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Hello Dear Friend,

How are you today? Have you been enjoying the autumn? Pumpkins carved? Tea well stocked, ready for the wintertime?

Whatever you are up to I hope you will be
voting on Tuesday November 2nd, if you haven't already (I mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday). I won't tell you WHAT to vote for, and I can't really say that the political arena is an inspiring or hopeful place to put your attention. However, as a songwriter with Folk in my roots, I believe it is part of my job description to remind us all to pay attention, be involved, and not abandon our world completely to the multinational corporations! ... Ah hem.
I just returned from my second Western Regional
Folk Alliance Conference. I met a lot of great new folks, saw old friends, and felt comforted and encouraged spending time with them. It is great to be around those working with the same struggle - to share music with the world. Here's a few of my favorite performers old and new that I think you might love as much as I do. If you ever get to chance to see them live, I HIGHLY recommend them, in no particular order:
Betty Soo - Passionate Korean-American Singer-Songwriter from Texas
Evie Ladin - AMAZING dancin' singin' claw hammer banjo woman, all at the same time! also a member of the Stairwell Sisters
Round Mountain - wonderful brothers from Santa Fe, NM who play about 30 different world instruments and will knock your socks off. And they are ridiculously humble about it & such sweet human beings
Jude Roberts - a songwriter from New York with a lovely voice, disarming presence, and some deeply moving material
Beth Wood - Singer-Songwriter who performs with a passion and power that shakes me to my core and totally blows me away
Chris Kokesh - another wonderful singer-songwriter with the gentlest voice and lightest touch on the guitar, like a lullaby...

So there's some great new music for you to check out.
Meanwhile, if you've been hankering for some Amanda West music I have a few Santa Cruz & SF Bay Area shows coming up (see below). Probably no long distance touring until the summertime, but I'll keep you posted.
If you haven't yet got your copy of the new EP, "Truth Love & Understanding", stop by a show and I'll get you one, only $5.
Thanks for staying connected and helping to make it all possible.

with Love, Gratitude and Songs,
~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

~ still celebrating the release of the new EP! ~ 

Saturday October 30th @ 12pm 
Pescadero Country Store | 251 Stage Road, Pescadero, CA 
Find your way up or down the coast to this quaint community and enjoy a picnic lunch in the highlights of autumntime. 

Saturday November 13th @ 6:30-9pm 
Treebones Eco Resort | 271895 Highway One, Big Sur, CA 
Been needing an excuse for a weekend away? Here it is! Treebones offers a unique lodging and dining experience on California's breathtaking Big Sur coast. I'll be your entertainment overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Reservations recommended for 

Friday November 19th @ 7pm 
The Moraga Barn | 925 Country Club Drive, Moraga CA 
"The Peace of Wild Things", a closing Reception. A one woman show of plein aire paintings by my beloved friend Shivani Rajan. Vistas from Big Sur to Mendocino to the Southwest will be on display as well as some new works from Wyoming! Music will be provided by Yours Truly, and there will be plenty of wine, delectables, & poetry. More info: 

Saturday November 20th @ 8pm 
Opening for Cosy Sheridan @ 
Mission City Coffee Co.| 2221 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 

Presented by Fiddling Cricket, this will be a wonderful evening of songs & storytelling. Cosy is truly one of my favorite songwriters - witty, brilliant, compelling and clever, she's got a great knack for social commentary and humor. I am honored to be opening the evening. Tickets are $15/$17 door. Get tix here: and learn more about Cosy here: 

If you didn't catch it last time, this photo is an autumn gift for you ~
the beautiful Persimmon Fruit held by Yours Truly

photo by Jo Ann Manolis

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