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'Tis but a week 'til the big day, St. Paddy's Day, March 17th.  We're a hopin' you've already arranged for the day off - 'n perhaps the day after!

'Tis also the start of the NCAA Tournament - the Big Dance.  But don't worry - we'll have all our TVs tuned to the action so ya won't miss a bucket whilst ya celebrate the finest of holidays.

Now - we've been at this for 25 years now 'n we're plannin' a hoolie like no other. To get a flavor, just check out last year's video - a perfect combination of fun with just the right frolic.  Now, read on below for the highlights of the big day ahead.

  • Of course we open early on this fine day - 9 AM Breakfast is a tradition - featurin' green eggs, bacon, sausage and more - have it with an Irish Coffee 'n get the day started off right
  • At 11AM, our special St. Paddy's Day menu will kick in - featurin' Corned Beef 'n Cabbage as well as a pile o' your regular OQ faves
  • DJ Lolly will be creatin' the sounds 'n keepin' the party goin' all day 'n night. 
  • The Irish Dancers and The Bagpipers will be here in the afternoon to provide the traditional Irish atmosphere to the day.  
  • And of course, the festivities will include Green Beer and the always popular Irish Jell-O shots among other forms of delightful drinkables 
  • 'N that's just the beginnin' of all the fun, frolic, fine fare and quenchibility - some come join us...its been 25 years in the makin'! 
Oh - 'n before we forget to remember:  'Tis a day o' wearin' the green - so if'n ya need outfittin', you can get yourself one of our fine new t-shirts.  Here's a couple o' what's available -- we have more colors 'n styles for ya - all with at least a bit o' green.  They'll keep ya from gettin' pinched! 
More info on the day, as well as a bit o' craic (Irish for fun) is available on Facebook, Twitter, and on our website: click here.

~~~~~  Final Words for Our Family n' Friends ~~~~~
Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!
(Happy St. Patrick's Day)

Paddy O'Quigley's