FARmily, Education is Their Light   
Covid and its lockdowns became another way to keep Jaisalmer Merasi and folks low on the social strata marginalized. This pandemic brought us into a time of great moral crisis watching progress put on hold for the most basic matters of survival. 

Providing personal protection keeps children safe.   
The Truth - You Saved Lives
Thank You FARmily, for stepping up to all our crucial emergency Asks.
Down Mean Streets to Merasi Para 
"Before covid, working hand to mouth, every day had to work for food; now no hand to mouth, just mouth.
Now hand is not working" -quoting a Merasi 
Families have now been without musical livelihood for over a year and a half. Students had come to the community hub with anguished petitions for resumption of their education.
  Multiple deliveries address ongoing hunger needs
For an oral tradition society, Merasi School was envisioned as a place for individual and community accomplishment in a changing world that did not seem to include them.
In better times, you helped create Merasi School providing a safe space for children to learn, grow, and cultivate their inner power. It must again provide consistent routine and stability from outside demeaning forces in Jaisalmer. 

                                                                                                      Mighty miracles in the Thar Desert sands

Aug 12th - Resilient Revival
Following Raj government mandates, tutorials are finally in-motion face mask to face mask.

Akaram, an endeared Merasi School rickshaw driver, shared his elation at transporting safely-distanced children to Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan's buildings once again.

         The long-awaited day arrives

Former students themselves, Irphan and Sahil met returnees at the Merasi School entrance by introducing the practice of all health protocols before tutorials could begin. 

    Demonstrating masks and hand sanitizer 
                   Shahjad dispenses Merasi School's 2021 1st Day canteen

Relaunch with Plan C  
Merasi School staff and FAR explored multiple tutoring plans. Teachers unanimously chose the most feasible and sustainable option.

  For some, best dress reserved for holidays respectfully celebrated re-opening of Merasi School

Anticipating further Government decisions, Plan C welcomes an appropriate number of youth to lessons each day while GO home booklets are given to our younger students.
Once home, capable "seniors" will monitor and help close-by smaller children as new peer teachers.

This necessary hybrid system honors our students' dedication towards school and study while continuing to blend the spirit of harmony, teamwork, with the unity that color all our collaborative efforts.   

     Refilling Merasi School library with Pratham storybook treasures rekindles the spark of reading 
Grassroots Engagement  
Sitara grew up in FAR programs as a scholarship student, becoming Big Class teacher, as well as a Clinton Fellow supervisor. She now steps into her next role as Merasi School Principal. 
The first generation of literate Merasi becomes spokesperson change-makers capable and ready to align with international organizations.
To You, we offer the songs of gratitude found in our hearts.  

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