Courage to Resist
Deployed to the border: A test of conscience for GI's
jan 2019 newsletter
Friend, please forward this critical legal info to service members you know who may be concerned about the legality of orders to deploy to the US-Mexico border.

The Trump Admin’s political stunt of trying to block asylum seekers from reaching the US, even if it requires the use of force, raises serious legal and ethical questions for military service members deployed for “support operations” at the border. Today, nearly 6,000 active duty troop remain camped on the border.

The Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild (MLTF) shares the concerns of organizations such as Veterans For Peace, Courage to Resist, and others, that US service members are being given illegal orders. We are also troubled about the lack of effective legal alternatives for service members dealing with possible illegal orders and believe it is essential that members of the military are fully informed about their rights and responsibilities under the law. In this memo, we will discuss briefly some of the legal challenges that a service member might face when deciding whether to disobey a possibly illegal order. Read more.

January 2019 PDF newsletter:
Deployed to the border

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jan 2019 newsletter
  • Troops ordered to engage in illegal law enforcement near US-Mexico border
  • Celebrating resistance through dance
  • Deployed to the border: A test of conscience for GI’s
  • The Objector Church, an introduction

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