Greetings & Blessings to all,
Welcome to the newsletter for September. As always, we  hope it  finds you on the pig’s back and happy as a lark, If this is your first issue, many thanks for joining us and please feel free to share our musings and meanderings with your family and friends.  
Since last we wrote, while the frost isn’t on the pumpkin quite yet, we’ve gone from temperatures in the nineties to a brisk and very Autumn-like mid sixties. The trees are beginning to take on their fall colours and it looks like it will be another brilliant season in the Ohio valley. Of course, it also means that old man winter isn’t far behind - perish the thought! 
 We have been very busy promoting Orla Fallon’s US tour and will be attending her concert in Dayton this coming Sunday; Russ interviewed her by phone earlier this week and there’s a very good chance we may be able to go backstage and meet her in person - if you’re a fan, you can imagine how excited we are!

We are also excited to announce that we have more tickets to give away to those of you living in the Stowe, Vermont  area or in the Gainesville, Florida region. If you’d like to see an Orla performance and you live in those parts of the US, send Bridget an e-mail with the words Orla tickets in the subject line. You will be automatically entered into a special drawing.  Send your entries to:
To find out more about the tour, please visit our promotion page here:
More exciting news
 We have three copies of Phil Coulter’s new CD “Heartland” to give away! 

You may or may not know that Mr. Coulter resigned as music director of Celtic Thunder last August. This CD is in tribute to the time he and the group spent working together and features stunningly beautiful orchestral versions of Celtic Thunder classics. Again, if you’d like to be entered in a drawing to win one of these CDs, please send an e-mail to Bridget with  Coulter CD in the headline. Same e-mail address:
Later today, God willing Russ will be posting a new homepage which will include a review and a link so you can listen to samples.
By the way, this time around, we have double-checked and triple-checked Bridget’s address for accuracy because the last time we wrote, we had a typo in it; we apologise if that  caused you any hassles or inconvenience.
And one more piece of important information: Later today, we will sending out the last edition of County News. Compiler Pauline Ferrie of the Irish Emigrant is retiring after 17 years of bringing these snippets to us  from all over the country every week. While we are very sad to see her go, we wish her well and hope she enjoys her retirement years. If you are among the many readers who have told us how much you enjoy reading all those bits and bobs from around the 32 counties, perhaps you’d like to let her know. If so you can drop her a line here:

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So, there you have it until we write again. Sorry if that takes you aback. What, you say - no riddle, no writer’s quiz, no joke of the week? None of the usual segments?  Rest assured, they will all return when we write again in a week or so. The bottom line is that every month, our newsletter provider charges us whether or not we send out a mailing and we just can’t stand to waste the money!  Besides, we needed to let you know about the Orla tickets as well as the Coulter CD so you can enter the drawings right away.

In the meantime, pinch punch, first day of the month, white rabbit. If you were married in October or intend to tie the knot this coming month, here’s is your special Irish verse:
If in October, you do marry, 

love will come, but riches  tarry.

Having gotten hitched in October, we can certainly attest to that!
We’ll take our leave with the following Irish words of wisdom:

May you be blessed with 
warmth in your home, 
love in your heart, 
peace in your soul 
and joy in your life. 
And as they say in Ireland - mind yourself
Slan agus beannacht,

Bridget & Russ
Get down on your knees and thank God you’re still on your feet

PS: For those of you who are members of the Irish American Ceili Club in Hollywood, Florida, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Halloween Ceili on Saturday October 15th. For more details, call Patrick at 754-281-7202 or visit the web site:
or send Patrick an e-mail: