  (high/lows)
LOW (listen to commercials)
Pacing  (speed/rate)
Pauses (breaks in speeches) 
TIMED appropriately (see below)
When to pause? Here are a few instances:

·  Pause for few seconds after you are introduced before you say your first word while looking into the eyes of the members in your audience, taking them in and, in turn, they taking you in.  A pause draws their attention immediately.
·  Pause and stand still and grounded before and after making an important point
·  Pause in place of using filler words
·  Pause before responding to a question being asked by an audience member; this gives you time to reflect on the best response with which to answer
The ability to be comfortable with pauses takes time and comfort as a presenter, so take one step at a time!
Remember: regardless of how important or valuable your content is, if you don't present it in a way that sparks and maintains your audience's attention, you will lose them. 
I invite you to join me again next month when we continue discussing keys that will enhance your speaking tenfold!
Until then, successful speaking to you especially if your TM meetings are being held virtually! 
  Wink KEEP HEALTHY, my friends!
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