Dear Art Lover
Art Catcher Ltd proudly presents and warmly invites you to this year's spring exhibition
1-17 March 2018
A cross border group art exhibition with accompanying workshops, concerts and events inspired by fairytales, myths and legends from countries in war and crisis
at the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park, Clinton Rd, London E3 4QY, London
Daily 12am - 6.30pm and later opening times (see website for details)
IN A COUNTRY FAR FAR AWAY, a cross border group art show with accompanying events, inspired by fairytales, myths and legends from countries in war and crisis
Please click here to get to further information and booking forms for the following events:
OPENING NIGHT (1st Thurday event)
1 March 6.30-9pm
Dance by Amici Dance Company and Music for the Deaf
Thumb cinema making station
Mishaped Pearls UK folk (8pm)
Speakers’ Event Artists in transition, Athens
Far Away Film Fest Animations by artists worldwide
Dance Amici Dance & Music for the Deaf
Tell Tale Pots Make art from relicts 
Puppet Making with Arteast & the Creative ESOL Group
Communal Golem building day
Myth End: The Hamlet a Myth Away Adventure installation 
Stop Clock Storytelling for All 360 seconds to tell a tale 
Sound Baths by Mystery School of Sound
East London Life Drawing 2 guest sessions to join
LivingROOTS Interviews and photo portraits with gallery visitors

Mishaped Pearls UK folk, 1 March 8pm
sandmoon Indie folk, Lebanon, 17 March, 7pm
We hope to see you there!

Art Catcher Ltd with all artists, facilitators and performers.
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