October 3, 2023
Saskia Laroo Live
Photo by Maurice Robertson, Sigourney Square Park, Hartford, CT, US Aug 19, 2023
*Dear Music Friends*, 
Do you have
Music On Your Mind? 
 Well, We SURE do. We're incessantly composing, producing, recording, practising our instruments, staying in touch, and preparing concerts for.... 
Our Bands:
Today we fly to the Netherlands. We have meetings about upcoming projects and a select series of gigs where you can come and experience us playing live:
After a fly-by to the ADE, we fly back to the US for more gigs before we head over to Qatar for the European Jazzfest. You can find my calendar here
...Oh, and P.S. from 1994
Super Throw Back

  • Live @ National TV
I had the honor of being featured on the National Dutch TV program "geheugentrainer" by MAX last week Sept 27. 📺 Throwback to my performance in 1994 on “Kunststof,” hosted by Mieke van der Weij 🎤 I performed my first single, “Ya Know How We Do,” from my debut album, “It’s Like Jazz,” released on Laroo Records. 🎶
Throw Backs:
  • Live @ Sneekweek 2023
Now you can find the full playlist with each of the 24 songs we played with the Saskia Laroo Band on Aug 10 on the open air stage at Cafe de Kroon for Sneekweek 2023 on my Laroo Records youtube channel.
  • Live @ SSqFF 2023
Soon you find a full playlist with each of the songs we played with Jazzkia Meets HipHop on Aug 19 on the open air stage at Sigourney Sqare Park, Hartford, CT, US for their annual Family Festival on my Laroo Records youtube channel.
Below a preview:
We sincerely hope to catch you Live
And make the Music that's On Our Minds for You!

Always Your music friends,

Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd

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