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December 4th Newsletter
Serial Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw or
Another Victim of David Prater’s
Railroading Tactics?
Former OKC cop Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted on 18 counts of sexual assault crimes against eight black women, resulting in a 263 year sentence.  At the time we didn’t really look into the story, it looked like the system working as it should to remove a very bad apple from the force.
But National Review Senior Editor and syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin is saying otherwise in a story released this week and an upcoming two part story on the new Mark Levin TV channel.  Malkin claims she has reviewed the court records, testimony, and discovery documents, including interviewing the lead detectives, community activists, a DNA expert, and friends and family of Holtzclaw and has found a lot of troubling loose ends.  The local reaction was swift, a billboard company was forced to pull down a billboard that asked a simple question “What if he didn’t do it?”
Malkin says that prosecutors didn’t present a single corroborating witness or a single piece of forensic evidence showing that the 36 sexual assaults occurred.  It is said that Holtzclaw was forthcoming and consistent in his story when interviewed by the detectives after the first allegation was reported.  He was completely cooperative, agreeing to a polygraph, providing DNA samples, even signing a waiver to search his home, his computers, and his phone.
As is usual the detectives lied about what they already had but Holtclaw continued to ask that “everything” be done.  The initial allegation was recorded by a nearby camera system but was too grainy and distant to confirm anything other than a traffic stop occurred.  Malkin described the location as anywhere but the place that a serial predator would choose to commit such an act.
No DNA was found during the examination of the first accuser.  Fingerprinting and DNA tests just hours after the traffic stop of the squad car didn’t back up the woman’s claims of how she was ordered to place her hands on the car during the assault.
The other accusers were literally hunted down by the detectives who told the accusers that they had a tip that the women could be victims.   Of course twelve of the thirteen accusers are suing the City of OKC, represented by Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown’s family attorney.
Malkin gave a list of the accusers and their rap sheets:
–Convicted felon Sherry Ellis, who testified under oath at a preliminary hearing that her attacker was “black” and short (Holtzclaw is light-skinned and 6’1″ tall), and who could not identify that attacker as Holtzclaw while he sat in the courtroom.
–Convicted felon Tabitha Barnes, who described Holtzclaw as “dark-skinned” and had not reported any inappropriate behavior — until a sex-crimes detective informed her about the Holtzclaw investigation, supplied her with a date and she changed her story. Barnes testified positive for PCP on the morning she testified at trial. She had also ingested hydrocodone and marijuana.
–Carla Raines, who denied seven times she had been the victim of any inappropriate police conduct — until a sex-crimes detective informed her about the Holtzclaw investigation and she changed her story to claim that he had forced her to expose her breasts.
–Convicted felon Terri Morris, a drug addict diagnosed as a “paranoid schizophrenic with depressive features” who couldn’t pick out Holtzclaw from a line-up and described him as having skin with a “dark color,” either “Indian” or “Irish” or maybe “white” and in his “thirties, forties, I don’t know, fifties.” She also misidentified Holtzclaw’s patrol car, told the investigators to “leave me alone,” and called their questions “bulls—.”
–Convicted felon Shardayreon Hill, who had been rushed to the hospital in December 2013 at the behest of Holtzclaw and his assisting officers after she crushed a vial of PCP in her mouth and spilled more PCP on her skin. Hill called police in September 2014 alleging Holtzclaw had sexually assaulted her — only after the Ligons allegations went public and only after she faced felony charges for destroying evidence and intent to distribute PCP.
–A.G., a 17-year-old girl who excitedly told her mother that Holtzclaw was a “hot cop” with whom she was going to go on “dates.” She came forward to allege that Holtzclaw vaginally raped her — but only after her mother was contacted by sex-crimes detectives who told her in advance she may be a victim of police abuse and only after her mother searched the internet for news and a photo of Holtzclaw.
The only DNA found on Holtzclaw’s pants was the last accuser but the sample was miniscule and despite prosecutor’s claims there was no testing of the clothing for vaginal fluid.   Malkin’s DNA expert claims that indirect transfer could have come from indirect contact or from searching the woman’s purse which had been done by Holtzclaw.  There was also an unidentified man’s DNA found along with two other sources of DNA.
The story airs tomorrow,  “Daniel in the Den: The Truth About the Holtzclaw Case,” a two-part series, airs exclusively on’s new program, “Michelle Malkin Investigates,” beginning Dec. 5.
Were it any other prosecutor I wouldn’t think twice.  Were it any other journalist I wouldn’t think twice.  But David Prater is known for his political grandstanding and filing charges to further his political career.   We are going to be watching this appeal as it unfolds and for now this might well be a case of another railroaded Oklahoma County citizen.
Once More Time, Rep John Bennett
Has Been Right
One of the best websites out there keeping track of the Muslim threat is Understanding The Threat or UTT.  They wrote an excellent article on the Ohio State University terrorist last week that is worth the time to read.  The terrorist, A Muslim refugee from Somalia named Abdul Razak Ali Artan is "scared"  claims he is too scared to pray so he runs over people and stabs people till he was turned into a good Muslim by a campus cop.
UTT reminds us that what the terrorist did was completely legal under Sharia Law but the media is wringing their hands and asking why the guy committed a terrorist act and what “drove” him to snap.   The article points out that a Somali Muslim runs over people, jumps out to start stabbing people, while screaming Allah u Akbar…  and the media isn’t able to figure out the motivation?
UTT has long said that this sort of act isn’t indiscriminate, it is jihad waged upon the West in the name of Sharia Law.  The idea is to spread fear and encourage submission to Islam.   The Hamas front group AKA as CAIR was front and center warning about anti Muslim backlash after the attack, as if there shouldn’t be the same.  CAIR has three offices in Ohio according to the UTT article, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus.
November 8th was the mass actualization of a popular revolt against the corrupt media and the corrupt politicians.  People have had enough of the PC coddling of  the adherents of an ideology that is not only brutal and dangerous but also hell bent on destroying the U.S. from within.  We know that 94% of refugees from the Muslim countries get on government assistance and stay on government assistance, making no move to assimilate and contribute to society.  They are here to breed and pay for their population explosion on the backs of hardworking taxpayers.
There are few politicians including the ones with R’s behind their names that aren’t responsible and that goes for the State Legislature as well.  Bennett of course and the rest of the counter terrorism caucus.
Buying your Way into Leadership
Many of you have read this newsletter and have seen us report that Oklahoma is the most corrupt state in the union. This last election cycle proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt. A little known position in the House is House pro-tem. This season the seat was bought by a candidate by giving donations to other candidates in the amount of $500.00 for their vote for him to fill the position. We call that bribery. Both offering and accepting such a bribe, even if it’s called a campaign donation, is a crime. In short we have a bunch of criminals running the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
We published a story last week that Representative Harold Wright actually gave campaign donations to his two competitors for the seat of Pro-Tem. That’s what got us interested into investigating this story.
We began by going to his official web page at here Representative Harold Wright - Oklahoma House of Representatives. There is a lot of good information on here about Mr. Wright. Of particular interest is his ownership of several radio stations within his district. This makes us ask the question how much free advertising did he give himself through those stations.
In addition to the campaign donations he made to his competitors for the position of Pro-tem, we found out he made additional donations to other candidates for office.  The incumbents that accepted his $500.00 contribution for their votes were Kevin Calvey, Jeff Coody, John Paul Jordan, Mark LePak, Scott Martin, Casey Murdock, Jadine Nolan, Dustin Roberts, Shawn Roberts, Ken Walker, Kevin Wallace, Scott Biggs and Todd Russ. They in effect owe their loyalty to Harold Wright.
The successful candidates that accepted the $500.00 “campaign donations” for their vote were Greg Babine, Tim Downing, Scott Fetgatter, Mark Lawson, Ryan Martinez, Tammy West, Rhonda Baker, Carol Bush Scott Mceachin and Rick West. How can any of these people be trusted to do the work of the people? They have already sold their votes once, they’ll do it again just for campaign donations.
Now Mr. Wright didn’t spend all of his money wisely. Not all of the candidates he made the $500.00 “campaign donations” to were successful in their bids for office. The unsuccessful candidates are Bob Ed Culver, Bruce Lee and Matt Jackson.
These are only the names we’ve been able to identify so far. The sheer number of people he has allegedly made “campaign donations” to moves this from donating to a fellow politician to the act of buying votes. Those individuals who accepted the donations are just as guilty as he is. They accepted the bribe.
The next article of interest we found was this Harold Wright - Ballotpedia. This article indicates that he was first re-elected to office in “On November 4, 2008, Wright won re-election to the Oklahoma House of Representatives” We believe this to be an editorial error. This same article indicates he was first elected to the office in 2008.
It is worth mentioning though. If by chance that was a re-election to the office than the term limits would come into effect unless his prior service in office occurred before 1990 as indicated here
The next article of interest we found was this OCPA reportAccording to the OCPA Mr. Wright received a B for his performance in 2015. We also compared this to the 2016 RINO report here Al Gerhart: 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index and we found that Mr. Wright scored 18 out of a possible 100. In short this guy is owned and operated by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. He’s not working for the people of his district, or even the people of the State of Oklahoma. He’s working to fatten his own wallet.
The next article of interest we found was this report. This is a report from the American Conservative Union. The average score for all Republicans in the House in 2015 was 78%. On page 14 of this report at the very bottom you’ll find that Mr. Wright scored a 61%. Instead of helping the Republican Party, the State of Oklahoma and his constituents he’s working against them nearly 40% of the time. He scored lower than some Democrats. That’s disgraceful.
The next article we found was this Harold Wright - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States. Now this site is undergoing an upgrade and not all of the information is available. What we did discover was that only the bills he managed to get approved were listed here.
We next went to to see what information they had available on Mr. Wright. We started by going to his biography page here Harold Wright's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We found no new details to add to what we already knew about Mr. Wright here.
We next looked at his voting record here Harold Wright's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. This covers his entire career. The one item we noticed about this report is that whoever made the report to Project Vote Smart left out the complete record. Missing are the bills he voted no on.
We next went to the Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) page here Harold Wright's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. It appears that he would like to keep people in the dark as to where he stands on anything. He failed to return the Political Courage Test form to Project Vote Smart.
We next took a look at what they had available on Mr. Wright’s campaign finances here Harold Wright's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. What we found was the classic campaign of a person owned and operated by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. He claimed no donations from out of state yet received a donation from a Political Action Committee that is based in Ohio. We didn’t know that Oklahoma’s borders stretched that far. There wasn’t a special interest group out there that he didn’t get a donation from.
The next article of interest we found was this Assault on the House Floor? *UPDATED 8:20pm* - . As this turned out some cooler heads prevailed and no punches were thrown however, this does point out several violations of the House Rules and Parliamentary Procedure. There was a speaker on the House floor advocating for the bill. He was a lobbyist for all intentional purposes and had been brought there by Mr. Wright. Rules prohibit lobbying on the House Floor. Mr. Terrill objected to the man being there which was a correct thing to do. House leadership failed to take any action on the objection at all. In short we had a lobbyist from the only school in the state that teaches this particular subject on the House floor selling the bill to the House members as a guest of one of the Representatives. Words after the presentation between Mr. Terrill and Mr. Wright almost turned our state House Chamber into something you would expect to see from some foreign country.  Mr. Wright and the House Leadership should be ashamed of allowing something like this to happen.
The next article of interest we find is this Harold Wright – Oklahoma Grassroots. We cannot urge you enough to open this link and read this article. Mr. Wright co-authored a Constitutional Carry bill in the House. Then when it comes time to start voting on the bill he votes against it. What is his problem? Are his financial backers pulling his strings? We feel this was a trick on the voters. He co-authored the bill than worked to get it to fail so he could go back to his district and say “I tried.” If you go back to the voting records page listed above, you won’t find this bill on there.
We went to to see what information they had available on his campaign finances. We did find financial records for his 2014 campaign. It appears that he closed the books on the finances for that campaign on September 30, 2015. We will concede that he did have numerous individual donors. A vast majority of those individual donors were professionals in the medical fields and education field. A few even came from the college that he violated House Rules for and allowed them to lobby for a bill on the House floor. Without having a complete and accurate copy of his voting record while he was in office prior to this, it’s extremely difficult to figure out how much those donations paid off for the medical and educational fields. We know that the teachers never received a pay raise.
We next looked at the Corporate, Union and Political Action Committee donations to see what they could reveal to us. There were several medical PACs that donated. We found no evidence of unions donating to his campaign. This is about what we found in the individual donations. A lot of medical professionals and special interest lobbyist donating as individuals, but not appearing in the committee donations report.
It is the conclusion of this staff that the position Mr. Wright was elected to was bought and paid for.  The Speaker of the House should forward these events to the House Ethics Committee for investigation. Additionally the Oklahoma Ethics Commission should account for the missing campaign finance report and investigate this vote buying scheme on its own. The Oklahoma GOP Chair should investigate this incident and take appropriate action.