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* Capture these last weeks of winter
* Be ready for Spring Open House events
* Lock in 2014 prices! 

Current stock of the popular
Choice Alpaca Socks is shown below. 

2015 Price Increase on Socks: 
Our production costs have increased each year since the first release of the Choice Alpaca Socks in 2006. We have held tight each year, earning less as our costs increased on these products each year. This fall we need to increase the cost per pair by $1. 
LOCK IN the 2014 rates and guarantee your products BEFORE the fall rush! Guarantee your supply of these top selling socks at the best prices. 6-month financing available.

2015 Plans
 - with you in mind!
Thank you for a best ever 2014!
We will continue to grow along with you in 2015!
Currently in the works:
* Year round sock production cycle
* New USA made sock designs:
   casual, sport, office, fun, leg warmers
* Large order incentives and 6-month financing
* Lock in 2014 prices with early purchase!

We want to grow with you in 2015!
Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time
This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established"). 
The "financing" is based 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file.
There is a small fee to setup the financing arrangement. Contact Brian for details. 
"Go Large" with your next order!
* Get free shipping ($750+ orders)
* Be listed on our SEO marketed
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* Be sure to get enough super popular Choice socks by ordering early!
* Return whatever does not sell by april 2016
* Lock in 2014 prices 

Shoe Inserts Anyone?
Excess Inventory Sale
Having purchased them a little late for our retail store... we have an abundance of left over quality alpaca shoe inserts available. Want some? 
This is a one time limited sale. 
We are considering carrying inserts next fall but this closeout sale is temporary until supply is sold. 1st come... see them on the store cart now!

6 pairs - wholesale minimum order

* Create Account and Login to see prices and order.

Valentines/Presidents Weekend Schedule
We are planning to be out of the office over the 3-day holiday. Orders placed by Thursday will be filled before the weekend, otherwise please expect us to label on Tuesday eve and ship out first thing Wednesday.
Enjoy your weekend! 

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* Current products in stock for immediate shipment!
* Current Choice Socks
* 2015 plans
  - with you in mind!
* Financing!
* Shoe inserts anyone?

* Valentines/Presidents Weekend schedule
Current Choice Socks Inventory 2/10/15

We're rebuilding warehouse stocks from a fantastic Christmas season. More socks come in each week, but the mill cycles through style/size/color and we don't get all each week. Here is the current (albeit limited) inventory: 
Sock Name - Size / Color Count
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Small / Black 32
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Small / Cocoa Brown 32
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Small / Grey 30
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Medium / Black 37
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Medium / Cocoa Brown 22
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Medium / Grey 0
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Large / Black 40
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Large / Cocoa Brown 0
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — Large / Grey 0
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — X-Large / Black 30
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — X-Large / Cocoa Brown 31
"Superwarm" Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks — X-Large / Grey 58
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Small / Black 62
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Small / Cocoa Brown 50
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Small / Grey 52
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Medium / Black 82
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Medium / Cocoa Brown 92
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Medium / Grey 30
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Large / Black 74
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Large / Cocoa Brown 31
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — Large / Grey 22
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — X-Large / Black 52
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — X-Large / Cocoa Brown 82
"OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Sock — X-Large / Grey 83
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Small / Black 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Small / Cocoa Brown 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Small / Grey 22
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Medium / Black 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Medium / Cocoa Brown 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Medium / Grey 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Large / Black 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Large / Cocoa Brown 12
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — Large / Grey 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — X-Large / Black 0
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — X-Large / Cocoa Brown 62
"SlipperBootie" Alpaca Sock — X-Large / Grey 40

* More socks arrive each week as we fill in on inventory. 
Choice Alpaca Products
P. O. Box 8598
La Jolla, CA 92038 * 877-787-3592